“I know it’s my mission to coach and help people & I want to make this online business a REAL THING, buuuuuutttt becoming an in demand, sought-after coach who does this FULL TIME feels a litttttle bit far away right now. ” 

This program is for YOU.







The unique thing you
do that nobody else can 

How you attract soulmate clients who dive face first into your inbox, cash in hand, ready to hire you 


Business is not complicated. It comes down to two main things: 

That’s it. Get the answers to those two questions, and you’ll have a solid foundation you can soar from. 

This is where your magnetic marketing switches on and gets people begging to hire you as their dream coach. Ooh, is that a waitlist I see in your future? 

This is where the revenue goes from ups and downs to consistent and reliable $10K months and above. Oooh, it helps with the budget! I love revenue planning! 

This is where the breezy afternoons off come in because you’re not frantically searching for the next client…Ooh, let’s go to the beach! Feel the breeze! 

This is where you thrive in both time and money. You can finally do things like treat your girlfriends to brunch, invest in a down payment for your house, start a travel fund, and comfortably make your own schedule...Yes, song and dance break at 11 AM! Yes, poolside yoga at 3! Yes, 3 weeks off in December!

This is where you finally get off the work-forever hamster wheel and give yourself the financial freedom and flexibility that can only come from a booked-out coaching business. … Yes, working on your mission in a balanced way!

This is when everything starts to shift. 

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows right now, is it, my #prettyawkward friend? Here’s what you’ve tried that ISN’T working:

Working like a madwoman who’s afraid to close her laptop, like, ever. You’re a queen, not a worker bee #facts 


Repeating “collaboration, not competition” to yourself whenever you see another coach land a client that woulda been perfect for you 

Changing your message depending on which way the wind blows. Today I’m a life coach! A mindset coach! Yes, I can also do VA work! And I’m really great with a blow dryer too! Hire me for all the things!

Raising and lowering your prices based on the client and when rent is due. (That’s not magnetic. It’s the opposite) 

I feel you!

It’s frustrating as heck to feel like you’re putting in all this work and STILL not succeeding as an online coach. 

Here’s the good news though.

You’re not alone in this unwinnable war of follow/unfollow, posting to an empty room, and having people ghost you after sales calls like some collar-popping bro on Tinder.

We’ve all been there. (And frankly he wasn’t that cute anyway) 

I know what it’s like to continually put yourself out there and want to impact people in a HUGE way, only to get CRICKETS in response, to compare yourself to other successful coaches, OR to not be sure of WHAT TO DO, leaving you in analysis paralysis instead of taking the actions that get you the results. 


There’s a life BEYOND struggling to hit those consistent months in your coaching business, and wondering whether you’re meant to do this "entrepreneur" thing for a living...AND YOU DESERVE TO LIVE THAT LIFE.




Not stumbling over your pitch when someone asks you who you work with

Speaking to your ideal
client POWERFULLY & effectively

so they DM you about your coaching because you’re basically a psychic who knows exactly what they want to hear (P.S. You don’t even need Tarot cards to learn this skill! Although bring ‘em if that’s your vibe) 

but confidently and proudly knowing WHO you help and HOW you help them  

Actually FINDING your ideal
client on social media CONSISTENTLY

instead of "hoping" your posts will be seen by someone who maybe wants to hire you hopefully someday please

Having your ideal
clients DM YOU on the reg

Asking to work with you, so you NEVER feel like you’re “selling” again

Successfully signing clients on sales calls with higher prices (YES PLEASE-I’LL TAKE THAT!)

Filling Your Client
Roster month after month with ease

instead of stressing out every time you have a client contract end 

All while feeling so confidently YOU (we’re not here to be like anybody else!) 

Chelsea MacLeod Schultz

Case Study 1

"Over $200k in revenue in less than 2 years,
my clients were able to:
✨Increase their revenue by 300%
✨Successfully Pivot Businesses in the Global Pandemic
✨Choose Investments that Return 41% in 1 year

Eve Guzman

I feel confident and outgoing; never afraid to be the nerdy-type A strategist that I am.

I have sold out 80% of my launches in the private pre-launch phase. Last launch was $200K+ and closed on opening day.

Case Study 2

Chelsea Kaller

Case Study 3

Bliss. Pure bliss. It's like the stars had aligned and I was on a path to do what I had originally quit my corporate job for in the first place. I created a membership community of 100+ women within 6 months of opening and surpassed my corporate salary doing a "job" that didn't even feel like work.


