How to Get Unstuck in Life

How To Get Unstuck In Life And Business: You Are Not Your Circumstances With Paige Vandy

This week on the #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur podcast I am so excited to welcome my guest, Paige Vandy, to the show.  She is a health and wellness coach for women living in British Columbia, and she has recently just had her biggest month in her business, but what I really wanted to have her on the show for, was to discuss how to get unstuck in life and taking a potentially negative situation in your life and transforming your perspective into something positive that will help you propel yourself and your business forward to where you desire to be.

I am so excited to welcome you to the #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur Podcast.  My name is Megan Yelaney, I have built two six figure businesses and one multi-six figure business by fully embracing my authentic self and not trying to hide the quirks that make me, ME.

This podcast was created with YOU in mind.  The female entrepreneur looking to learn, and grow your business strategies and mindset, to get your business off the ground and scale to multiple six figures and have fun doing it.

The #Prettyawkward Entrepreneur Podcast

This podcast was created with YOU in mind.  The female entrepreneur looking to learn, and grow your business strategies and mindset, to get your business off the ground and scale to multiple six figures and have fun doing it.  To inspire and empower you to take the required action you’ve been putting off to create products and make sales.

Each week we will be covering topics that will help you start, grow and scale your business.  Some topics that you can expect to be covered include: 

  • The top mistakes online entrepreneurs make when signing clients
  • Strategies to grow your instagram engagement and connect 
  • How to break through mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck in your business

I can’t wait to hear about what you learn, what makes you laugh, and what tips allow you to grow your business and brand as your authentic self.  
Stay #prettyawkward.

How To Get Unstuck In Life When Life Takes A Hard Left Down A Dark Alley

Through the beginning of this episode, Paige takes us on a journey through her story to becoming the amazing female entrepreneur and health coach she is today.  Her life started out pretty normal, she had a pretty normal childhood, until she reached eighth grade and got involved with a boy who was not the best choice for her.

She was sneaking out, she was drinking, and because she didn’t have great communication channels with her parents, they assumed the worst.  So one day she woke up, was getting ready for school and her parents told her she wasn’t going to school that day, they were going to Vegas to help her aunt and uncle look for a house.

All of this sounded super exciting, and she was telling all of her friends how excited she was, but that all changed when they got there.

How To Get Unstuck In Life When Things Take A Turn For The Worst

The first night on “vacation” was pretty boring, it was an early night because they needed to get up in the morning to help her aunt and uncle look for a house.  But that morning was the morning when everything changed.

Paige and her family got up very early and drove to an empty parking lot.  There was a car meeting them there, a man and woman got out of the car and took Paige, while her mother and father cried.  They put her in the back of their car, and drove away with her. And they drove for HOURS.

These people took her to a doctors office for a physical and then dropped her off at a wilderness camp for troubled teens.  She spent two months in Utah in the wilderness, one of those months was spent surviving in snow. And then she thought she was supposed to go home, but after that she spent time at a therapeutic boarding school.  The whole time I was there, it was a lot of manual labor and group therapy, and the school really enforced that she was there for a reason, she did something wrong, even though she knew that she didn’t do anything to warrant her being there.

One thing Paige is thankful for, is they taught her how to get unstuck in life with tools and concepts we use in coaching today, such as inner child work and the law of attraction.  These concepts and tools are things that she uses with her clients to this day.

When her parents FINALLY took her out of this school, they had to sign a contract saying that she couldn’t go home, because the area was too “bad” for her, further instilling that she has done something wrong and was a bad kid.  Eventually her aunt and uncle didn’t want her in their home anymore, and she ended up getting kicked out of her parents house and living with party friends. This is when Paige recalls actually living up to the stigma that had been placed on her so many years before hand.  But even as she spiraled into bad habits and being one of those people that her parents thought she was for so many years, she still held on to her physical health and her identity in her physical health.

How to Get Unstuck in Life


Health is a huge part of Paige’s business, but her business reaches beyond just serving people on that surface level.  She has always wanted to give people the answers to how to get unstuck in their life. She strives to help people see past their situation, and to reach for wanting more, not just in terms of their health, but in terms of their entire life.

This is where Paige touches on her tenacity to continue to push for her own business and her own rules and where she thinks that comes from.  She recalls that at that boarding school, every aspect of her life was controlled from sun up to sun down, and even when she was home, people didn’t have trust or faith in her.  This is what actually propelled her forward to create something on her terms that allowed her all the freedom she desired.


Initially, Paige did kind of create her business on her own.  She had created some sort of a plan and routine for her clients that were people she had worked with at her job.  And she was doing okay, but she recounts struggling because she didn’t have systems in place or ways to bring in new clients.  And this is when she started listening to podcasts and eventually invested in her first coach, which was a huge investment.

But Paige stated, “I think, I kind of was at the point where, you know, where my life was at that point that it was harder to stay where I was then to up level and go somewhere else. I didn't want to stay where I was anymore.”

So making that investment was a stretch for her.  It wasn’t easy but her alternative of staying where she was was just unacceptable to her.  So her advice, if you’re feeling stuck and not sure whether or not that big investment is the right thing for you, you really need to take a look at what you want.  And will doing the same thing you’re doing right now every day get you there. If the answer is no, it is time to start doing the work and putting the time and effort and money into investing in yourself to show up and claim what it is you truly want for yourself.  Not anyone else. What you want for YOU.


The number one tip that Paige made in terms of embodying the 6-figure earner you desire to be, is to establish yourself as an authority.  Not just so you believe that you know your stuff, but you need to be confident in that so you can go out and show other people that you know what you’re talking about.  That you can provide the transformation they are looking for when they hire you as their coach.

Another topic we discussed that I see sooooooo many coaching struggle with in the online space is raising their prices to what the transformation is actually worth and what your time is actually worth.  What Paige recognized in her business was that, in order to have people show up and get good results, she needed to up her prices so they had more skin in the game.  The minute she raised her prices, was when she started to coach better, because she wasn’t chasing clients. Her clients started to get amazing results and things just started to flow for her.

Another quote from the episode I wanted to include is Paige’s perspective on investing in higher ticket programs.  “I think as soon as you invest in something that you're uncomfortable with, plus like eight, that's when you're like, OK, like I'm in this, I can't back down. And then it's kind of like what we said before. You're embodying that, right? You're like in this new gear that that is what you're there for. You're not going to back out. You're just like in this bubble of bubbling up and you have to level up. And it's kind of like, you know, it's like the law of attraction. Now that you're in this bubble of leveling up, you're acting as if you are at this next level and it's going to happen.”


“When I am living as my best and highest self, that everything happens for me.”

When you start showing up for yourself and your life, that is when your life will show up for you.  Whatever you have been thinking about doing, whether that's starting a business or investing in a new health program or coaching program, once you show up for yourself in those things, that is when things will start happening for you. 

And showing up for yourself may look different every single day, and it may not always look like doing all the things and working on your business or your health or whatever.  Some days it may look like having a beer on a beach and relaxing, or it may look like your morning routine, or it may look like taking some time to watch Netflix.

In all honesty, we always want to work from the energy that makes us feel out best, so whatever you need to do to get into that energy and high vibe state, go do that.

“I would honestly just say whatever it is that you are going through right now or whatever is that you're really wanting in your life, or if you're upset or unhappy or stuck, just sit down by herself for a moment and just ask yourself: What is it that you actually want?  And just start showing up as that.” – Paige Vandy


Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur Podcast. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to connect with you, check out my #prettyawkward Female Entrepreneurs Create Impactful Passive Income free group on Facebook!

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