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We’re the table full of coaches laughing so hard we snort and making a lot of dang money while we’re at it.

Joining SOSA is like meeting up for Sunday brunch with your business besties — 

We saved you a seat (and ordered you a mimosa!) Wanna join us? 👇

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…even if you don’t have a huge following on Insta and feel like there’s not enough room for you in the crowded online coaching space!


Teaching coaches & course creators how to go from randomly signing clients to attracting and ENROLLING a reliable, steady stream of perfect-fit, SOULMATE clients consistently.

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You know in your gut it’s what you’re meant to do.

So you created an Insta account, put up a website, and have signed a handful of clients! (Hell yeah!!)

But your business hasn’t blown up the way you hoped it would.

And you know that your friends and fam can only send so many people your way… your referral pool will be dry any day now.

So you’re stressing about what to do next — it feels like you’ve already tried all. the. things.

It’s your mission in life to be a coach and help people.

You post and post (and post) to your feed “offering value,” only to be met with crickets instead of inquiries — you’re not sure if your dream clients are even seeing what you’re putting out there.

Your client attraction “strategy” has been to show up and “stay top of mind,”… because, other than being active on social, you’re not exactly sure what more there is to do? This is what seems to work for other coaches in your space…

You fall down the comparison rabbit hole far more often than you’d like to admit, wondering how the heck *that coach* keeps signing YOUR dream clients.

You’re super stoked to be coaching at all, but you haven’t entered the niche of your dreams. If you’re struggling to get clients in the broad category you’re coaching in now, how on earth will you sign people when you go even smaller??

Does any of this sound familiar AT ALL??

You feel hella defeated every time someone ghosts you after you mention your coaching services, and the doubt creeps in. You start to wonder if it will always be this hard to sign clients.

Every time you decide to sit your butt down and work on your business, you feel lost and directionless, unsure of what to do today to move the needle forward for GROWTH.

👆 Check at least 4 of these boxes? You’re in the right spot! Keep reading!

You think that you need to be like the other successful coaches in your space.

If what they’re doing is working, you’ve gotta do the same thing, even if it doesn’t feel like YOU… right?? (pssst… wrong-o!)

Nope, I’m not a mind reader. I get it because I’ve been exactly where you are.

Lemme tell ya… the way you’re feeling is basically a right of passage in the online business space. Every single business owner feels that way you’re feeling at one point or another.

Now I’ve got good news and great news for you:

The good news is that despite everything you’ve faced up until now… you haven’t given up.

Which means you’ve got what it takes to succeed in this space. 😎

And on top of everything else, you consistently shy away from sharing exactly who you are —


The booked-out coaching business you’re dreaming of is absolutely in the cards for you.

Yes! Even if you don’t have a huge following on Insta and you feel like there’s not enough room for you in the crowded online coaching space!

When you’ve finally got a jam-packed roster of dream clients…


You wake up and take your time getting out of bed — you don’t have a 9-5 to run to anymore, and your new boss (you!) says you don’t start earlier than 10 😎

You head to your desk (iced coffee in hand, obvi) and open your Gmail to see email after email from Dubsado: while you were pouring the oat milk into your cup, three new dream leads filled out your application form 

You sift through the Stripe notifications clogging up your inbox and find payment notification after payment notification — those two clients you had discovery calls with yesterday officially signed (one paid in full!) and three other clients payments went through on autopay

You jump on Insta to find 12 DM notifications waiting for you — “hey, are you taking on new clients right now!?” “I LOVE that post you put out! I didn’t think anyone else felt that way!” “omgggg, relatable!” You do a little digging and see, yep… they’re all soulmate clients! 

You open your banking app, and the number staring back at you finally feels like ‘holy shit’ in a good way. Checking your balance no longer fills you with dread and instead brings you so much joy

You pop open your calendar and see 3 coaching calls, a meeting with your VA, and a discovery call on deck for today, and a dinner with your girlfriends at that new place in town tonight

You smile and take a nice big sip of your iced coffee — no matter how many days you have like this, it still leaves you feeling all “pinch me” because you’re truly living your dream.