Waking up without an alarm clock? 


Feeling the freedom of working from anywhere with a WiFi signal? 

Getting Zoom-level profesh in the AM? (That means yoga pants and a tank top!)  

And working with soulmate clients who are attracted to you like screaming fans to a K-pop band? 

"I was able to have a $45K cash month with 2,000 followers on Instagram, and scale in a way that felt SO authentic to ME."


press play!

Let’s face some sneaky lies that are keeping you stuck: 

Spinning in circles and feeling crazy overwhelmed over how to grow a coaching business that feels true to you is sooo last season

I can’t be relatable and still be seen as an authority. 

I have to do what the other coaches are doing. 

I’ve gotta put on a professional face in my marketing. 

People are going to judge me if I start showing up as myself. 


No, really. That last part is not a joke. Clients LOVED how weird I was. They signed up with me BECAUSE I was different. 

Those failed butt-selfies led to me earning $1.7 million in 3 years. This money gave us the freedom to leave New York, travel to luxurious places like Positano and Bali, and buy our perfect home in Las Vegas. 

But if you make money your only metric for success, you’re gonna wind up disappointed! I’m also fulfilled on a level I’ve never been before. I’m doing the work I was put here to do. And I’m working with women that feel like my best friends. 

That’s the power of discovering your Unique Coaching Method and applying proven client attraction strategies to your marketing plan. 

It’s a 1-2 punch that can’t be beat!

I re-branded under Pretty Awkward, showed up confidently as me, and lived happily ever after. 

I used to think those same thoughts too, my friend. When I was a fitness coach, I saw all these girls posting selfies of their booties on Instagram, and I thought that if I wanted to get fitness clients, I had to do it too. 

So I practiced taking photos of my butt in the mirror. This is all true!! On the daily, you could find me, iPhone in hand, trying to wow the internet butt. No matter how many photos I took, what leggings I wore, or how good the lighting was, or what pose I tried, I always just felt...Pretty Awkward. 

I mean, I had a full camera roll of booty photos — which my husband loved — but this was NOT what I wanted to be remembered for, ya know what I mean? 

That’s when I decided to stop trying to be like everyone else in the industry and own my quirks instead. 

Hi, I’m Megan Yelaney,
and I’m here to give those beliefs the boot(y).


Once you enroll in Smart Online Success Academy, you’ll receive immediate access to 2 of my most sought-after (and results-generating!) programs. Consider it your 2-phase plan for absolutely nailing your methodology and marketing. Finish the first phase and move onto the second. Get ample coaching support and community access in between. And walk away 12 months from now with a successful coaching business you built from the ground up — your way. 

Consider this like your Marketing MBA program. I’ve designed Smart Online Success Academy in a similar way. You’ll have lectures to attend, office hours to get extra support, and mentors to lean on. I’ve even consulted with leading course creation specialists to ensure that the learning you get here is digestible, impactful and one of a kind. 

How does it all break down?

This is not a passive experience. It’s a professional one. By the end of these 12 months together, you’ll be better trained to succeed than nearly anyone else in your industry. 

Let’s start with where you’ll begin!

Client Attraction Academy

Based on my 9-Step Client Attraction Formula, this program includes everything you need to go from being exhausted, frustrated, and overwhelmed with your online coaching biz to feeling in control, confident and secure about the future of your business and life. Because YOU’RE the one who’s creating it. #powerful

Oh, and that part where you’re not sure what makes you different from Alice? And who your soulmate clients are? And how much you should charge? And how to create content that’s as addictive as the Vegas strip? 

Yeah. You’re done with that. 

That’s because inside Client Attraction Academy, we’re focused on the most foundational piece of any online business — 
What. You. Sell. 

“Okay, Coach Meg, you’re telling me that if I focus on my unique coaching method and barely anything else, I can get clients and live happily ever after in a castle with Chris Evans?” 
Yes. Well, I’m not sure about the Chris Evans part, but the rest I’m on board with! 

Listen, there are plenttttty of programs that can show you how to get clients, but unless you’re actually selling something you can GET behind, what even is the point?

Phase One

Phase One

When you know what makes you downright irresistible, you’ll:

Wake up every morning happier than an animated blue bird, because you’re actually doing work you adore (No more hiding out and avoiding the marketing part!)

