Craving a sisterhood and high level collaboration as you expand into your next level?

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The mastermind for women who believe that ten minds are better than one, and are craving a massive up-level in their business; financially, emotionally and mentally. If you're ready to reach your next level in business with an intimate group of passion-filled entrepreneurs who make you PLAY BIGGER and provide out of the box thinking, be sure to click below for more details.

unique expansion

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Ready to reach your next level in biz, like yesterday?

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Unique expansion plan

Your ticket to reaching your next level income with total alignment

Think of this as a six month coaching package fit into one power packed day: aka me grabbing your hand and yanking you to the front of the line so you don't have to WAIT six months to implement the plan that will help you double, triple or possibly 5X your income.

with meg yelaney

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Lana Shay

Megan laid everything out, step by step, and showed me how much ease I could feel in creating exactly what would work for me. I have felt motivated and focused since our meeting less than two months ago, and have created my first online course! I truly don’t believe I would have had the ambition to do so without the clarity I gained from the VIP day. 

shalane carter

Megan was stellar at really getting to know me, my business, and what would actually serve me moving forward. We worked together in creating a system for launching that seriously has felt effortless

Jordan Gomez

Megan helped me audit my current systems and product suite and helped me work through a lot of the blocks in my business that were keeping me small. We were able to create a game plan for my launches for the next SIX MONTHS, and I have never felt more clear on my next steps to grow. 



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This 90-minute intensive is perfect for anyone who wants to deep dive into their business with a concise but powerful coaching session. Things we can cover in these 90 minutes: developing your unique coaching method, getting clear on your business plan, launch strategy, product suite and/or content plan to support your business growth in the next 6-12 months. Bring your most burning question and prepare to have it answered in less time than it takes to watch a Broadway showing of Grease. (You’re the one that I want. You are the one I want. Ooh ooh ooh, honey!) 

90 minute

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rachel spencer

I truly felt like I had a biz best friend who was rooting for me and wanted me to succeed...but also, one who could see my blind spots and give me tough love when I needed it. Through working together, I started making more money(duh), but I also started seeing the vision for my future brand much more clearly. I’d recommend Meg to anyone looking for an incredibly genuine Biz Coach who has a heart of gold!

Jonnie Agresta

Working with her was amazing to help organize my creative brain that can often be very scattered. And because of the work we did, I quickly scaled to six figures within 1 year of My business and since then we’re moving to the half of a million dollar mark by year 2. Everything I’ve ever dreamed that my life could be like, has happened. And I will forever be grateful for the work that we did together and the epic friendship we developed

Chelsea Kaller

Megan doesn’t just offer advice and strategy, she truly cares about your business and is as invested in your mission and vision as you are. If you’re looking for someone to be fully invested in you and your dreams, invest in Megan. She will do everything in her power to get your mentally and strategically ready to live those dreams instead of chase them.

That takes you to the next level?  


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pivot profitably

Pivoting doesn't have to mean a pause in income.

In fact, making essential shifts in my business helped me make MORE money AND connect more deeply with my audience than ever before. I’ve used this pivot process to help over twenty business owners reach their next level income and have their best year yet. In my 2 Day Masterclass Series, “Your Unique PPP: Powerful, Purposeful & Profitable Pivot “ I’m going to walk you step by step through what it takes to have a profitable pivot so you can truly LOVE your business and reach your next level.


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Eve Guzman

After investing in Megan‘s high-level mastermind, I made my full 6 month investment back in seven business days. I then went on to have a single launch out of 4 that made $172,000 in sales. Megan Is not just a business coach. This has felt like a partnership with her fully invested in the outcome of every launch as if it were her own. One of the best decisions I made in 2020 was to work with her.

Rach Marie

I know that investing in yourself is hard, and I remember when I first saw the price of Meg’s mastermind I literally opted out of the program and told myself it was out of my budget. I really didn’t think I would ever do it and I never thought I would spend that much on coaching, but looking back it was worth so much more. You will get everything you put into this mastermind back, and have one of the best coaches out there.

Isabella Sanchez

Meg’s Mastermind is the best investment I’ve made in my business. It not only gave me my dream business, but lifelong friendships that have carried me through my entrepreneurial journey. It gave me everything I needed and more. It took me from $5K months to hitting six figures and multiple six figures and my first $40K CASH month.



If you become a private client, I’ll be with you as your coach, mentor, consultant, guide, and resident #prettyawkward pal for an entire year. 

This isn’t just a coaching experience. It’s a business partnership. 

It’s not about just making money (although yes, we do a lot of that over here with our private clients).

 It’s about truly connecting with the IMPACT you want to make, WHY you want to make it, and HOW you want to see it come to life — in a way that’s totally unique to you, of course!