Welcome to Episode 30!

In this episode I bring you to Day 5 of our Get More Clients Challenge. I go over basics to implement & how to make successful habits so you’re not putting in work in for nothing. It’s more than signing clients, it's about the why you do what you do & driving a legacy.

I’ve made these mistakes before & now I’m teaching you how to avoid them  

What we talk about:

  • Having a strategy in place
  • How to create a launch plan
  • Speaking to the transformation
  • Trying to do it all alone  



  • You have to invest to see success
  • Treat your business as an investment in your future



What to watch for: 

  • 3:27 – Diving In
  • 4:58 – Mistake 1
  • 6:14 – Mistake 2
  • 8:40 – Mistake 3
  • 12:05 – Mistake 4
  • 13:34 – CAU is now open!
  • 18:13 – Module overview
  • 26:18 – Answering your Q's


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A bit more about me...

I help online coaches get booked out & scale to 6 figs 😎💰


My mission is to normalize awkward and make it fun.

Awkward = Uncomfortable.  And for the longest time I tried to avoid it.  I presented myself on social media the way I thought I should to grow my business.  Once I let my #freakflag fly and started being me, fully and authentically, I not only reached new heights in my business and health, but helped my clients do the same. Changing your life & advancing in any business requires you to get uncomfortable.

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