Easily and confidently pitch your package to anyone who inquires because you know it comes from a place of service

Attract soulmate clients who’ve been left out in the cold by other coaches who couldn’t deliver the special, signature magic you have inside you

Crack the code on engaging social media content because you’ve given yourself permission to show up AS yourself (which, honestly, is the best way to create content ever)

Increase your monthly income with ease, because you’re literally the only person on Earth who does what you do in the way that you do it. (Um, hello, job security!)

Here’s what we’ll cover inside this phase: 


Client Attraction starts off by helping you set the right intention as to WHY you want to gain more ideal clients and what money mindset blocks might be holding you back from truly doing so. We'll also go through the structure of Client Attraction Academy, so, as you go through the program, you’re laser focused, grounded and motivated.

Module 0


Module 1

In this module we'll dive DEEP into WHO your ideal client should be. You'll be going through the Dream Client Description exercise which will help you get SUPER DUPER clear on WHO you want to attract to your social media through your messaging. This step is SO freakin important, and this module alone will help you gain massive clarity around who you truly want to work with long-term. 


Module 2

You don't reach your ideal client by just ASSUMING you know what they want to hear. This is a BIG MISTAKE SO many entrepreneurs make. My Ditch the Diet program made $7K during its first week launch purely because I did ALL THE MARKET RESEARCH. You MUST know what your ideal client wants and needs (and will actually PAY for), but most importantly HOW THEY'RE SAYING what they want, need, and struggle with. This step will make talking to your ideal client SEAMLESS. 

In Module 3 we take all the work you did in Modules 1 and 2 and put them together so you can create an offer based off of 1) your expertise 2) what your audience said they needed and wanted and 3) what will bring you the most income in the shortest amount of time. We'll focus on developing one signature offer for you to market during your 12 months inside The Smart Success Academy and beyond!





In Module 3 we take all the work you did in Modules 1 and 2 and put them together so you can learn how to create social media posts that touch your ideal clients heartstrings and make them DM you about your coaching. This is 100% a learned skill and not something you have to be born with. TRUST ME-I SUCKED when I first started writing. We'll help you create a content schedule to stick to so you'll never run out of content ideas again and can always be getting messages like "OMG, it's like you're speaking directly to me!" 

Sick of having only OTHER coaches following you?! This module is for you my friend. While Instagram is a GREAT way to find your ideal client, there are so many other places your ideal client is looking for your services! In this module we'll still dive deep into how to find your ideal client on Instagram, but focus specifically on Instagram Stories (the secret sauce to selling on IG). We'll also explore Facebook Groups, Pinterest, & Blogging so you know which social media platform to tackle next





While posting content that resonates with your ideal client is an essential step to get more clients you love, building relationships is the cherry on top that will secure the sale. In this module we'll go in depth on how to DM prospective clients WITHOUT feeling salesy, icky, or awkward. This step was the secret sauce to me reaching 5 figure months from private coaching alone--and it costs ZERO DOLLAR BILLS.

In this module we'll set up a SYSTEM for your coaching so you never feel confused on what next steps to take when someone inquires about your coaching. Believe it or not, subconsciously, this is what holds a lot of people back, from talking about their coaching consistently. Having this system in place will also make you look way more professional and feel more confident when getting on sales calls. 





YAS! SALES! This module will not only help you become more comfortable on sales calls, but have you LOOKING FORWARD to them. I'll give you my EXACT system for signing clients on sales calls (scripts, guides, AND follow up letters) that resulted in me 3X'ing my prices because I kept closing all of my calls. And YES...we go over price objections so you feel super comfortable handling them =)

While this course doesn't go into how to actually COACH your clients (that's a skill you're assumed to have coming IN!), we will give you the tools and systems to onboard your new clients efficiently and easily so you don't have to waste time re-inventing the wheel every time you sign a client and can get them started off right. 



The thing is… the fun doesn’t stop there. Becoming a coach is more than just the business foundation. You have to find out what makes YOU the coach to invest in.

You can have a perfect foundation, but if people don’t know why they should choose you rather than the 1000’s of other coaches out there… you get the picture.

That’s why I’ve bundled my programs in a 12-month, killer academy that will not only help you start from the basics of your business but scale and stand out as bright as the sun.
While this course doesn't go into how to actually COACH your clients (that's a skill you're assumed to have coming IN!), we will give you the tools and systems to onboard your new clients efficiently and easily so you don't have to waste time re-inventing the wheel every time you sign a client and can get them started off right. 

All so you can master your business foundations and create a business that lasts. 



