Hi!  And welcome to the #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur podcast.  I am your host, Megan Yelaney, and I am all about embracing your #prettyawkward self to build your business.

I have built two six figure businesses and one multi-six figure business by fully embracing my authentic self and not trying to hide the quirks that make me, ME.  I am passionate about creating a space for female entrepreneurs where they can truly be themselves, and not feel like they need to put on a persona to be seen and heard.  Along with loving my business, my clients and coaching, I love to travel, I am obsessed with kids, I am VERY close to my family and I am 100% a theatre nerd through and through.


This podcast was created with YOU in mind.  The female entrepreneur looking to learn, and grow your business strategies and mindset, to get your business off the ground and scale to multiple six figures and have fun doing it.  To inspire and empower you to take the required action you’ve been putting off to create products and make sales.

Each week we will be covering topics that will help you start, grow and scale your business.  Some topics that you can expect to be covered include: 

  • The top mistakes online entrepreneurs make when signing clients
  • Strategies to grow your instagram engagement and connect 
  • How to break through mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck in your business

I can’t wait to hear about what you learn, what makes you laugh, and what tips allow you to grow your business and brand as your authentic self.  Stay #prettyawkward.


How to Work Remotely

How To Work Remotely from Home: Tips for the New Remote Employee

This week on the #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur Podcast, I am going to be breaking down my top tips to help you establish a routine and structure for yourself while working from home.  For those of you who are looking at transitioning to being full time in your business, this is a great time to start some good habits. For those of you who will be going back to work when all of this blows over, this will help you get into a good mindset for work, even though you are in a completely different environment.

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