Mission Driven Leadership to Create Maximum Impact and Income:

[1:54]  I want to welcome Jonnie to the #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur Podcast.  She is an amazing business coach, specifically for health coaches, registered dietitians and anyone looking to get super clear on their message and help someone with their health long term.

[2:21]  Jonnie explains her background as a Physical Trainer (10 years experience) and Registered Dietician (4 years experience), and plenty of other certifications and training in the health and wellness field.  She realized with all the experience she had gained, that there wasn’t really a job for her in the health industry that allowed her to create long term changes in the health of society. Most clinical jobs only treat one symptom, not the whole person and are driven by making a profit, not quality of care.  This lack of preventative care is what drove her to utilizing the online space for business, and ultimately how she found me.

[9:46]  After approximately 6 or 7 months as an online health coach, Jonnie really started to gain some traction, and started receiving comments and DMs complimenting her on all of her knowledge and her confidence in her coaching.  As more of this started happening, she realized she could help other health professionals create mission driven leadership in their own businesses in the online space, and serve a greater purpose in bringing holistic preventative health to a much larger portion of today’s society.

[12:37]  I asked Jonnie to speak on how she knew switching industries, from health coaching to business coaching, was correct for her.  She reflected that it was just a feeling she got when she thought of how big her mission and impact could be. She recounts getting sweaty armpits and becoming jittery at the thought.  She also admits she resisted the idea at first, because she thought business coaches had to fit in a certain kind of box. She was hesitant to change industries until she realized she could create her own version of business coaching.  The biggest challenge, she has found, with business coaching isn’t the strategy, but building the confidence and mindset in the individual themself.

[16:09]  Two things that I think are essential when considering changing your industry is one, are you truly passionate about what you are looking to change to, and two, are people coming to you and asking you about it.  Jonnie had people asking her in her DMs to coach them to become a solid health coach, like her.

[17:52]  Just because you’re passionate about something, doesn’t mean you need to coach on it.  You need to be able to fully integrate what you are coaching into yourself first, to understand all the background work that happens for whatever you are wanting to coach.  If you are feeling that pull to change what you are doing, don’t rush into it, just sit with it, and reflect on what you are truly an expert in.

[22:17]  Jonnie and I reflect on how important experience is over certifications.  The quickest way to learn is to just do it. Just having all the knowledge does not translate into creating a transformational human experience.

[26:59]  So what are the first steps to getting better at your craft if you are considering changing industries?  The biggest struggle is not taking the first step. The most important step is to start, and find that very next step and map that out.  Focus on what the correct next step is FOR YOU. Stop absorbing all the information out there, and just take YOUR next step. Because when you start to compare yourself to other coaches, you can become so overwhelmed, that you take zero action, and that doesn’t get you anywhere.

[32:11]  Another topic we discuss is focusing on your mission and mission driven leadership.  If you focus on that, it will craft your ideal client and your business. But if you don’t have that deep passionate mission, you will struggle in your business when your bank account starts to get low, or you don’t have a great launch.  That mission is what drives you to keep going in your business.

[40:13]  One of the last things we discuss is to focus on the transformation and outcome for your clients and followers and the money will follow.  It is not about the money, it is about creating impact and honoring your bigger mission.

[42:04]  The last thing we touch on is not having the expectation of one group coaching program solving all of your problems.  Just because you don't make your investment back right away doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to invest in your business.  That is completely cutting you and your future clients off from this beautiful journey to who you are meant to become.


“The strategy that we provide as nutritionists, as fitness professionals, as health professionals becomes easy to follow because just giving people the strategy doesn't fucking do shit if you're not treating the human and you're not helping that human really deal with life.”


“And I realize that a lot of people, a lot of coaches struggle with that confidence. And that was something I had gained over the past 10 years of all of this combined experience. And that's where a business coaching kind of just fell into my lap.”


“… it was like this, like this little voice that was like, you know, you're meant for this. You know, you're meant for this. But I remember telling you is just like Megan, I don't want to be a business coach.”


“… it becomes a struggle between what they think they should be, quote unquote. And then they go with what they think might be easier. And it wasn't that business coaching was easier whatsoever. It was actually more difficult because I was cultivating this whole new persona and new role for me …“


“And I realized if I continue going a quarter of my ass in to my business, I'm going to continue getting a quarter ass results. And I don't fucking want that.”

mission driven leadership


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