Bending over backwards to serve every client who comes your way is NOT the fast track to success. Instead you’ve gotta draw a line in the sand and develop a unique way of working with you that no one else can compete with — or copy. 

In Module one, you’ll start uncovering what makes you truly unique in your work and how you can help clients. You’ll start looking for the special process that you take clients through that gets them the best results, and you’ll start to develop a framework around it. 

Hint: If you’ve ever struggled with explaining what you do to clients, this module is gonna make it a whole lot easier. 

Your Unique Coaching Method



Your Enneagram can reveal certain details about who you are at your core, and teach you how to know yourself better than your Mama does. You’ll get clued in on your strengths and the characteristics you have that make you YOU, so you can package them into the way you do business. Psst. This is the part where we infuse YOUR natural strengths and abilities into your business model. 

I’m even bringing in an Enneagram expert to demystify the process and make this even easier for you. 


The best coaching models are a mixture of what you do, who you are, and the parts of your personality that shine the brightest. Because I promise, there’s no one like you, who can do what you do, in the way that you do it. 

In Module three, you’ll learn how to ask the people around you for help, so you can see yourself in a brand new light. You’ll discover the key parts of your personality that translate into a matchless brand online. 


We’ve all had to take on clients we didn’t like because the rent was due. That’s part of life. But what if you never had to do it again? What if every client who hired you was a dream client? What if you were excited to hop on calls with them and coach them through their problems? What if working with them was just as rewarding for you as it was your actual client? In Module four, you’ll discover who you like working with, so you can attract more of them into your DMs and discovery calls. 


Reels. Livestreams. Posts. Emails. They’re not gonna be fun to create if you feel like you’ve gotta put on a different face every time you do them! In Module Five, we’re gonna focus in on the types of content you actually LIKE creating. Because life is too short to do things that feel like a chore, amirite?


This is the part where you take your Unique Coaching Method and use it to propel your business forward. Right this way for exclusive training on your product suite, your sales plan, your launches, your team, and more. 

Remember, your Unique Coaching Method doesn’t just inform how you work with clients. It informs how you build your entire business — not just for this month or this year but for the long-term. 



 Phase Two

 Phase Two

press play!


“I was able to generate $20K with two of my launches that felt like a BREEZE by implementing my UCM with Meg.” 

Smart Online Success Academy combines your special coaching sauce with the sales, marketing, and launching strategies every successful coach needs in their bag to get new clients — and grow their business in a measured and repeatable way.

Sound impossible? 
It’s not. 

You CAN attract ideal clients you LOVE and have a killer, rock-solid business. 
Smart Online Success Academy is here to give you the systems, support and accountability to make it happen. 

Here’s how it
will all go down: 

You’ll work through each phase of the curriculum on your own. These modules and supplemental resources are ready to be poured through and devoured right now. 

Each week, you’ll receive 90-minute live group calls with either yours truly (hi) or a highly trained support coach. 

The support doesn’t stop there! There’s Monday through Friday Slack coaching in a private group channel. That means you’ll always be able to get your questions answered. We’ll even schedule live in-Slack office hours. 

I’ll give you clear benchmarks to hit, so you can track your progress in real time. Most programs skip this, but I’m dedicated to keeping you in forward motion and moving that needle in the right direction. 

You’ll receive additional check-ins with me and the support coaches throughout the program, which you can use to stay focused and keep yourself accountable to your business dreams. 




Kelsey is a success & mindset coach who specializes in helping high-achievers with big dreams, step into their confidence & live more aligned & on purpose in both their personal and professional lives.

There is power in being yourself & knowing your worth, so if you are struggling with limiting beliefs or you find yourself getting stuck in a negative thought spiral, she's your girl!

As a certified NLP practitioner, EFT, TIME techniques, clinical hypnotherapy, and life & success coach, her mission is to help every woman she meets feel valued, worthy, and deserving of the life they want to live!

She is a wife, mom of two girls (ages 9 & 15), values health, all forms of freedom & creative self-expression, and is Schitt's Creek fan girl to her core.

Kelsey Mead

Kristina is a Biz Strategist & Consultant. She helps online coaches & service providers cut through the bullshit & build better businesses.

She also owns a full fledged social media agency. Kristina is a wiz at all things words and has a strategic mind that doesn't quit! Look up the word "visionary" in the dictionary, and a picture of Kristina will pop up as the definition! She is the master of all things social media marketing, from content creation to email marketing.

