So many people have said that growth on Instagram is dead.

That it's impossible to get visibility.
That it's impossible to attract new eyes to your business.

I put my strategies to the test and started a brand new Instagram account on September 1st. I was able to go from this:

in less than two months. 

i need this

to this:

Still not thinking this is possible for you? 

I know, I know…content! 😱

It’s the bain of your existence as an online entrepreneur with a personal brand.

You’ve done numerous courses, bought templates, copied your peers, and online coach crushes (because they must know what they’re doing right?! Wrong-o!).

But still, your content creation process looks a bit like this:

Step 1: Post, post, post.
Step 2: Crickets
Step 3: Ahhhhh…. Nothing’s happening.
Step 4: I suck. The algorithm sucks. Everything sucks.
Step 5: Nobody likes me.
Step 6: I should find a real job.
Step 7: Ghost all my accounts for at least 3 weeks.
Step 8: Feel terribly guilty.
Step 9: Start over from step 1 – and repeat.

You’re not even sure it’s possible to get clients from your content. 

Yup, I know exactly how you feel and believe it or not. I struggled with the exact same thing when I first started my business.

But I’m here to reassure you that it is possible.

At this point…

It’s possible to:

  • Have fun in the creation of your content (I know right now it feels like pulling teeth)
  • Create and post content consistently (for more than a couple of days at a time)
  • Bring in ready-to-work-with-you clients just by posting your thoughts, ideas, and opinions online (it sounds far-fetched – but it’s not)

i need this


That’s when I decided to stop trying to be like everyone else in the industry and just be my weird self instead.

I got my start in the online business space as a fitness coach, so BELIEVE ME when I say I know the content creation struggle.

When I started out, I saw all these girls posting selfies of their booties on Instagram, and I thought that if I wanted to get fitness clients, I had to do it too. 

So I practiced taking photos of my butt in the mirror. No, seriously!! On the daily, you could find me, iPhone in hand, trying to wow the internet butt. No matter how many photos I took, what leggings I wore, or how good the lighting was, or what pose I tried, I always just felt...Pretty Awkward. 

I mean, I had a full camera roll of booty photos — which my husband loved — but this was NOT what I wanted to be remembered for, ya know what I mean? 

And that’s when everything changed for me…

Content was no longer a chore – instead, I was having fun just being my weird self.

I began to post more consistently than ever before – because it felt natural and easy.

My engagement, reach, and visibility soared as people liked, commented, and shared everything I posted – because it was different from what other coaches were posting (and genuine)

i need this

And best of all…

Beautiful people I was excited to work with started reaching out to ME to find out how I could help them.

After 11 years in business, I still get soulmate clients reaching out to me daily, ready to work with me – just from my content. I’m pinching myself right now.

Now I want to share everything I’ve learned about creating milkshakes content that brings all the clients to your yard in…

A course for coaches and course creators who are ready to consistently roll out new and client-grabbing content that converts the exact right people over and over again

Now, as you can see, this course alone would be enough to get you a steady stream of new clients, BUT one of the biggest things I see holding online coaches back from sharing their content confidently and CONSISTENTLY is this:

They don’t know (or can’t articulate) what makes them different from everyone else online.

Which means they’re:

  • Copying what their peers are doing online which just doesn't sit right – or help them stand out
  • Comparing themselves to every Sarah, Kelly, and Kim with an Instagram account – which perpetuates a cycle of imposter syndrome
  • Feeling stuck when it’s time to sit down and bash out content for the week – because it’s not coming from within


That’s why when you sign up today (because I know you will),

Identify, define, and articulate what makes you stand out so you become THE choice for your audience

Put these two powerhouse programs together and you have everything you need to create a content SYSTEM that attracts, nurtures & sells your offers to the RIGHT audience – but in a way that stands out from everyone else in your industry

Only $497

When sold individually they set you back over $697 each.

But when you say hell's yeah today you get them both for…

(that’s a saving of over $897!)


  • Uncover what makes you truly special in your work and how you help your clients so you can build a framework around it
  • Get clued in on the strengths and characteristics you have that make you YOU, so you can package them into your work
  • Use all of the above to define and articulate your Unique Coaching Method

These programs go hand in hand… 

Phase 1: Identify & Package Your Uniqueness

(just like Harry, Ron and Hermione) and take you through the two essential phases to creating content that sets you apart AND gets you clients:

  • Use your Unique Coaching Method to create content that sets you apart and makes you the bomb-dot-com in the right people’s eyes
  • Create a content plan that’s easy to follow because it’s filled with topics you’re excited to talk about
  • Stay consistent because you’re no longer hiding who you are and your soulmate clients are responding to that

Phase 2: Put The You In Your Content

When you take full advantage of BOTH of these programs here are…

Consistent, creative, and compelling content that actually gets people to RESPOND: aka raise their hand to work with you

The Multitude Of Benefits You’ll Walk Away With

Absolute confidence in every word, image, and video you’re putting out in the world because it comes from within and defines who you are

The ability to stand out from all the other coaches online because you know exactly what you believe in and are able to articulate it in a way that attracts clients who love you for YOU

The confidence (and permission) to show up exactly as you are – and use your unique awkwardness to build your brand and win clients consistently

Shareable content that allows your soulmate clients to connect with you on a deeper level (hi, trust building)

A content calendar (you’re excited to stick to) that’s filled with intentional content that attracts, nurtures, AND converts your followers into clients


Here’s what’s included in the big kahuna, course #1…

Creating Pillar and Unique Positioning Content

Take the things you love and hate and turn them into content that sets you apart from everyone else in your industry. Package up all your idiosyncracies into a brand that puts you on everyone’s lips.

