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Hey, coach! Big question for you… 

What’s your offer?

Because if WE are confused, OUR AUDIENCE is confused. And confused audiences don’t buy. *shrug* 

Get out of your own way and set yourself up with a signature offer inside Outline Your Perfect #Prettyawkward Offer. 

By the end of our 5 days together, you’ll know what you offer, who you’re speaking to, what’s included, how to price it, and how to do it all in a way that’s Unique to YOU.

The truth is: we can’t sell our services with confidence unless we, as coaches and service providers, are incredibly clear on what it is and how it changes lives. 

Yes, It's free

Outline Your Perfect #Prettyawkward Offer is A
5-day LIVE course for coaches and service providers

Who want to create a signature offer that flies off the shelves. I’ll cover everrrrything — from how to name it to who’s gonna buy it to how to price it to what fall sweater to wear while you promote it. (Ok. Maybe not the fall sweater. But the rest of it, definitely!)

Outline Your Perfect #Prettyawkward Offer normally sells for $997, but for one time in 2021, you can register for free.

“Wait, Meg, did you just say this $997 course is free? What’s the catch?”
No catch. 


When you register for Outline Your Perfect #Prettyawkward Offer, you’re receiving: 

5 Live Training Modules on how to create, define and stand out with your signature offer


One #Prettyawkward Workbook to capture all your brilliant ideas


A full week of community support to keep you accountable 


Plus a chance to win daily prizes. Huzzah!


Here’s what we’ll cover in this live 5-day course:


About Your Client

Businesses without clients are hobbies. Those are the facts, my friend. So if you want a business that pays your bills, you need to learn to think like your clients. In the first day of this live course, I’ll teach you:

Live Module One

What’s your audience truly getting out of your offer? (It might not be what you expect!) 

Who will your client be by the end of working with you? I’ll teach you how to reverse engineer it, so your offer delivers results every time 

What journey is your client on right now — and how can you meet them where they’re at, grab ‘em by the hand, and say, “Hey, I’ve got you!” 




About You As A Coach

Live Module two

Of course you want a business that feels oh-so-like-you. And how can you do that without getting to know yourself? In this live module, I’m sharing my favorite tool for coaching success: The Enneagram test. 

What’s your Enneagram, and how can you make it your secret decision-making weapon? 

Are you in the healthiest coach space you can be in? Find out in this training. (Most people never ask themselves this question. If you do, you’ll be ahead of the pack!)

How can you use your Enneagram in your Perfect #Prettyawkward Offer to attract the right clients to you — while staying in your zone of genius? 




About Standing Out

Live Module three

What good is your offer if you sit on it for a year and don’t show it to anyone?! It could be the MOST TRANSFORMATIONAL course, program or service on the planet, but if nobody knows about it, then it leaves zero impact. Let’s change that with Live Module 3! 

What is YOUR #Prettyawkward? What’s the thing that’s gonna make people vibe with you like a long-lost sister from another mister (or mister from another mister if your business serves men)? I’ll give you the prompts for figuring this out. 

Discover the practical + tactical ideas to infuse your #Prettyawkward into your message — so it can transcend the screen and bring in sales. 

Want your audience to think about you outside of The Instagram App? Like when they’re at the grocery store, watching a rerun of Friends, or running on the treadmill? I’ll show you how. 




When you deliver a powerful signature offer, it does the selling for you. Find out how to put the parameters around your offer, so it can scale as you grow — and get clients results (no matter how many clients go through it.) 

About the work

live Module four

How long does your package need to be in order to deliver the best transformation for your clients? There is an answer, and you’ll get it in this live training. 

Let’s talk deets: How many calls should you include? When should you host them? Should you Vox or not Vox? These are the questions. 

What’s a “realistic” timeline for creating your protocols, processes and systems for delivery? 




About the sale

Live Module five

“What do I charge?” ← The biggest place most entrepreneurs get stuck. In the Grand Finale of The Outline Your Perfect #Prettyawkward Offer live course.

The industry frames of reference for different offers. There’s no rule for how to price, but there are guidelines — and I’ll give them to you here. 

How to design a payment plan that works for everyone who’s right for your offer

The path for closing the gap between where your client is now and where your client will be at the end of the program — and how to price based on this transformation (Not on the # of PDFs you include!)




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It all starts by outlining their Perfect #Prettyawkward Offer, and then applying their Unique Coachness over the top. Like a cupcake, your Power Offer is the delicious cake that holds up all the frosting. Then when you cover it with your Unique Coaching style, you’ve got an uncopyable brand no one can compete with.

If me and my clients can learn how to standout in our industry, stay laser focused on OUR GIFTS, ALL while having fun, then you can too. Let's do this <3 

I’m a business coach who helps online coaches become the go-to choice and leaders in their industry by marketing what makes them unique. 

I’ve been able to create a seven figure business in under two years utilizing some of the strategies I’m going to teach you during Outline Your Perfect #PrettyAwkward Offer. 

Hi, I’m Meg, and I’ll be your Course Instructor. 

1. Sing like I’m a Broadway star in every possible situation 
2. Help online coaches stand out by being 100% themselves 

I’m on a mission to do two things: 

You can call me Professor Meg if you want to ;) 



What results are possible when you Outline Your Perfect #Prettyawkward Offer? 

(Just in time for you to finish 2021 with the caffeinated income surge of a triple espresso shot.)

Outline Your Perfect #Prettyawkward Offer starts November 1 

2022 is almost here. 
Do you have a clear, structured offer you can sell over and over? 
An offer that entices your audience to say “Gimme”? 
A unique-to-you, completely irresistible way of working with you that catapults you to the top of your industry (or simply gives you consistent income months you’re craving?)

Outline Your Perfect #Prettyawkward Offer gives you the confidence to say “Yes, Meg!” 


Free for a limited time only

This is your next best step. Let me show you how.