Kristina prides herself on creating long lasting client relationships and capturing the voices of the businesses she services. In her free time you can find her snuggling with her furbaby Snooze, dancing or working out!


Smart Online Success
Academy is all about helping you


What’s been holding you back from having the online coaching business of your dreams.


WHO you truly want to help, and get SUPER CLEAR on how you do it, so you can attract the RIGHT clients to you.


Your HABITS and MINDSET around your business, and not just rely on pure motivation (which by the way hasn't worked for you in the past). By the end of our 12 months together, you’ll not only develop the skills to get more online clients with ease, but really learn how to make your business profitable LONG TERM, so that you can FINALLY stop stressing over your finances, leave that 9-5 job that's sucking the life out of you, and start making the income & impact of your freakin dreams, and most importantly...HAVE FUN WHILE DOING IT. *happy dance*  (Cuz Life's WAYYY too short to be so serious)

Come closer! Let me share a secret with you

They know their Unique Coaching Method AND soulmate attraction marketing. Zero exceptions. And the good news? They can be taught, practiced, and perfected. But how come nobody talks about this?

The short answer is: Not enough people have caught onto it yet. The vast majority of people are looking for “tactics”, “short-cuts”, “secrets” and “quick fixes” — while the smart coaches are staying ahead of the curve by innovating their offers and carving out their impenetrable spot in the marketplace.

There is an unspoken, hidden piece to building a profitable online coaching biz... A select few make it their BIGGEST weapon, so they keep winning while everyone else — even smart, committed people like you— get stuck and don't even know why.

It took me years of work, research, implementation and sheer trial-and-error to discover the secret that separates winners from everyone else. The thing that gives winners the rare edge we all crave.

These coaches-in-the-know understand that hacks and quick fixes won't solve their biz problems. They’re looking for a way to build a long-term, sustainable online business that rewards them financially AND mentally.

Maybe you’re one of them. If so, keep reading…
So what’s the secret “missing” piece, you ask?

Now it may sound a bit boring (trust me, it isn’t), but hear me out. Have you ever wondered why you keep posting, posting, & posting, with little to no DM's about your coaching? 

Because you're not truly differentiating yourself, and you're getting lost in the sea of online coaches. That’s why. What if you always knew how to package up your process, methodology or framework into an easy-to-digest offer that made your soulmate clients drool a little? And what if that offer was EXACTLY positioned to attract the clients you actually want to work with, doing work you actually like, and getting paid the income you deserve? 

And what if that unique coaching method felt truly transformational for your clients, so it was easier for you to sell, and you could talk about it on social media and in your emails and on your sales pages with passion and confidence and it made people line up to hire you?


Winners do it. Now you can too.


Do you know why you’ve been struggling to sign high-ticket clients? The problem isn’t with you, your commitment level or your ability to endure (Hell! You’ve been through storms and made it across). The challenge in your life right now is having the right UNIQUE COACHING METHOD you can use to build LONG-TERM relationships with SOULMATE CLIENTS who LOVE you, EVEN IF you have a small social media following & little engagement on your posts, so you don't have to rely on FB ads, or feel desperate every month when pitching your coaching to BUILD THE ONLINE COACHING BIZ OF YOUR DREAMS.

To the one who’s committed to transforming their biz, finances, and LIFE FOR REAL

This isn’t your A-B program… it’s seriously your A-Z. 

Smart Online Success Academy gives you maximum support with minimum “What do I do next?”. Unlike some programs, there’s absolutely no spinning your wheels and trying to figure it out on your own here. 

You’ll be moving forward on a clear track complete with:

If that wasn’t enough… we’ve also got tons of bonuses for you! (I believe in giving you every single tool you need to succeed.)

Monday through Friday Slack coaching with me and highly trained co-coaches, ready and psyched to answer your most burning business questions 

Easy-to-check off benchmarks to cement your progress and inspire your forward motion

90-day private check-in call with Meg or our co-coach to spread a little Gorilla Glue over the business cracks you might be falling through 

7-month private check-in on Zoom with Meg or co-coach to give you a major kick-in-the-butt to finish our year together strong

Monthly DM private check-ins with Meg or a co-coach throughout the entire program

Monthly office hours with Meg or a co-coach inside the Slack channel to answer your questions live #helloimmediateanswer

Monthly content review for your posts, emails, sales pages and more by Meg or a co-coach 

A 2-phase plan for finding your unique coaching method and attracting your soulmate clients (with strategic marketing techniques that make YOU stand out above the noise)

100+ training modules designed to go deep in the must-knows of building a solid, lasts-forever kinda online business (trust, they don’t teach these in any MBA program I’ve seen!) 

