1️⃣ A breakdown of 5 of my top converting IG posts with hyperlinks for you to study and replicate

A chart for you to map out your own version of these posts based on the purpose, style & execution of your post (for saves, shares, or clicks to website).

A duplicatable system to plan your content week after week in a way that leads to actual sales in your business.

what your guide comes With...


After having built three successful businesses (the latest to over $3Million in revenue in under five years) and having helped over 100 online coaches & consultants build a full time income with their business (over 20 hitting multiple six figures, and five hitting seven figures), I can say without a doubt, that the content breakdown I’m sharing with you are the types of posts that actually lead to sales; regardless of how often the Instagram algorithm changes.

But if you’re willing to put in the work, stay focused and be patient…I KNOW you can make your online coaching or consulting business the smashing success you deserve.

You are competent, smart, and already great at what you do. You just need the steps to bring the ideal clients into your world so they can experience this greatness and have incredible transformations.  

See you inside the guide + templates!

Hi, I'm Meg!

Business is actually quite simple, but we tend to overcomplicate it.

xo, Meg