Uncover the secrets to effective content planning, storytelling, and client conversion. 

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Happening LIVE on Wednesday, June 7th at 1PM EST

Feeling lackluster about your content is like scrolling social media when you’re bored…you just leave disappointed, drained and in major comparison mode.

Let me ask you a question…

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by inconsistent content and struggling to attract clients on Instagram? Well get ready to perk up my #PrettyAwkward friend, because it's time to unlock the magic of a strategic content calendar.

And YOU, my friend…deserve BETTER.

Join our exclusive free masterclass, "Content Calendar Magic," where you'll discover the proven strategies to ignite your Instagram success and effortlessly sign clients with ease. 

Having a system that gets you DM's like this ⤵️

Having a system that gets you DM's like this ➡️

This is your chance to go from complaining about how hard it is to be consistent with content creation or feeling like it’s useless because “it’s not converting to clients anyway” to…

Content that elicits this type of engagement↓


This is your chance to truly transform your content planning and take your business to the level it deserves.

The step-by-step process to create a highly effective content calendar tailored to your business goals

See a breakdown of my latest $78K launch content and the thought process that went behind each post 

Proven techniques to optimize your content for maximum visibility, reach, and conversion

And much more!

In this power-packed masterclass, you'll learn:

When I’m not belting out showtunes to my handsome hubby Mike, and mini goldendoodle Luna…

I’m the creator of Content Calendar Magic and The #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur Brand-a business coaching company that helps online coaches & service providers start & scale their business to six figures (and beyond) by being their authentic, true selves online.

(And yes, we started doing this back in 2017 before “authenticity” was cool).

After having built three successful businesses (the latest to over $3Million in revenue in under five years) and having helped over 100 online coaches & consultants build a full time income with their business (over 20 hitting multiple six figures, and five hitting seven figures)....

As long as you create an online presence that shows your uniqueness, your skillsets, and how you can clearly help your audience see results with your offer.

That’s exactly what we’ll be doing inside this FREE (gotta remind you about that fun fact) Masterclass happening LIVE on Wednesday, June 7th at 1PM EST. 

Hey Hey!!

Meg Yelaney here.


I can say without a doubt that you can have INCREDIBLE success as an online coach or service pro…

  • without a ton of followers

  • without changing who YOU are…

  • & even with a seemingly saturated market full of other coaches. 


  • Unlock the secrets to creating an effective content calendar that saves you time and boosts your results

  • Learn how to create compelling content that connects with your ideal clients and drives conversions

  • Gain confidence in your content planning, knowing that you're on the path to consistent growth and client inquiries 

  • Connect with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and learn from their successes and challenges

  • Receive bonus materials, templates, and resources to further enhance your content calendar and Instagram strategy

By signing up for this free masterclass, you'll also have a chance to receive exclusive bonus materials and resources to support your business growth (specifically around creating content that results in client inquiries). 

But Meg…what will I be able to DO by the end of class? 

Don't let another day go by without harnessing the power of a strategic content calendar, no matter how “in the moment” of a poster you are. I PROMISE this will help even the most flowy of people.

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