Dozens of workbooks, PDFs, and cheat sheets that break the program content into even more digestible, bite-sized chunks to help you take action on what you’ve just learned 

12 months of weekly live group coaching calls (Warning: Prepare to feel unstoppable!) 

This bonus is worth the price of this course ALONE. In this mini course training I'll take you step by step through my fool-proof system to run a Free 5 Day Challenge that launches into your 1:1 or Group Coaching seamlessly. This is the same system I used to launch my first Health Course that made me $7K in its FIRST WEEK! 

How to Run a Free 5 Day Challenge That CONVERTS Into Paying Clients with Megan Yelaney (that’s me!)

bonus #1

In this course Paige shares with you her main strategy for growing her online fitness coaching business to 6 figures in under 1 year. This program teaches you how to build a SOLID referral program unlike any out there, so you can stay in your zone of genius MORE and search for clients online LESS.


bonus #2

4-week course to finally book sales calls and clients through DMs without feeling salesy. DM Sales Magic is the blueprint to building authentic relationships on social media that turn into clients you love. This course teaches you my PREDICTABLE SYSTEM to CONSISTENTLY bring leads into your business and convert them into clients you ADORE.

I walk you step by step on how to use a STRATEGIC AND ALIGNED RELATIONSHIP BUILDING to finally book sales calls and clients in your DMs in a way that feels so DANG GOOD without having tons of followers


bonus #3


Client Attraction Academy by itself? $3500
Unique Coaching Method by itself? $3500 
The bonuses by themselves? $2000
12 months of live support by itself? $5000

The total value of this bundled program is $14,000
But you’re not even going to have to pay half of that.

You can get the entire program and a year of coaching support for just $6500.



Straight to the point answer? Because I’ve been where you are right now. No, really. I wasn’t always Megan Yelaney with the million dollar business. For awhile, I was far from it in fact. 

I understand how it feels as I used to feel DESPERATE when talking about my online coaching and therefore would have very INCONSISTENT income months. Like you, I was frustrated because I was ALWAYS unsure if people would actually respond to my posts about my coaching, scared that they would think I was being salesy or spammy in DM's and only after their money. I took everything SO seriously, and always felt like such a failure when it came to my biz, because even if I did have a good month, the next would be a DEAD ZONE. I was stuck in the entrepreneurial roller coaster BIG TIME, but in a scary financial way. 

Nobody should have to experience that.

But why should you trust me to be *the* go-to expert on this subject?

In early 2018, I started actually figuring out what my ideal client truly wanted & most importantly, struggled with DEEP DOWN, which helped me communicate with them effectively, and get consistent client inquiries month after month, and for the first time in a long time, do it without feeling a TAD bit salesy. 

Meanwhile, I also started studying the science behind effective communication by going to Life Coaching School and Sales by taking a few rock solid online courses. I became super confident in how I was supposed to talk to my ideal client and then actually CLOSE THEM on sales calls.
On top of that, I studied branding and marketing, and tested out different theories with my private clients….and I noticed something! Whenever my clients packaged up their offers in a way that was totally unique to them, leveraged their special skills, and felt fun to sell and execute on, their businesses grew leaps and bounds in a short amount of time. Not only that, but they actually lit up over what they were doing!! 

 I've helped over a hundred women gain targeted ideal clients, by focusing on their unique coaching method by applying my proven process to create CONSISTENT revenue, AND they've done it all while having FUN. 
It’s not a myth, woman. It’s absolutely possible for you. You just have to believe in yourself enough to take a chance and go for it. And I’ve got your back inside Smart Online Succcess Academy when you do! 

Since then, I've been hitting consistent multiple-5-figure months (and sometimes 6-figure!) purely from my coaching business.

Smart Online Success
Academy is all about helping you

You could figure it out on your own

How long do you think that would take? Realistically? Months? Years? Not to mention the “not having support” factor. If you get stuck or fall into an obstacle, who can you ask for help? Google, YouTube, and freebies are filled with generic advice that speaks to everyone — which means they help no one. 

You could join Smart Online Success Academy

More affordable than a business coach? Check! Saves you more time than DIY? Check! Comes with 12 months of live support so you never get stuck? Check! Check! Check! Check! Check! Check! Check! Check! Check! Check! Check! Check!