THAT super dreamy day? That’s what’s waiting for you on the other side of… 

The 8-month group coaching program for coaches & course creators ready to go from randomly signing clients to attracting and ENROLLING a reliable, steady stream of perfect-fit, SOULMATE clients consistently.

OH, and you get to be your beautiful, weird self all along the way.

In fact, it’s a requirement!!


No, really. That last part is not a joke. Clients LOVED how weird I was. They signed up with me BECAUSE I was different. 

Those failed butt-selfies led to me earning $1.7 million in 3 years. This money gave us the freedom to leave New York, travel to luxurious places like Positano and Bali, and buy our perfect home in Las Vegas. 

But if you make money your only metric for success, you’re gonna wind up disappointed! I’m also fulfilled on a level I’ve never been before. I’m doing the work I was put here to do. And I’m working with women that feel like my best friends. 

That’s the power of being your FULL self and booking out your business with legit SOULMATE clients. And trust me… once you start working with people that feel like your bestie, you’ll never go back to anyone that makes you feel “meh” again.

I re-branded under Pretty Awkward, showed up confidently as me, and lived happily ever after. 

I got my start in the online business space as a fitness coach, so BELIEVE ME when I say I know the comparison game you’re playing right now. When I started out, I saw all these girls posting selfies of their booties on Instagram, and I thought that if I wanted to get fitness clients, I had to do it too. 

So I practiced taking photos of my butt in the mirror. No, seriously!! On the daily, you could find me, iPhone in hand, trying to wow the internet butt. No matter how many photos I took, what leggings I wore, or how good the lighting was, or what pose I tried, I always just felt...Pretty Awkward. 

I mean, I had a full camera roll of booty photos — which my husband loved — but this was NOT what I wanted to be remembered for, ya know what I mean? 

That’s when I decided to stop trying to be like everyone else in the industry and just be my weird self instead.

I’m Meg — online business mentor, podcaster, dog mom, and certified #PrettyAwkward weirdo. 

Hey, new friend!!

Wanna know the only difference between you and I, or you and SOSA graduates that have booked out coaching businesses with rosters jam-packed fulllll of soulmate clients??

Check out the receipts from coaches just like you, that have used the 4-Phase FRAMEWORK:




press play!

press play!



You’ll get them by following the 4-Phase FRAMEWORK: My proven, repeatable 4-step process for taking your coaching business from random to reliable.

Ready for results like REBECCA AND ANGELA?


Ensuring your offer is crafted in a way that makes your ideal client salivate (“HOLY CRAP THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN MISSING” typa response) AND can stand the test of time as you grow.


Create and post compelling content that shows who YOU really are (a #PrettyAwkward weirdo) and actually gets people to RESPOND to your content: aka raise their hand to work with you.


You have the offer fitted to scale, you have the content that’s getting them to raise their it’s time to CONVERT! This will go deeper into social, email, and DM responses/convos + how to drive those inquiries to CONVERSIONS.

If I could wave the Elder Wand and transform your business for you, I 1000% would. 

Unfortunately, for now, you’ve gotta do the work. (I know, I know!)


Inside the 4-Phase framework, you get lifetime access to 50+ lessons that will show you, step-by-step, how to create reliable income from your coaching business. 

Smart sales systems

Learn how to onboard your clients with excellence (and get it automated), launch with total ease, and have a deeper convo about funnel building.

And the beautiful part? This 4-phase framework is one you can use repeatedly for each new offer you create long after your time in SOSA ends. Want to create a course now that your 1-1 is rockin & rolling? Great, start with Phase 1: Scalable Offer and move through to enroll course clients. It’s TRULY the gift that keeps on giving.

