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A 12 month high touch group coaching program to help you go full time in your online business. SOSA combines your special coaching sauce with the sales, marketing, and launching strategies every successful coach needs in their bag to get new clients — and grow their business in a measured and repeatable way. You CAN attract ideal clients you LOVE and have a killer, rock-solid business. Smart Online Success Academy is here to give you the systems, support and accountability to make it happen. 

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I signed 3 new 1:1 clients since I started the Program, created and launched online Mini-Course. I've stopped trying to do what other coaches do and started focusing more on what I want to say and share. I have learned so many new information, strategies and exercises and I still didn't even had a chance to implement it all. It's just amazing how extensive CAA is.

hayley david

Over the past 12 weeks I was able to build a solid foundation and I am confident in how my business is set up now. I have solid strategies for marketing my business and attracting clients consistently. I have generated almost $8,000 in sales and made my investment back within the first month.

Jeni Raitsin

I’ve gone through business coaching and know many biz coaches but what Meg provides in CAA is on ANOTHER LEVEL. Meg (and the team) has an incredible ability to hold space for you, support you, and make you rethink things from a totally different perspective, and all while embracing who YOU are. 

your programs, inject cash into your business and have your biggest month yet? 

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If you’re going to launch, you might as well make it easy! Inside Launch Like A Ladyboss, you’ll learn how to stop winging your launch strategy and how to start selling more of your online course or program. Launch Like A LadyBoss gives you three rock-sold, step by step plans for confidently launching your programs and injecting cash into your business in big ways. And the best part? You can follow the SAME strategies for each and every new launch because they never go outta style. #timeless   

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Keisha Frazier

I'm going into the launch with a feeling of ease and calm that I've never had before. I can't say enough great things about Megan, her coaching style is so incredible, she's truly born to do what she does. If you need a foolproof strategy for launching where you can just press play on your launch and watch the money roll in, then this course is for you!

Carly Guggemos

Launch Like A Boss Lady was 100% a game changer! It took launching from being super stressful to totally manageable with little to no stress at all. Plus the three different launching strategies give you options to find what works best for you AND your audience. I've now found a strategy that I love and once you have it down, it's rinse and repeat. So simple!

on social media and get hired for being an expert at what only YOU can do? 

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Unique Coaching Method

Ever feel like you're ticking all the to-do's but your business still isn't moving forward the way you wish it was? Maybe you're at an income plateau that you just can't seem to overcome. You’ve started to second guess yourself on every social media post and discovery call. You’ve even started to compare yourself to every Sarah, Kelly and Kim with an Instagram account. And, just between us, it does NOT feel good. 

UCM is an anecdote to feeling like you're trapped in an oversaturated industry and help you find out who you are as a coach, what experience you bring and what's your unique approach.

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Eve Guzman

After investing in Megan‘s high-level mastermind, I made my full 6 month investment back in seven business days. I then went on to have a single launch out of 4 that made $172,000 in sales. Megan Is not just a business coach. This has felt like a partnership with her fully invested in the outcome of every launch as if it were her own. One of the best decisions I made in 2020 was to work with her.

Rach Marie

I know that investing in yourself is hard, and I remember when I first saw the price of Meg’s mastermind I literally opted out of the program and told myself it was out of my budget. I really didn’t think I would ever do it and I never thought I would spend that much on coaching, but looking back it was worth so much more. You will get everything you put into this mastermind back, and have one of the best coaches out there.

Isabella Sanchez

Meg’s Mastermind is the best investment I’ve made in my business. It not only gave me my dream business, but lifelong friendships that have carried me through my entrepreneurial journey. It gave me everything I needed and more. It took me from $5K months to hitting six figures and multiple six figures and my first $40K CASH month.