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Defining Your Ideal Client and Their Needs in a Time of Uncertainty

This week on the #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur podcast I recap a mastermind call I held with my current and previous mastermind members.  On this call we really brainstormed and discussed what your ideal client needs, and navigating running our business during this time of crisis and uncertainty. Key topics that you can look forward to taking away from this episode include, providing a sense of community for your audience, connecting with what they really need, and relating to their emotions in your content and really tapping in to how they are feeling.

I am so excited to welcome you to the #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur Podcast.  My name is Megan Yelaney, I have built two six figure businesses and one multi-six figure business by fully embracing my authentic self and not trying to hide the quirks that make me, ME.

This podcast was created with YOU in mind.  The female entrepreneur looking to learn, and grow your business strategies and mindset, to get your business off the ground and scale to multiple six figures and have fun doing it.

The #Prettyawkward Entrepreneur Podcast

This podcast was created with YOU in mind.  The female entrepreneur looking to learn, and grow your business strategies and mindset, to get your business off the ground and scale to multiple six figures and have fun doing it.  To inspire and empower you to take the required action you’ve been putting off to create products and make sales.

Each week we will be covering topics that will help you start, grow and scale your business.  Some topics that you can expect to be covered include: 

  • The top mistakes online entrepreneurs make when signing clients
  • Strategies to grow your instagram engagement and connect 
  • How to break through mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck in your business

I can’t wait to hear about what you learn, what makes you laugh, and what tips allow you to grow your business and brand as your authentic self.

Stay #prettyawkward

Your Ideal Client: What Do They Need

Right now is a time of confusion, fear, unpredictability and uncertainty for pretty much everyone, and I have been getting a lot of messages in the DMs and Voxer from my clients asking how I am running my business in light of everything that is going on.  To be honest, I haven’t really changed how I am running my business, but I decided to gather a group of my mastermind clients and hop on a call to discuss how everyone is navigating their business right now, and what they believe their ideal client needs at this time.

The key topics people are CRAVING right now that came out of this mastermind call were:

  • Community
  • Support
  • Routine
  • and mindset

We all agreed that trying to provide these things for our clients in this time is incredibly important.  We also discussed how the two most important things out of this list right now is probably mindset and community.

Your Ideal Client: The Perspective Shift You Need to Make to Serve Them

Probably THE biggest question I am seeing right now in the online business world is, “Is it insensitive to sell right now?”  My answer, and the answer from my mastermind ladies is no, it is not insensitive to sell, our services that create transformation are needed now more than ever.

I will say that I believe there is a way to market right now, and a way to not market right now, and the way to not market right now is to make people in your audience feel bad for not signing up for your program or joining your team sooner.  People do not need to be told that they should have signed up earlier, because if they had they wouldn’t be looking at this extended period of time without pay.


Instead, people need support and community.  They need that free content that provides that tip that helps them get started and develops that trust so that they will come back and sign up with you to learn more, if it feels aligned for them.

One thing we did during my recent launch of Launch Like a Ladyboss was create and extended payment plan for anyone who wanted to join but couldn’t afford to invest due to the price plans we already had set up.  I know this encouraged a few people to sign up last minute. We also decided to give the week of Voxer access to everyone who signed up, not just the people who took fast action, so we added more bonuses instead of reducing the price of the program.

All of my mastermind ladies agreed with this, in keeping the prices of their high ticket items high. The reason being, if we discount the prices of our programs and offers, the client does not have the same skin in the game, which means they may or may not take the same action that is required to see the transformation they claim they desire.  Here is the thing, marketing = transformation.  If we aren’t providing programs and services that change people’s lives, then what are we even doing?

Your Ideal Client

Your Ideal Client: How You Can Meet Them Where They Are During This Time

One of the core topics we discussed on this call was providing your clients and audience with a sense of routine, and providing them with tips on how to establish a routine while working from home.  This is a HUGE topic that I’ve been getting questions about, because as an online entrepreneur, I am used to working from home, but there are a lot of people working from home right now that usually don’t.  And it is incredibly easy to fall into some pretty bad habits.