Here’s exactly what you’ll do in each step of the 4-phase framework:


First, we’ll make sure your offer is suited perfectly for your ideal client so it actually makes them WANT to buy. 50% of the time, I find clients aren’t coming in because the offer isn’t crafted in a way they find compelling enough to invest in. We’ll make sure it speaks directly to what they want AND is scalable; aka can grow WITH You and not keep you trapped. 


scalable offer includes lessons on:

Nailing down the transformation your offer provides with such clarity that just reading the intro paragraph on your sales page or application has your clients nodding their heads and getting ready to DM you.

Making sure your offer can scale WITH you and doesn’t bottleneck you. We want you to be able to grow & don’t want the structure of your offer to be the thing that holds you back.

Fleshing out, naming, and PRICING your offer to attract the right kind of clients

& more

Content That Attracts & Reacts / Ecosystem of Warmth, Leads, Responses


Next, you’ll create and post compelling content that allows your soulmate clients to connect with you on a deeper level (hi, trust building!) and start to see you as THE expert who can help them solve their problem. We refer to this as magnetic, hand-raiser type of content that actually makes them inquire about your coaching: let’s get your audience ACTIVATED baby.

CONTENT THAT ATTRACTS & REACTS includes lessons on:

Creating magnetic, handraiser type of content that is crafted to hit your ideal clients heart strings and make them REACT: aka DM you about your coaching

Building an email list with a bomb-dot-com freebie that your leads will *actually* use (say it with me: we’re not giving away fluff!)

How to create an opt in page that brings in qualified leads with a template provided

And much, much more. (Srsly—you’re gonna be a master content creator and connect like MAD with your audience after this)

Proven, non-icky tactics to build genuine relationships with your future clients in the DMs

cash conversations

Your content is magnetic & bringing in those leads, so what do we do once they inquire?! In this section we’re going to help you feel confident in going from “hey, I want to learn more about your coaching” to “sign me up, I’m in!” You’ll also learn how to master sales calls, what to say to overcome objections (again, in a NON-ICKY WAY), and how to follow up without feeling like you’re playing a game of cat and mouse. 


cash conversations includes lessons on:

What to do with those social, email, and DM responses/convos + how to drive them to conversion

How to write your sales assets, including your sales page and launch emails

How to properly sell in the DMs (so your ghosting ratio goes way, way down)

How to become a sales master — we’re talking sales calls and handling objections like a pro (ethically, not pushy – we ain’t about that pressure life)

smart sales systems


It’s time to seamlessly onboard all your new clients so that it’s as hands-off as possible for you while still making sure your clients feel like VIPs. In this section we will also cover “lean launching” (crash course in having an epic launch so you can bring on a lot of clients in ONE fell swoop), AND have a little funnel convo so you can start building out automated (make money while you sleep) kinda sales. 

smart sales systems includes lessons on:

ALL. THINGS. LAUNCHING. Including how to launch with a free challenge, a workshop, and a mini-training (you choose your own adventure!)

Onboarding that makes your clients feel like VIPs while being as hands-off as possible for YOU

AND… we’re gonna support you through the first launch of your offer! We’ll be waiting in the wings, ready to jump in and help you with whatever comes up along the way.

Funnel convo (complete with sales sequence examples) so you can begin to map out your automated sales funnel (let’s make some money BTS baby)

Figure any of this out on your own? Absolutely the heck not!

And we don’t leave you hanging anywhere!!

Here’s the genius breakdown (if I do say so myself)

→Call 1: All Hands on Deck Q & A Call: where you come ready to ask any questions based on the phase of the program you’re in. Not feeling great about a recent sales convo? Let’s talk it out and dig into the root cause. 

→Call 2: Workshop Style Call: where we’ll teach on a topic that’s timely whether in the market (hi social media changing every five seconds) OR with what we see the collective group needing. 