Module one

Styles of Content & How to Become a Better Writer / Communicator

Module two

The 5 different types of content that you need to have a well-rounded content plan that brings in the clients and cashola (yes, you read that right… 5. I see you over there 👀 stuck in educational content only).

Putting It All Together: Creating a Content Plan

Module three

Build and implement a balanced (and fun) content plan that includes all the pieces you need to attract, nurture, and convert your followers into business bestie clients.

Whether it's Facebook groups, blogging, Pinterest, or Instagram – I’ve collected a group of incredible experts to share their knowledge about each of these unique platforms. How to choose the right one and make the most of each of them.

Platform Deep Dive

Module four

AND here’s everything that’s included in the incredible bonus course…

Determining Your Unique Coaching Method

Bending over backward to serve every client who comes your way is NOT the fast track to success. Instead, you’ve gotta draw a line in the sand and develop a unique way of working with you that no one else can compete with — or copy. We’ll uncover what makes you truly unique in your work and how you help clients so you can develop a framework around it. 

Module one

Identify Your Enneagram

Module two

Your Enneagram can reveal certain details about who you are at your core, and teach you how to know yourself better than your Mama does. You’ll get clued in on your strengths and the characteristics you have that make you YOU, so you can package them into your work. 

Signature Standout

Module three

The best coaching models are a mixture of what you do, who you are, and the parts of your personality that shine the brightest. Because I promise, there’s no one like you, who can do what you do, in the way that you do it. We’ll ask the people around you for help, so you can see yourself in a brand new light. You’ll discover the key parts of your personality that translate into a matchless brand online. 

We’ve all had to take on clients we didn’t like because the rent was due. That’s part of life. But what if you never had to do it again? What if every client who hired you was a dream client? In Module Four, you’ll discover who you like working with (even if you’ve never worked with a client before), so you can attract more of them into your DMs and discovery calls. 

Clients You Love Working With

Module four

Becoming a Sought-After Coach

Module FIVE

In this module we’re helping you get crystal clear on the transformation you provide for clients, and then how your unique approach (established in Module 1) makes you DIFFERENT from every other coach promising a similar transformation. We help you do this by creating your unique framework as well as leaning on different coaching modalities that fit your unique approach. 

If you want to stand out from everyone else in your industry you need to be top of mind. How do you be “top of mind”? Tell your story in a unique and compelling way, and that’s exactly what we’ll help you do inside this module. 

Story Based Connection

Module SIX

In-Demand Niche

Module SEVEN

How niche is “too niche”? In this lesson, we’ll help you use market research to narrow down your ideal client so you can get specific without fear around niching "too small" and limiting your lead pool. 

We take what you did in the last module and turn it into content; content that speaks directly to your ideal client based on your market research. 

Content You Love Creating

Module EIGHT

Apply and Monetize Your Unique Coaching Method

Module NINE

How do you take all the work you just did and put it together so you can start making some sales? In this module, we’ll help you APPLY your unique coaching method to your sales process so you feel confident to start getting on calls with potential clients. 

Check Out These Bonuses

Drop it like it’s hot girlfriend…

Offer Creation Crash Course with Meg (Value $497)

Need to outline your offer? We gotchu in this down-and-dirty masterclass to help you map out the deliverables, timeline, and pricing 

Launch-Ready Content Secrets/Formulas with Kristina Hall (Value $497)

Want to know what to post when for your launch? This lesson will help you create a week of selling content calendar that feels seamless to implement 


These Coaches Embraced Their Special Sauce

Here’s What Happened When…


Frequently Asked Questions

Let me answer some of your super weird and awkward (#jk these are legit)…

Is the sky blue? Is Schitt’s Creek my favorite show? Is Broadway theater LIFE?! 

Together these two programs help you combine your special sauce with the content and social media strategies every successful coach needs in their bag to get new clients online— and grow their business in a consistent and repeatable way. 

When you know your Unique Coaching Method, your confidence soars because you’re able to articulate what makes you the best choice in your industry.

And when you infuse your Unique Coaching Method into your content the results are only amplified as your engagement, visibility and reach increases leading to new opportunities and a roster jam packed fulllll of soulmate clients.

Many of our students who have gone through these programs have landed dream clients at premium prices, filled their waiting lists, and scaled their businesses while doing what they love. Mmmmm. Tastes like victory. 

You will by the time you finish Unique Coaching Method! That’s literally what it was designed for.

It really toothpastes my orange juice when business coaches over-promise and under-deliver. You’ve probably even seen a few of my IG biz rants on this exact thing! Grrrr. 

The systems that underpin the Unique Coaching Method and Unique Content Camp programs have a proven track record of success. In fact, I tested them behind the scenes with my private clients for years before I ever turned them into programs. 

This program is rolling enrollment, but our $497 never-to-be-repeated special disappears after Black Friday. And food for thought: if you join & dive in NOW, you can have your best content calendar mapped out and created to go for the New Year; one of the BEST times for sales. How many of your dream clients will sign with other coaches when YOU are the perfect one to help them?

Yes! We HIGHLY encourage you to start with Unique Coaching Method to define what makes you different and build your unique coaching framework before you get started creating your intentional content calendar in Unique Content Camp.

Please do! I’m @meganyelaney on IG. 

Ready to Create Consistent & Compelling Content That’s As Wonderful & Unique As You Are?


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