This isn’t the only way you can support your audience right now, though.  I encourage you to ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • How has their life changed?
  • How has their routine changed?
  • How can I help them navigate their new lifestyle?

Don’t be afraid to do some market research – get in the DMs, throw some polls up on your Instagram stories, find out what your audience needs.  I know a lot of my mastermind clients who are health and fitness coaches are actually doing well right now. People need help with maintaining their fitness routines at home, because they can’t go to the gym.

Also, moms and parents that find themselves homeschooling right now are looking for A TON of help!  If your ideal client is moms, get out there and help them, because they are looking everywhere right now for support, and routines and activities to do with their children.

Some things my clients are providing right now to serve their audience is free trainings in their free groups to really help their ideal client get started on their journey.  Some of them are also doing free 20-30 minute discovery calls for prospective clients. A few of them are discounting some of their lower ticket products or they are providing a free series that leads into a low ticket bundle they’ve created for their ideal client right now.

This time has opened up space for the online entrepreneur to really get creative and be adaptable to what your ideal client truly needs.  It has also allowed the online entrepreneur, myself included, to look at ways to get some extra cash into savings when we need it. Not only is this a great time to really dig into serving our audience, it is also a good time to really dig into how we are serving ourselves.  Are we saving financially for our future and for our business so that we have the money on hand to continue to serve our clients if the market changes? Now is a great time to take a look at all of this.

Creating Content that Resonates with Your Ideal Client

Now more than ever, people have the time to consume the content we are putting out on social media.  By the same token, now more than ever people are craving connection, support and nurturing. I want to shout out one of my mastermind ladies, Celina Rosso, because she came up with some FANTASTIC tips for creating content right now that reaches your ideal client on an emotional level.

People are craving femininity in their content.  They aren’t so focused on the masculine numbers, like ‘3 tips to have your biggest launch,’ but they are focused on relating to the emotion behind your post.  Keeping this in mind, we discussed some tips for creating content for your audience right now that I want to share with you.

Focus on creating content that is sharable and saveable.  Likes and comments have started to go down on Instagram, but shares and saves are up, and people are saving and sharing things that are funny and hopeful and are getting them through this period of time.

Another tip, is to use content that has already been created.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If you see a meme or a GIF that someone has posted on their wall that you would like to post, you don’t need to recreate it, just post it to your wall as is.  Disclaimer – if you are going to do this please give the person credit for their work.  Better yet, message them before posting it and ask if it is okay if you do so.  I have done this, it is okay to share content that you yourself find joy in, as long as we do it from a place of integrity.

When you are writing content, I encourage you to write from a place of compassion over action.  Write your posts like you are telling a story and relate back to the emotions you were feeling vs. the emotions you may feel now.  I have a couple of side by side posts that I have done, for example I have one that says week one in my business vs. now in my business.  The post itself doesn’t talk so much about the change in income or how big my launches are, but it speaks more to how I was feeling when I started my business vs. how I feel now in my business.  People are relating to the emotions, putting themselves in your shoes and seeing that transformation for themselves through your story.

Serving Your Ideal Client: Some Logistics

Lastly, I want to leave you with the 3 C’s for serving your audience.  I have adopted these too and am implementing them within my free Facebook group:

  • Creation
  • Collaboration
  • Community

I’ve already mentioned creating extended payment plan options for things that I am launching, and my launch schedule probably won’t change because of the Coronavirus, but I am focusing a lot more on my community.  I have some free trainings happening in my free FB community this week. I also am working on some fun giveaways and I am looking at collaborating with others in the community to provide live trainings for the people in there.

These are all ways we can still serve our audience and community, while continuing to run our business without feeling like we shouldn’t be doing it.  Now is not the time to pull back and stop serving your audience, this is the time they need us to show up the most. So, get creative, get innovative, come from a place of service, and stay safe, stay healthy and stay #PrettyAwkward.


Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur Podcast. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to connect with you, check out my #prettyawkward Female Entrepreneurs Create Impactful Passive Income free group on Facebook!

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