You could hire a business coach

As far as we know, there are no other business coaches who have a proven, step-by-step system for uncovering what makes you unique and leveraging it inside a comprehensive business plan. If you did find a coach who offers this, they’ll only have 8-12 sessions to pull it outta you. That’s not a very long time. And the investment for private coaching? It ranges from $5,000 to $50,000 and up. 

If you’re starting
your coaching business

Smart Online Success Academy can help you get your first paying dream clients. 

If you’re a
network marketer

Smart Online Success Academy can help you feel like you’re doing more than just pushing a product. 

If you’re feeling like all of
your success so far has been lucky

Smart Online Success Academy can help you put a strategic process behind it.

If you’re already
running your coaching business

Smart Online Success Academy can help you run it in a way that’s more authentic.

If you have a few clients, things are moving in the right direction but you’re still confused on how to make this a real business

SOSA WILL help you implement a system to consistently attract new leads and nurture them into paying clients.

If you have clients but you feel like there’s a "missing link" and you have to always work really hard for each sale

SOSA will help you develop your brand and social media content/presence to start doing some of the work FOR you: hello attraction marketing 

Let me walk you through this journey. You’ve signed up for the thing that’s gonna catalyze your dreams: The Smart Online Success Academy. 

You’ll immediately get an email with your own private login access, which is going to unlock Phase 1 of the Academy. You’ll get your Zoom calendar with all the dates and times of our live calls and the getting started workbook. 

Now class is in session, and I will take it with you from there. On our first call, I’ll show you exactly how to access your content and your co-coaches, and I’ll hold your hand the rest of the way so you can build the coaching business you’re destined for. 

It’s you + me + your future, babe. Are you ready? 

A letter to the girl who’s made it all the way to the bottom of the page: 

Xo, Meg 

Here’s what you’ll walk away with: 

An instantly recognizable brand that’s completely uncopyable — because it’s built around you!

An over-flowing inbox packed with new client inquiries. Can you imagine what it’s like to be so full in your coaching business that you’re actually choosing who you work with? That’s what the next level looks like my friend. 

A roster full of clients you ADORE working with.

​The CONFIDENCE to jump on sales calls and close like a boss! No more freezing up at the pitch or telling them you’ll send an email with the prices later instead of just confidently making your offer

Super smart systems in place to automate the entire process so you can go to yoga class, catch a matinee, make out with your husband...whatever you like to do in your time off

A group of boss entrepreneurs JUST LIKE YOU to bounce ideas off of and network (Hello potential clients!) 

A feeling of safety and security when you realize that you actually CAN call in dreamy clients over and over again like clockwork



12 payments of




If within 14 days of purchase you decide this isn’t for you, you get a no questions ask full refund. 

If within 14 days of purchase you decide this isn’t for you, you get a no questions ask full refund. 

Apply for your spot

Enrollment is open


(VALUED AT $750)


Here at Megan Yelaney LLC, we promote equality and equity for women of color, all other races/ethnicities, and sexual orientation. We are always encouraging education around these topics and updating our content with the intention to be inclusive and welcoming to all humans. RACISM and/or other prejudices will not be tolerated. If you are accepted into SOSA we ask that you please report any behavior or communication that doesn't align with these values. Our mission is to keep our programs safe and supportive for all of our students. If you are accepted into SOSA, we ask that you come prepared to uphold these values as well. 😃
There is an investment to join this program. If you are not able to make it at this time, no worries, but this likely won't be a good fit for you right now. This program is for people who are ready for a business shift and are willing to make an investment in themselves. Are you willing to do this? *NOTE: Pay in Full Bonus includes a 30 MIN PRIVATE KICK OFF CALL with Meg to start off right! (usually sold separately for $750).

Mickaela McNatt

Case Study 4

Meg's teachings around consistency, building trust and owning my authentic approach has stayed with me now several years into my business. Having this foundation has allowed me to remain consistent even in the harder times of life and biz.

 I've grown my coaching business to multiple 6-figures since working with Meg, and these strategies paired with tons of inner work through the years has gotten me to this point :)

Isabella Sanchez

Case Study 5

The course has brought pure alignment and passion. It helps me attract ONLY people I love and who I would share drinks with which was my ultimate dream My business skyrocketed, around 600K in sales.

