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Lead Generation Strategies: Free Challenges To Get More Clients

Are you struggling to launch your coaching programs and courses?  Do you feel like you’re just throwing shit out there and not sure if people will actually buy it?  Girl, I GET IT. Cuz I’ve been there (way too many times).  That’s why I’m SO freakin excited to teach you my free challenge strategy, a fool-proof system to launch your programs and coaches profitably and effectively.  If you’re wanting a

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How to Fight Off Writer’s Block So You Can Write Killer Content that Converts into Paying Clients

This blog post is inspired by Joey Percia (@joeypercia on IG and you can go to to check out his stuff) and his book “Why Do You Hate Money: A Fitness Marketing Guide To Create Content That Kills, Craft Copy That Converts, And Master The Science Of Selling Without Selling Out.  You can get it here. He gives such incredible copy writing tips for online coach and is just

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Content Creation Ideas: How to Get Inspiration For Social Media Posts

How the heck do I get inspiration to post on social media? Do you ⁣⁣ever sit down to post and draw a complete BLANK? #writersblock times 10?   You’re not alone. Every single entrepreneur I know struggles with this.⁣⁣ We wanna write posts that…⁣⁣speak to our ideal client, that sound inspirational, are authentic and true⁣, AND feel natural and conversational.  That’s a crap ton of pressure when you think about it.

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i'm meg.

My mission is to normalize awkward and make it fun.

Awkward = Uncomfortable.  And for the longest time I tried to avoid it.  I presented myself on social media the way I thought I should, aka the way every other “fitness” person presented themselves.  Once I let my #freakflag fly and started being me, fully and authentically, I not only reached new heights in my business and health, but helped my clients do the same. Changing your life & advancing in any business requires you to get uncomfortable

one-on-one business coaching

I help online coaches attract more ideal 1:1 clients and scale their business to create impactful passive income 

Female Entrepreneurs Create Impactful Passive Income Community

This community is a place where boss babes come to GET UNCOMFY, STRETCH THEMSELVES and UP LEVEL their lives and businesses.  There will be tools, tips, strategies, collabs, and a lot of opportunities to work with each other. It’s for women who are wanting to connect with other like minded women, brainstorm together, and learn how to create passive income that's truly impactful to their audiences and clients. And don't forget to ALWAYS share your #prettyawkward moments, cuz let's face it…up-leveling in your business is gonna be UNCOMFY AND FREAKIN AWKWARD AF…so in this group, WE EMBRACE IT!


your biz and scale

You’ve got a biz and you’re helping some awesome 1 on 1 clients, but you want to make more $ and more impact without adding more time to your already overbooked work schedule. Get the right strategies, tools, systems, and accountability you need to get more clients + create impactful passive income.

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