→Call 3: Small Group “Pod” Call: where you’ll be in smaller groups with people in the same phase as you, getting more intimate hands on coaching. Think of this like 1-1 coaching without the pricetag #winning

→Call 4: Copy Critique Call: Submit your sales page, social posts, and/or emails to be reviewed LIVE by our content coach (multiple six figure social media marketing agency owner, Kristina Hall) and receive feedback right in your Google Doc! You’ll get better at writing and communicating the value of your offer every. single. month.

4 live group coaching calls per month

This call with one of our fabulous coaches is to discuss your intentions for this program holistically & really solidify which phase of the program you should start in so we can place you in the appropriate “small group pod call”. For example, maybe your offer is on lock but you’re only getting clients from referrals, you’re ready to jump to Phase 2: Content that Attracts & Reacts. We’ll also take this time to map out your first four month’s action plan so we can keep track of your progress as you move throughout each phase. 


As you work your way through the materials, you can post questions, comments, and homework in the Slack channel and we’ll be there! You’ll also share wins and celebrate the heck out of each other as you build and launch your offers.


Submit your homework to our coaches and we’ll give you direct feedback on it — whether it’s your epic AF offer, your bomb-dot-com freebie, or your email list opt-in page, we comb through and give you our thoughts to make sure it’s as best as it can possibly be.


Every single week, I jump into Slack and answer your questions live for an hour. It's all the power of a live coaching call, without the video — so you can participate and get real-time feedback while you’re cooking breakky, chillin’ on the couch, or posted up at the coffee shop.


We give you Every. Single. Piece. Of. Supportive. Material. Possible. ‘Nuff said.


And we’ve got some EPIC bonuses for you… because we don’t want to just see you succeed, we want you to go beyond your wildest dreams!

You’re going to leave SOSA with an incredible core offer that’s regularly selling (maybe even two offers), but what about the rest? How do you build relationships with the dream clients who aren’t quite there yet? Or the ones who want more support just beyond your core offer? If you don’t have the answers to these questions, your clients are missing out on great opportunities to work with you, and you’re leaving a lot of money on the table by only having one or two things to offer them. This 90-minute bonus workshop will help you create a product suite that allows you to help your clients throughout their entire journey AND helps you scale your income so you’re not just trading time for money.


Can I add your win here next!?

Hearing YES (again and again) on sales calls!

Hearing YES in less than 24 hours!

Getting 3 new clients in A WEEK!



On the other side of SOSA, these are the kind of wins waiting for you…

Multiple sales in under 30 minutes of a launch!

Launching workshops and getting over fears!

And quitting your 9-5 to go full-time in your coaching business 🎉😭



8 payments of



If within 14 days of purchase you decide this isn’t for you, you get a no questions ask full refund.

Want to talk this through? Click here to set up a 20 min call with me. I got you. 

If within 14 days of purchase you decide this isn’t for you, you get a no questions ask full refund.

Want to talk this through? Click here to set up a 20 min call with me. I got you. 






4 payments of



If within 14 days of purchase you decide this isn’t for you, you get a no questions ask full refund.

Want to talk this through? Click here to set up a 20 min call with me. I got you. 

If within 14 days of purchase you decide this isn’t for you, you get a no questions ask full refund.

Want to talk this through? Click here to set up a 20 min call with me. I got you. 







If within 14 days of purchase you decide this isn’t for you, you get a no questions ask full refund. It’s as easy as that.

I’m SOSA SURE you’re gonna love the program that I put my money where my mouth is!!

Here’s the truth: there are a few ways you can move forward from here

Go for 1:1 support:

There are tons of business coaches out there that would happily charge you $10,00-$50,000 for a few months' worth of coaching. It can be the wild wild west out there, so if you go this route please choose wisely!


Close this page and keep doin’ what you’re doin’, crossing your fingers and hoping that you’ll sign another client or two and finally figure out what it takes to make business ‘click’. This route comes complete with an unknown number of sleepless nights, waves of doubt, and countless days scrolling the ‘gram comparing yourself to other coaches in your niche.