Paige Vandenbrink

I feel like getting into my story and starting to share that was a big thing for me. Also just letting go of what business "should" look like, and allowing me to step in and start sharing what I WANT it to look like. 

Eve Guzman

She helped me embrace my uniqueness and coaching style into my marketing. I do not get comparsionitis and don't change up to be like others bc who I am works for my people.

rachel spencer

She helped me realize that my approach was so much more about storytelling and lifestyle, than educational strategy.

frequently asked questions


It makes the most sense to enroll in them together in this program. Here’s why: Client Attraction Academy and The Unique Coaching Method Course separately retail separately for $3500 each. The Smart Online Success Academy program combines both at $6500 AND gives you 12 months of coaching support. Basically, when you pick up SOSA, you’re getting a lot more for a lot less. Now that’s a smart decision! 

Many of our students who have gone through this system have landed dream clients at premium prices, filled their waiting lists, and scaled their business while doing what they love. Mmmmm. Tastes like victory. 

This program is designed to help busy and overwhelmed online coaches gain more targeted ideal clients they love without spending money on FB or Instagram ads or implementing fancy marketing funnels. This is attraction marketing at its finest! 

My goal (through this program) is to help you truly learn how to uncover your unique coaching method and communicate to your ideal client in a way that makes them DM you so you never run out of people to talk to, and can have a full client roster with people you truly LOVE working with. If you’re committed to making your business last LONG-TERM, and are not looking for a "get rich quick" scheme, you’re in the right place! 

You start as soon as you sign up! You’ll get immediate access to the course material to start working through and will be added to the Slack channel within 48 hours and can hop on the next coaching call! 

Once you work through Phase 1: Foundations with Client Attraction Academy you can move onto Phase 2: Deepen with Unique Coaching Method. 

You’ll have the program material for life and 12 months of coaching to support you working through it.

The is a group coaching program, which does include plenty of live support inside the Slack channel, on our group calls, and in the regular check-ins. However, this is not a private coaching experience.   

If you’re making more than $15K/month and are looking to work with Megan in the private (1-on-1) capacity with her undivided attention, you might wanna check out Meg's Private Business Coaching Program. 

She has one spot avail for a July 4th, 2022 start date.  You can apply here if this sounds like you! 

This is an excellent question. Smart Online Success Academy is best suited for:

  • New online coaches or service providers looking for guidance and a fool proof system to get more clients 
  • Experienced online coaches or service providers who feel lost or stuck and stagnant in their biz 
Our weekly live group zoom coaching calls give you the unique opportunity to get your questions answered and I’ll do my best to help you adapt to your own unique circumstances.

No problem! The modules are self-paced, which means you can pop open your laptop and view them anytime, anywhere. 3 AM jammy sesh on the couch? 9 PM bubble bath with me on your iPad? 5 PM on the soccer team sidelines while little Jenny practices her kicking drills? You can do it, Jenny! We believe in you! This is a course that travels. 

The live calls are also recorded, so you can listen to those on the go too. You also have 12 full months of access to live support — which means there will be plenty more calls for you to catch up on! 

See? Lots of breathing room!

You will by the time you finish phase two of the program: Unique Coaching Method! That’s literally what we’re here for. 

It really toothpastes my orange juice when business coaches over-promise and under-deliver. You’ve probably even seen a few of my IG biz rants on this exact thing! Grrrr. 

The SOSA system has a proven track record of success. In fact, I tested it behind the scenes with my private clients for years before I ever turned it into a program. You can view case studies here and here.

I also worked hand-in-hand with Taylor Weaver (@morethanamomma_ on Instagram), a Course Creation Expert to make sure that every slide, audio, and workbook is UCM-designed, Teacher approved. In other words, I go hard for you, so you get easy results.

You will not be left behind: we cap each slack channel at 30-40 students so we can truly get to know everyone and answer everyone’s questions. NO one gets left behind and NO one suffers in silence. This also helps keep the calls manageable and gives everyone a chance to get their questions answered. 

You'll receive an email with your personal link to your course portal & welcome email to get started.  You'll be added to the slack channel within 48 hours and can start hopping on the coaching calls right away! 

We have a very international audience, so try and do our best to accommodate most schedules! What we've found is, 12PM EST works well for most, which is the time the majority of our calls will be. Regardless, every call is recorded and you have Monday-Friday access to me and the co coaches inside of slack to ask any and all questions as you work through the curriculum. 

Please do! I’m @meganyelaney on IG.