Your Best Year Yet:

How to plan out your next 12 months in business for maximum profit, potential AND with purpose


12 Month Planning Business Template

This 30 min tutorial + copyable template walks you through the exact planning process I’ve been using for myself & my clients for the last five years. Planning that resulted in…

→Bringing in over $3Mil in revenue in the last five years

→My clients building multiple six figure + businesses while putting their family first

This training helps you focus on prioritizing what matters most in your life when making your business plans; not just how you can make the most money possible. 

You work better when you’re clear about what’s ahead; and right now feel a bit like you’re flailing around without much needed direction

This best year yet planning template is for you if…

You’re done JUST planning your year based on money goals and are ready to take your actual happiness and LIFE into consideration when building your business

You want to have your biggest financial year yet but feel like you have too many focuses and don’t know where to start.


1️⃣ The complete workbook in a google doc where you can easily make a copy & start using for yourself today

2️⃣ A less than 30-min walkthrough of the workbook explaining the different sections so you can use it to your advantage

3️⃣ A sense of peace & clarity, knowing
you have a plan for the next 12 months that’s built off of YOU and YOUR priorities and not a copy paste of other people’s business plans

What you get when you sign up for the Best Year Yet Planning Template…


frequently asked


How often will you offer this template?


I’m not sure to be honest! But this template might not be $33 forever, so don’t be surprised if the price goes up! 

Will you have an example for me to follow?


When I walk through the template in the video tutorial, I have mine as an example for you!

Will I be able to have you review my yearly plan?


This is a self paced template + walkthrough video, so no coaching is included. However, you can email if you want to apply for coaching!