using your unique method to build out your upsell & downsell offers in 90 minutes


It’s time to have something to help your audience a step before AND a step after your signature offer; and that’s exactly what we’re going to focus on in this workshop.

Your clients are missing out on great opportunities to work with you AND you’re leaving a lot of money on the table by only having one thing to offer them.

You are READY for your next level, but KNOW your current offer alone can’t get you there.

They immediately think about what is most commonly done in their industry and start planning based off of ‘what’s trending’ or ‘what’s been successful for so and so.’

They try to reinvent the wheel with each offer, and completely start from scratch…focusing more on the TYPE (group, then membership, then passive course) of offer and end up spreading their time and energy thin across too many things that aren't working together.

When people have something to their core that they’re really great at, they can create new offers (that actually sell) for DAYS.

But what usually happens when most coaches go to ‘expand their offer suite’?

The Truth? 

But does it all have a common THEME? Does it all make sense for them and THEIR brand and business model? 

What SHOULD happen first instead?

They should look at TWO things:

What their customer actually needs a step before and after their current signature offer: aka deep diving into their customer journey




AKA that thing’, that expertise, that unique skill set people hire them specifically for. That magic they exude inside their offers that helps their clients have big breakthroughs.  

When you create your offer suite progression plan from these two principles vs ‘what other people are doing in my industry’ you…

Build a standout and well known brand (because duh, it’s DIFFERENT)
You build an offer suite your client actually needs AND…

One you’re pumped to show up for, because it’s based on what you’re naturally gifted (or just have become really freakin great) at.


This type of offer suite progression is what helped me really make my mark in the industry.

This made my offer suite cohesive so that if someone started in my free offer and went through my entire offer suite all the way up to my 1-1 coaching (which HAS happened, BTW!) the branding, the vibe, the overall essence is consistent. 

It’s because I based my offers off of what makes ME different AND what my customer needed.

That combination is what helped me fill out programs, hit big benchmarks (6 figures, multiple six, and eventually seven figures +). 

And that’s why I’m SO freakin excited to teach you this process in class. Let’s get to the structure, so you know what’s going on, shall we? 

Like most people, I started off with 1-1 coaching. Once I maxed that out, I knew I wanted to create a group program, but not just because ‘everyone was doing it.’

I analyzed my 1-1 clients and looked at the process I was taking them through and asked myself, ‘what can I take from this to create this group program?’

I realized client attraction was at the forefront, but with a unique spin, what I call my unique coaching method. 

From that moment on, ALL of my offers had this unique coaching method woven into it.

Format of the Workshop & What You’ll Leave With:

PART ONE: Offer Suite Expansion for YOUR CUSTOMER

AKA: your “customer journey.”

In this section we’ll walk through a simple, yet SUPER effective customer journey exercise to figure out the natural offer progression of your client throughout their life (within the context of how you help them).

Just from this section alone you’ll leave with 3-4 new offer ideas that you probably haven’t fully fleshed out.

But the kicker? They’re based on what your client needs & wants. This step is crucial if you want an offer that people actually buy. If they don’t want it, they won’t buy it, no matter how good of an offer you think it is. We’ll get nitty gritty with the messaging piece, and you’ll know what your client is thinking, feeling, fearing, and desiring at each offer stage so when you DO go to market, you already have some material to use.


After I teach you the exercise, I’ll give you a few minutes to go through it, take questions and help you brainstorm if you’re feeling stuck. I’ll also be walking through a real life example so you can see this in action. This is going to be interactive, so you not only get the information, but actually DO THE WORK on live.


You’ll get to keep this customer journey exercise (and the entire recording of this workshop) to use in the future, when you’re at a pivot point in your business, reworking one of your offers, or ready for more expansion. Social media might change, but this part won’t. 

PART TWO: Offer Suite Expansion for YOU

AKA: Your Unique Method.

In this section we’re going to look at three things..

What approach you take to your business, and how it’s different than others in your industry (even if slightly)
What parts of your personality/lifestyle you want to weave more into your business (that relate directly to your ideal client) 
What your strengths are: what expertise do you have that you can leverage more?

This beautiful trifecta results in what I call your unique method, and once we know this, we can make sure it’s woven into ALL of your offers, so you not only create an offer suite to make more money and help more people, but simultaneously establish your brand & leave a memorable mark on your audience. 

This piece is my favorite, because it’s truly the piece that has people message you with things like, ‘I don’t know in what way, but I feel like I HAVE to work with you.’

It’s magnetic, and when you really lean into this you start to build a true legacy, something you can rely on to build a loyal & loving community that gets excited to work with you in any way possible.

And because you’re building out an offer suite to help people at all different levels, that starts to become a reality for them.

PART THREE: Blending the two together: Creating your downsell AND upsell offers

In part three we’ll take parts one and two and blend them together so you walk away with your step before AND step after offers completely outlined. 

If someone isn’t quite ready for your signature offer you’ll have something to downsell to them by the end of this section.

If someone is completing your current offer and ready for that next step, you’ll have that next step program ready for them by the end of this section. 

We’ll get nitty gritty, down to…

→Running titles (names are tough, but we’ll start brainstorming!)

I want you to create a skeleton of your offer suite progression that you feel SO FREAKIN CONFIDENT IN. 

One that you know is based on what your customer needs (part one), but also based on what you’re really freakin amazing at and want to be known for (part two).

Get ready to walk away with a solid offer suite plan that fits both you AND your ideal clients needs.

frequently asked


After this live class, it’ll be for sale on my website, but I’m not sure when/if I’ll do a live version again (this year at least)


YES! That’s the purpose of this, that you can use this not only for where you’re at now, but for when you inevitably pivot in the future!


YES! That’s what my VIP Days are structured for. You can see all the details and apply here.


 YES. This will essentially be an in depth audit and you probably will figure out what the missing link is within your current offers so you can tweak before heading into the busy fall selling season.