Product Launch Strategy

Your Product Launch Strategy For A Successful Launch

Are you ready to create a robust product launch strategy that is so organized and well thought out that it is bound to help you achieve your biggest launch yet?  Did you know that in general only 40% of developed products make it to market, and of that 40% only 60% generate revenue!?  If you are ready to be one of those people generating revenue in your business, then this episode is for you.

The #Prettyawkward Entrepreneur Podcast

This podcast was created with YOU in mind.  The female entrepreneur looking to learn, and grow your business strategies and mindset, to get your business off the ground and scale to multiple six figures and have fun doing it.  To inspire and empower you to take the required action you’ve been putting off to create products and make sales.

Each week we will be covering topics that will help you start, grow and scale your business.  Some topics that you can expect to be covered include: 

  • The top mistakes online entrepreneurs make when signing clients
  • Strategies to grow your instagram engagement and connect 
  • How to break through mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck in your business

I can’t wait to hear about what you learn, what makes you laugh, and what tips allow you to grow your business and brand as your authentic self.

Stay #prettyawkward

What Is A Product Launch Strategy?

Basically, it is a strategy to sell out your programs or products that you are marketing to the public.  That’s it. However, it isn’t just posting on the internet and saying, ‘here is my program or product, come buy it,’ right?  There is a strategy to it, there is a specific intention behind what you are putting out there on social media. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it is important so your audience is warmed up and ready to buy when your cart opens.


However, one important point to make in regards to a launch strategy, is you need to be steadfast in your mindset.  Your mindset in a launch is as important, if not more important than the launch strategy itself. And the biggest thing I have learned through doing launches for my business is detachment.


You need to know your story and how it relates to what you are offering.  What is your story in relation to this offer, why did you create this offer?  Why are you so passionate about this? This is SO important, because your audience needs to see themselves in you.


For example if we’re referring to launching the Client Attraction University, I might share about how when I first started putting coaching offers out there I heard crickets, and I was really confused.  But the point is, I related to my audience, I put their feelings and struggles into words, and I was one of them.


You need to recap your sales page in your posts and videos.  If you don’t have a sales page, you need to be recapping your application form.  It is very important for them to know some key things regarding your program or product including:


  • Who this program is for and who it is not for
  • What problem the program or product is solving
  • What is the goal or end result that this program is going to help your client achieve

One thing to note – you can never guarantee results.  I have had a lot of clients come to me and say that that is the one thing they are nervous about, telling people that they are going to get more clients or increase their income.  You cannot guarantee these results, but you can say that you can help them get there because you have tools that have helped you do it, that you will be sharing with them.


Testimonials and case studies for your programs and coaching are paramount to your launch.  And the way that I really like to introduce these, is by using them to address a potential objection I will get from someone who is considering signing up for one of my programs.


I will address objections in a launch with a testimonial or case study before I even get the objection.  And then I will explain how that previous client overcame that particular objection, making sure to explain a bit about their thought process that took them from the objection to all in.  I want people to see themselves in my clients, so they can say, ‘oh my gosh, I am exactly where she was! Doing the exact same things, with the exact same thoughts. If this helped her maybe it can help me too.’

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Break down the process of what they are signing up for, and how it works after they sign up.  Notice that this is the 4th tip in the process, your story and transformation is definitely the bigger piece of getting others ready to sign up.  But once you’ve shown them the transformation and the story behind it, they will want to know what they get when they sign up. For example, they may be getting access to their Kajabi course sign in, a welcome email with a Facebook group link, maybe they get voxer or slack access for a short period of time as a bonus.


Paint the picture of what they’re getting and where you’ll be communicating with them and how often, and what they can expect their experience of working with you to look like.


The fifth tip for your product launch strategy is the actual breakdown of what is included in what they are purchasing.  Now, keep in mind, you really do want to focus on selling them on the actual transformation they will be getting working with you, not so much the how.  But you will get those individuals who really want to know what they’re getting, and the steps they will be taking through your product or service to get there.

So you’ll want to include the following things:

  • What is your process or method
  • How many modules are there
  • What are the modules
  • How many weeks is the course
  • How many live calls are there
  • What kind of support is included
  • What are your boundaries for contact and support
Product Launch Strategy

These things, the “how” of your product or service should be the LAST thing you are talking about.  Again, the vehicle that is getting them from point A to point B is not the important selling point of your product or service.  It is the transformation your clients are looking for, what is their expected end result?

Another thing to note, when you are providing these details don’t overcomplicate it.  Give your audience the essentials of what they need to know.  When you overcomplicate what they’re getting it muddies the waters and makes things confusing, and therefore makes them less likely to purchase your product.

Paint the picture of what they’re getting and where you’ll be communicating with them and how often, and what they can expect their experience of working with you to look like.


My very last tip on what to include in your product launch strategy, is to make sure you address frequently asked questions to your audience.  You can, obviously, do this on your website at the very bottom of your sales page if you have a website. I have also seen people do this in their instagram stories as quiz questions.


So what they’ll do is they will create a quiz question on instagram and provide three options.  For example, they’ll say, “how long is the program?” And then provide options that say, 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months.  Then people can answer the quiz question and on the next slide in their stories, they will physically talk about the length of the program on camera to answer the question.


Let’s review the process of your launch one more time with all of the key points you need to hit.  The first thing you need to address is your story behind creating your offer and how it relates to your ideal client.  Really try to paint the picture of how you felt before learning the process you will be teaching them and how you feel now, in the after.


Next you want to recap the information provided on your sales page or application.  Who your program is for, who your program is not for and the problem you’re solving or the transformation.  Then we will be using client testimonials and case studies to explain the transformation they will experience.  Don’t forget when you are presenting these to include the objections they may have had, and explain the process of how they overcame that objection and paint the picture of where they are now.


Then describe the process that happens once they sign up for the program.  What they can expect to receive access to once they have signed up, and when they can expect calls to happen or when the next module will be released, etc. To take that a step further, you can also explain how that is going to help them get the transformation they’re looking for.  And lastly, don’t forget to provide answers to some frequently asked questions.


Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur Podcast. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to connect with you, check out my #prettyawkward Female Entrepreneurs Create Impactful Passive Income free group on Facebook!

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