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I am so excited to welcome you to the #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur Podcast.  My name is Megan Yelaney, I have built two six figure businesses and one multi-six figure business by fully embracing my authentic self and not trying to hide the quirks that make me, ME.  

I am passionate about creating a space for female entrepreneurs where they can truly be themselves, and not feel like they need to put on a persona to be seen and heard.  Along with loving my business, my clients and coaching, I love to travel, I am obsessed with kids, I am VERY close to my family and I am 100% a theatre nerd through and through.

This podcast was created with YOU in mind.  The female entrepreneur looking to learn, and grow your business strategies and mindset, to get your business off the ground and scale to multiple six figures and have fun doing it.

I can’t wait to hear about what you learn, what makes you laugh, and what tips allow you to grow your business and brand as your authentic self.  Stay #prettyawkward.


[0:34]  As you’re listening to this episode of the #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur, I am actually in Bonita Springs, Florida getting ready to spend the next 3 weeks performing in a musical called Gypsy.  If you are new to the me or the podcast, then you may not know that musical theatre has been a huge part of my life since I was little. And the content tip of the day, actually plays into this, because by repurposing content, I have been able to pursue my true passion in performing, while still running my business.

[1:56]  Before getting into the tip, I just wanted to take the time to touch on a topic that resonated with my audience on Instagram stories, and that is using “busy” as a badge of honor.  And always claiming how busy we are. We are all “busy” but I spent so much time last year telling people I was busy whenever they asked how I was, and we really have to stop putting that on ourselves.

[5:07]  The truth is, I am currently living in Bonita Springs, walking around outside in gorgeous weather while I record this podcast for you, performing in a musical, which is literally my life’s purpose and passion, while running my business which has afford me all of these opportunities.  My point is, yes I work hard, but I am doing my best to not use the word busy, because honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

[6:31]  I’m not busy, I am intentionally filling my days with things that bring my joy and fulfillment, and it has taken me a long time to get here.  So, instead of just telling people I am “busy,” I am filling my days intentionally. And that is one thing about this new wave of entrepreneurs, they have found their passion and purpose so much younger than I did, and it is just so beautiful to see the younger generation going after what brings them joy and going after that, instead of keeping themselves busy and unfulfilled.

[8:32]  Just a reminder to be extremely careful with your language and instead of saying busy, say that you’re filling your day with things you love.  This will also prompt you to make decisions about what you commit to more carefully, and ask yourself, “do I really want to be doing that?”

[9:34]  So switching gears, I had done a post or story a while back regarding content repurposing and I had a request to do a podcast on this topic, so here we are.  And I just LOVE repurposing content, because it is what has allowed me to travel, have a podcast, launch courses and serve my one on one clients and still seem to be everywhere.

[10:16] I often get questions asking how I am producing the volume of content I am, they see it in my posts, my emails, my podcast, etc. and the truth is, I am just very intentional about taking a piece of content and putting it everywhere.  This is important because our audience will consume information in a variety of different ways. One person may really connect with the podcast, where another may really connect with my facebook or instagram posts. So it is really doing your audience a disservice to rely on just one platform.

[10:59]  I know content creation can be overwhelming for some, it was for me too until I realized I was making it way more complicated than possible.  So, the way that I like to plan out content is keep a running note in my phone for content ideas, because I get them constantly. And if you’re struggling to get content or force it, take a break!  My best ideas come while walking or exercising or in the shower, and I just keep a running note so when I sit down to write content, I have all these ideas in a note in front of me. I usually include a hook and a call to action, and that is enough to jog my memory about what I wanted to talk about.

[12:54]  So when I sit down once a week to write content I then like to focus on one intention or theme. So I will ask myself, what is your intention this week?  What do you want your audience to achieve or learn from your content this week? What action do I want them to take? For me, this usually coincides with our launch calendar so we are constantly breadcrumbing so our audience knows what to expect.

[14:24]  Now that you have your intention or goal set, what are the main points you need to discuss with your audience.  What is their pain point that you are solving? What are the results they are going to get? What is your process that is going to get them there?

[16:42]  I also like to have an anchor for my posts for the week, so for example, I usually have a podcast or blog post the anchor for all of my content that week.  So I will use the theme of a podcast to create a blog post and 4 or 5 instagram and facebook posts. Then I will repurpose content from the posts I write and literally copy the post into an email, and then I will send 2 emails a week just by using content from a post.  It is literally that simple. And then if you want you can use that theme to create one live video on your facebook business page or free facebook group.

[19:16]  Want to take it one step further?  Every single post that I make on Instagram, I also recap in my stories.  Every single one. And I will do this usually by taking a screenshot of the post and putting it in my stories, or I will get on video on my stories and explain the post and maybe go a little more in depth.  If you are going to speak in your stories, always try to put as much as you can in text so people can read it as well without sound.

[19:40]  Want to take it one more step further?  Think about what kind of poll you can include in your story that goes along with the theme of your content.  Polls are so powerful and really get your audience engaged.

[21:18]  Remember, you don’t need to have the perfect brand or perfect format for videos done right away to make money, but what you do need is exposure, and your audience will have people who consume content differently.  Some will need to listen, some will do better with reading it and others will enjoy watching it, so just keep that in mind.

[21:41]  So to recap my process for repurposing content, I pick an anchor for the week, usually either a podcast or blog post, and a theme and then I create four to five posts for Instagram and Facebook, keeping in mind to mix them up and have some be educational vs. inspirational.  Then I use two of those posts to create emails for the week. Then I recap all of those posts in my Instagram stories either in a snapshot or in a video. Then I take one of those posts that resonated with my audience and I recap it in a Facebook live video for my free group.  Boom!


“And at the end of the day, everyone's busy. Everyone, whether you're an entrepreneur, whether you're a mom of however many, like my sister, has literally six kids, works like the busiest woman  I know, right.”


“Right now I am walking and recording this, but I had to record a podcast, that was on my list. And as I'm recording it so even throughout the day today, sure, I'm busy today, but I don't think of it as like, I have so much to do. My day is full of things that I would have dreamed I was doing a few years ago.”


“I would rather be “busy” and do the things I love.”


“I'm really intentional about taking a piece of content and putting it everywhere.”

repurposing content


Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur Podcast. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to connect with you, check out my #prettyawkward Female Entrepreneurs Create Impactful Passive Income free group on Facebook!

repurposing content

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