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This day is designed to help you explode your next launch and put you (and your program) on the MAP as the go-to coach in your industry

You will leave with a step by step plan (unique to YOU!) for your next launch down to what you’re posting each day leading up to & including the launch, TONS of pictures from a branded photoshoot, as well as branded Instagram content to really make this offer stand out.  

Some thoughts you MIGHT be having right now….

I’m hoping to have THE HIGHEST MONTH in my business YET, but so far I’ve been living in this realm of “only 4 people signed up for my epic program...WTF am I doing wrong?!”


I can’t imagine THAT many people buying from me right now with my current audience because I’m getting friend zoned ALL the time. How will all these people come out of the woodwork, trust me as A LEADER AND buy? 


It feels like I’m SERIOUSLY hungover after each launch and I always feel the need to “disappear off social” or even duck out early from my launch because I’m SO. FREAKIN. EXHAUSTED.


How can I set it and forget it? I am always second guessing myself during my launch, even with a clear plan of action. I’m ready to have FUN during this process and TRUST it.



Launching is a buzz word in the coaching industry that elicits a certain feeling for most people: exhaustion and lots and LOTS of eyerolls. 

My #prettyawkward friend, these thoughts are COMPLETELY normal.

The reason? You’re trying to do it with a copy paste template and follow someone’s advice who’s life and business is COMPLETELY different than yours. Launches WORK if you’re prepared and truly doing it in a way that you can SUSTAIN. 

And of course it wouldn’t be me or #prettyawkward if we didn’t add in some chats about refining your unique method and secret sauce. I don’t want you to just have a great launch. I want this to be YOUR MOMENT. The one that PUTS YOU ON THE MAP. 

This 1 day (and 90 min prep call) can literally set you up for an entire year of business.  

In this VIP day you will not only have a plan unique to you so you can have a STELLAR launch & your highest month yet, but one that you can use moving forward in your business with tiny tweaks.

 90 Min Session to establish your customer journey + offer suite possibilities so we can pick which offer launch you want to focus on for our day and make sure the program we’re building out this epic launch for will actually convert and is meeting the customer where they’re at along their journey. This is ESSENTIAL won't sell!

Pre Work Meeting Before The Day

The VIP Day Experience


Breakfast and Initial Work Session to plan out the launch structure (timeline including ramp up and actual launch, what goes on at each phase and beginning of specific content pieces at each phase)


9am - 12pm


12pm - 12:30pm

Get ready for photoshoot


Photoshoot for launch + other branding images

1pm - 2pm

Finish up content plan for each piece of the launch down to what you’re putting out on social, email, etc each day leading up and including the launch

2:30pm - 5pm

Celebratory dinner and drinks! 

5pm - 6:30pm

Have More questions? Check out the FAQ Section below!


What you'll walk away with:

Detailed launch plan for your signature offer down to what you’re posting each day (Valued at $10,000)

A photoshoot with branded pictures to use for your launch (Valued at $2000)

Branded Instagram launch content to use during open cart period from my personal designer (6 feed posts + 12 story slides) (Valued at $1000)

A week of Voxer support to use during your launch period for Q & A and SOS "HELP ME MEG!" moments. (Valued at $500)

A fun experience in a beautiful city with delicious food + drinks + great #prettyawkward conversation (priceless ;)

total value:

50% deposit due to hold your spot 

Payment Plan available as long as it's completed before the date of VIP Day!




What clients said about their VIP Day Experience:

Lana Shay

Megan laid everything out, step by step, and showed me how much ease I could feel in creating exactly what would work for me. I have felt motivated and focused since our meeting less than two months ago, and have created my first online course! I truly don’t believe I would have had the ambition to do so without the clarity I gained from the VIP day. 

shalane carter

Megan was stellar at really getting to know me, my business, and what would actually serve me moving forward. We worked together in creating a system for launching that seriously has felt effortless

Jordan Gomez

Megan helped me audit my current systems and product suite and helped me work through a lot of the blocks in my business that were keeping me small. We were able to create a game plan for my launches for the next SIX MONTHS, and I have never felt more clear on my next steps to grow. 

In 2018 I launched my signature program, Client Attraction Academy. It was a $20K launch and “put me on the map.” I became KNOWN for client attraction. 

A year later we had a six figure launch of that same program and a $144K of another one. My company grew by five times and we reached almost $750K in cash. 

And this year we’re beefing it up, and repackaging it in a way that will be better than ever, both for the client and for our profits. 

I want to help put you on the map in a way that you can be fully yourself. In a way that is DIFFERENT from every other business owner using the same templates, filling their copy with the same “pain points” and same transformation promises. 

