Live Training: Ideal Client Clarity


Action Steps from Day 1


1. What is the core message behind your business that you wish to convey through your social media?
2. Thinking about your passion, skills and life experiences – what “problem” are you going to focus on solving for people? Get SPECIFIC.
3. Answer the following questions when thinking about your ideal client:
✔️What qualities or characteristics do you appreciate about this person most? In other words, what makes them a dream client?
✔️What desire do they have? What goal are they working toward?
✔️What were they not willing to tolerate in order to accomplish this goal? Did they have any non-negotiables?
✔️Describe their pre-coaching status. What was life like before working with you (hypothetically)?
✔️What obstacles did they face (internally and externally)?
✔️What results did you help them achieve?
4. Craft your “I help” statement for your IG bio based off of these questions and post it in the comments of the Day 1 Thread!
1. Post your answers below with the Hashtag #GMC#Day1. Be sure to include your “I help” statement from Instagram (that you tweak after going through the questions in the homework!) I’ll be PERSONALLY going in and editing your I help statements if you do this assignment by the end of the day.
2. At 12PM EST/9AM PST, join me LIVE IN THIS GROUP, where I’ll share with you how I discovered the secret sauce for my online coaching biz that helped me consistently make 5 figure months.
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the #prettyawkward way : )

Hey! I’m Meg, and I help online coaches get booked out with clients & scale to 6 figs! I’ve created a multi-six figure business in 6 months utilizing different business building and social media strategies. I fully believe in the mission of online entrepreneurs and coaches, and hate seeing them post about their coaching and programs with little to no success. My mission is to help entrepreneurs, like you, start and launch their businesses successfully, in a strategic way so they never feel like they’re “winging it” again.

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