Get the support of not one but THREE expert coaches and the proven process you need to build and book out your coaching business. Comes complete with a ton of support and encouragement, all the info you need (and no fluff you don’t), and a huge dose of learning how to be your full, authentic, #PrettyAwkward self along the way.

The choice is yours! Waddya say??

apply now

frequently asked questions


This program is rolling enrollment, but food for thought: if you join yes! We HIGHLY encourage you to start with our pre-work module that includes the foundational information you need in order to have success in the program. It includes mindset, goal-setting, and time management work, as well as introductions to your new coaches, information about your homework assignments and private monthly check-ins, and more. Then you’ll move onto the phase of the program you’re starting at. 

That’s totally okay! You have lifetime access to all 50+ lessons inside the program (and the bonuses, too!) After your 8 months is up, if you still want access to the coaching support, you’ll have the option to stay in SOSA on a monthly basis.

I hear this a lot actually! And while mindset is absolutely important and we DO focus on mindset work, our primary focus is on our proven business strategies like messaging, sales, epic offers, lead generation, and launching. 

We have a very international audience, so try and do our best to accommodate most schedules! What we've found is, 12PM EST works well for most, which is the time the majority of our calls will be. Regardless, every call is recorded and you have Monday-Friday access to me and the co-coaches inside of slack to ask any and all questions as you work through the curriculum.

As soon as you enroll in SOSA, you’ll get immediate access to the modules, but start with the Prework Module, which will show you how to get the most out of this program. You’ll do some pre-program homework and dive into lessons on mindset, goal-setting, and time management. This week 0 module will help set the foundations for your success in SOSA! 

Please do! I’m @meganyelaney on IG.

If you’ve made it this far down the page (HI, BTW!), you’re probably having a hard time deciding whether or not SOSA is the right fit for you or not.

You’ve signed some coaching clients but it’s been very random and not something you’ve been able to replicate consistently


Here’s exactly how to know:

You’re comfortable with posting on social media but you’re ready to start doing it strategically 

You know you’re meant to help and make an impact on people — the thought puts butterflies in your stomach

Your goal is to take your coaching business full-time

You see the potential that lies in front of you and you’re ready to claim your piece of the online coaching world

You’re terrified of posting on social media and putting yourself out there


You’re happy with signing a few clients here and there and want to keep your coaching business as a side-gig

You’re looking for someone to hand you a copy-and-paste strategy that involves little work

You’ve never signed a single client

You don’t have 3 hours per week to dedicate to the materials

You’re bitter about the coaching industry and think others are successful just because they’re lucky

I really hate when coaches say “you’ll never feel ready”. I think you know when you’re ready. 

For me, feeling ready always comes with butterflies and excitement and a little bit of nervousness. I also know I’m ready when I’m totally done with the way I’ve been doing #ALLTHETHINGS and staying stuck in the same place — if you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep expecting the same results, right?? But that’s me!!

Your gut led you to coaching.
It also led you here, to me, and allllll the way to the bottom of this page.

I think that says something.

But again — that’s me 😎

So I’ll just leave this here

Take it away, gut!

It’s time to go with your gut.

Read through that and STILL unsure?

(Yeah, the thing that can hardly handle dairy)

my gut says apply now

Gut didn’t come through??? Wanna talk it out?



I totally understand that this is a big decision, and I’m here to support you in whatever way I can so that you feel 100% confident in your decision to move forward. This program can truly change your business and your life–DM me 'SOSA' and let's talk it out, I got you!

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Your level of success in attaining the results from using our products, services, and information depends on, but is not limited to, the time you devote to the program(s) and courses, ideas, and techniques used, your preexisting knowledge, paid advertisements and their budget, your team of support or employees, various skills, business savvy, network, and financial situation. While we make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent the products and services reviewed on this website and their potential for income, earnings, and income statements made by Megan Yelaney, LLC and its advertisers / sponsors are estimates only of what we think you can possibly earn.