Because THAT my friend is what makes you stand out, is what duplicates for future launches and what’s actually FUN to do. 

Also side perk: when you do this, you don't have to duck out halfway through your launch because you’re exhausted. You don’t get “launch hangovers.” And you don’t have to disappear from Instagram for a month afterwards. 

WHY meg?


And it all started with one PROPERLY done and UNIQUE launch. 

I don’t just look at a launch as having a single purpose: making a lot of money in a short amount of time. That’s great, and a proper launch SHOULD do that.

But I look at how it’s building your business and most importantly BRAND long term. What does this launch say about you? How will people feel? What will they associate you with after this? How can this build trust for them to buy into the next program you sell and want to continue their working relationship with you?

And most importantly…

How is this launch representing your unique skillsets and that secret sauce only YOU can do the way you do...aka the reason people hire you over & over again.

Over anyone else….over the competition.
See my friend, when you do this, there IS no competition. 

Everyone truly gets to win. But you have to figure out (and then effectively market) *that secret sauce* in a way your audience *gets*, buys INTO, and wants more and more of. 

And there’s no better way to do that than during a launch phase. 

But the truth? A LOT of business coaches can help you make money. 
In fact, most should be able to….

But I help you do this in a way that builds long-lasting brand loyalty. I’m talking beyond that six figure launch or $500K year. I’m talking long-vision, doing what you love AND being known for doing it differently. 

THAT is what helps you sell out before you even launch publicly.

THAT is what helps you have a waitlist for your private coaching.

THAT is what helps you “take lots of time off” without worrying about people forgetting about you. 

THAT is what allows you to be *picky* about who you work with so you ADORE every single client. 

I’ve helped entrepreneurs have six figure launches. And I’m damn proud of them and the work we did together to create such an incredibly profitable business. 

Why THIS Experience? 

And THAT is what we will do during this VIP Day. My secret sauce is helping you find yours and then packaging it into a launch that your audience gets just as excited about buying as you are selling. 

My Launch Like A LadyBoss course is the shit. It’s amazing and really lays out three different plug and play frameworks for you to use to warm your audience up and then launch powerfully (and profitably) to them. 
So why THIS VIP Day Experience OVER Launch Like A LadyBoss?
A course gives you a template that you can follow and that’s amazing.
But what it can’t give you is hands-on coaching and IRL conversations on how to take that and make it unique for YOUR specific business, YOUR specific client and YOUR specific brand that YOU want to build out long-term. 

If you do it right, one launch can set the stage for your business and brand. It can “put you on the map” so to speak and make your ideal client wake up and go “oh shit. Where did they come from? I NEED to pay attention to this person.” 

Why Not JUST The Course?


still wondering if this vip day experience is for you?

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frequently asked


Apply→Meg reads through application and sends email with approval or follow up questions if she needs more information→figures out the exact agenda for the pre work session and actual day→books date/time + logistics→you get contract + 50% deposit invoice sent + booking details email→2 weeks before date you’re sent an intake form for Meg to prep for 

New York: through August 24th

Southern California: Week of Sept 6th, last week of October (25th-29th) and anytime in November

Las Vegas: availability throughout September + October + November

Open to flying to other locations. Apply if this feels like the perfect fit but you can’t make it to one of these locations


- 2 night hotel or air bnb stay
- Custom launch plan built from our work together on the day (9-7)
- 90 Min Pre Work Call to solidify your customer journey with the offer you want a plan built for
*Brand Photoshoot
- Branded Instagram launch content to use during open cart period from my personal designer (6 feed posts + 12 story slides)
- A week of Voxer support to use during your launch period for Q & A and SOS "HELP ME MEG!" moments.

I LOVE me some travel, so if you’re somewhere else, still apply and we can see if we can make it happen or we can talk about a virtual VIP Day instead.

Yes! 50% ($3,250) is due to reserve your spot and we can work out a payment plan to be paid before your VIP Day!

You know you’ll have more questions than I can answer in 90 min, but don’t want to do 1:1, and know you don’t need 4-6 months in a mastermind or don’t want to wait for the next round.
You know you don’t need or have time for voxer all the time or regular calls.
You’re not seeking a community or long-term accountability at the moment. 
You’ve had accountability in the past, but you’re at the point where needing the strategies and steps outweigh the community concept. 

DO NEED: A very focused conversation that was specifically curated FOR YOU to EXPLODE your next launch. You need the steps, the guidance, the plan, so then you can run with it. 

Since we are covering two nights of your hotel or air b n b stay, as long as you can stay together there, you’re good! We can also provide food for the VIP day for your assistant if they’re going to be there for the day to help you implement!