More Profit In Your Pocket$, Less Burnout In Your Business

A simple method to 2X your income by turning your signature offer into multiple programs

You’re not exactly sure how to make it happen, but see so many other people creating all these offers, doubling their income, and calling it a day. 

You have an offer and it’s rockin and rollin. 
You’re selling it and it’s going well.

But you are itching to create more in your business:

You have an offer and it’s rockin and rollin. You’re selling it and it’s going well.

But you are itching to create more in your business:

Take a quick ride with me for a second, and see if this feels like you right now..

My fellow coach, biz owner, entrepreneur (insert your current title of the season here),


I’m gonna let you in on a little secret I wish I knew sooner…

They’re not doing anything THAT special.

They’re simply LEVERAGING their signature offer to give their audience more options, and bring more revenue into their business.

You already have an amazing signature offer.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel.

You just need to take what’s already working and figure out how to turn it into multiple offers to double your income, baby. 


Well, my #prettyawkward friend,
that’s why I’m here ;) 

Well, my #prettyawkward friend, that’s why I’m here ;) 

And that’s why you’re on this page.

In my Free Class: More Profit In Your Pocket, Less Burnout In Your Business, I’m going to walk you through the three part process I’ve been using with my private and mastermind clients for the last four years to help them more than double their income (without adding A TON of extra work to their plate or time to their schedule).


(which BTW, is less than 30 min, so no excuses that you ‘don't have the time.’ ;)

In this part we’ll find what’s unique about your signature offer that we can use to create other offers to add more revenue to your business.

Part 1: Auditing Your Signature Offer For Your Unique Method

In this part we’ll see how we can take your signature offer framework and turn it into other formats: again, not reinventing the wheel here.

People prefer diff styles, let’s see if you can give it to them!

Have a group program? How can we turn that into an in person experience or a self paced course?


Part 2: Audit Signature Offer For Different Format Possibilities

In this part, we’ll see if something you teach in your signature offer framework can be taught separately (a niche part people only want).

Who DOESN’T want passive income, right? What part of your process can we leverage (that word again!) to become a self paced course?

Let’s make you some money while you sleep and help people in a more accessible way, shall we?! #WINWIN

Part 3: Audit Signature Offer For Niche Skill Sets/Expertises To Create Passive Income 

The Kicker?

I won’t just be teaching you these strategies, but I’ll also be providing my own case studies for each part, so you can see this in action. This way you can literally get the ball rolling RIGHT AWAY after you finish class, and start mapping out the next offer (or offers!) that will help you double your revenue this year.


Who is Meg and why should I trust her to teach this class? 

Hiiii! I’m Meg :)

And guess what? It wasn’t from one-on-one coaching. We used this exact process to help them take their unique framework and create multiple offers their audience was asking for.

But the trick is doing this without burning out.

We made sure they built out offers that aligned with the type of business model they wanted to have.

How long did they want to spend working?

We made sure they didn’t just add more to their plate to make more money, but added offers that brought in more revenue AND honored their desired lifestyle & priorities.

I’m a business coach who helps online coaches & service pros create their unique method™ so they can sell out their offers.

I’ve worked with over a thousand entrepreneurs since 2017, & have created a seven figure business in under two years utilizing some of the strategies I’m going to teach you during this free class.

I absolutely LOVE helping entrepreneurs expand their businesses by leveraging what makes them unique and doing work they love.

I’ve specifically helped over 25 entrepreneurs scale to multiple six figures and a few to the seven figure mark.

What You Get When You Register


  • The class recording (FOR LIFE, so you can go back to reference when building out future offers)

  • A handy dandy workbook to write out your new offer ideas as you go through class (my workbooks are LEGIT. No fluff. But prompts and the space to truly flush out this amazing new offer)

  • A 3-part process to help you use your current offer to create new programs that help you double your revenue without adding so much time to your plate.

  • A sneak peek into what is unique about your offer and brand so you can start using this more in your marketing & sales messaging to stand out in your industry and truly become ‘known’ for a specific skill or expertise. 


So what’s it going to be?

Will you create a group from your private coaching?

A live event from your course?

You’ll know by the end of class :)
You have SO many options when it comes to doubling your income. That’s why it can be confusing & overwhelming, not knowing where to start.

But again, the beauty of my 3-part process is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

You’ve spent SO MUCH TIME working on your signature offer and framework

It’s time to LEVERAGE it!