How I Booked Out 90% Of My Mastermind With Private Invites Only

4 steps to sell out your coaching program without launching

Launching a Mastermind is new to me this year, and I just “launched” it for the second time. But here's the thing, I actually didn't even have to do a public launch because I fully booked it in the first week. Crazy right?! Wouldn't it be nice to be able to fully book your highest priced offer without all the stress of a launch? There's actually a tried and true formula to make that possible! Want to find out how I did it? Keep scrollin babe…

I recently launched the #PrettyAwkward 6 Fig Level Up Mastermind that helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses to CONSISTENT $10k+ months and 6-figure years.  I filled 9 out of 10 spots with private invites ONLY within 2 weeks!  

The private invite email wouldn’t have meant a lot at all without me having put in the work behind the scenes.  Oh, AND enjoying the process. If you’re doing everything just for the money and the accolades and the validation, you’re going to be really disappointed because no money will ever be enough.  

When you’re on your deathbed (sorry if that’s morbid), it won't be about how much money you made, it’ll be about how you made people feel; the connections with your family and friends – this is what you’ll remember.  All of the other stuff won't matter unless you're doing it for the right reasons. When your motives are right, you’ll be able to stick to it without even trying, and the money will just roll in as a consequence of your passion.  This is stuff you can’t learn through strategy. It's about you; who you are and what lights you up every single day. Have fun outside of your business as well. What is it all for if we're not doing the real stuff!?

I truly believe to be a successful entrepreneur, you don’t have to be fully business-24/7.  One of the reasons I’m able to show up so fully in my business when I’m ‘on’ is because when I’m not ‘on’, I'm just being a normal human and taking time out, watching Friends and reading fiction books.  Having a life outside of business helps me not be so attached – I don’t base my happiness as a human to the outcomes of my business.  

With that being said, I do want to share my 4 steps to almost selling out my mastermind and provide applications for you so you can step your game up too!  Here’s how I did it…

Step #1 Attracting your perfect Coaching client: How I Became A better Coach

Four of the ladies in my previous mastermind re-signed for this one – they wanted to continue with me before I even reached out to them.  They got great results because they’re great. They didn't back down from any challenges. They trusted the process and fully showed up. They took the guidance I gave them and ran with it.  One of the reasons I am a good coach and that my clients become good coaches is because I know what kind of person I want to work with and then they do the work, not because I’m magical. I select people for these masterminds who I know are ready and willing to show up and who have already worked past their mindset blocks. 

Also, there’s a difference between coaching and teaching strategy.  As a coach, I give tough love. I’m open and honest about what my clients need to do in order to reach their goals.  If they aren't stepping into what they need to, I’ll call them out on it. It took a long time for me to get to this place with my coaching and to develop this level of confidence.  

Anyone can teach strategy, but coaching is a lot about holding space, challenging and asking tough questions, for your clients to step into who they already are.  Getting good at coaching takes time, consistency and practice. I’ve been at this since 2012, I’m no spring chicken. Anyone who’s coaching and is having a lot of success with it has been doing it for a while, trust me.  I’m also going back to do another coaching course soon. I really love this stuff and I believe that it only helps me become better and better.

As coaches, I know we can get impatient but we need to stop complaining about how long things are taking when in reality it's really not a long time.  Think about how long it can take people to climb the corporate ladder, or even to figure out that they don’t want to be working in a corporate job altogether.  We’re all trying to rush things. Take time to get good at your craft. That’s how you’ll attract more and more people long-term. This is why I was able to sell out 90% of my mastermind ONLY with private invites; because I am a good frickin coach and I’ve done the work to get here!  I didn’t pop out of the womb as a good coach (sorry for the visual), I really put in the work.

Application: keep going, get experience, take classes, take courses, hire coaches, get training, be open-minded and open to constructive criticism.

Step #2 Nurturing Coaching Client Connections: I Formed REALLY great Relationships

I know the 9 people who have already joined the mastermind in some capacity.  I had 2 spots essentially sold for me by my existing clients, which felt so good. 

I never treat my coaching as a transaction, ever.  Not only can you not afford to do that, I just can’t as a human.  People feel your energy. This isn't just a paycheck, it's a full-on relationship and it's something I’m so passionate about.  I love my clients and I care about them deeply. I know their kid’s names and their favorite food, flowers, what triggers them, when they’re not telling me the truth, what's holding them back, and so on.  I care about them as humans, beyond their business. 

The deep connections I have with my clients is what keeps them coming back.  It’s why I never have to pull any kind of tricks to re-sign people. I genuinely want them to get good results and that's what I focus on.  If they keep re-signing, awesome, but I’m also okay if they don't. I truly just want what's in their best interest. 

Something to know and accept is that there is always going to be an end.  Sometimes it's sooner than we’d like, but there’ll always be an end. It might actually just be more of a pause – I have 2 clients who I haven't worked with in a year and 1 just signed for my mastermind and 1 as a one on one client.  It’s because I let them go with grace that they’ve come back and now we are going stronger than ever. I was really sad to let them go but I knew it was the right choice for them at the time. I supported them on the sideline and I responded to their stories on social media, not to get them back as a client, but because I genuinely care about them and I’m interested in what they’re doing.

In addition to treating my clients this way, I treat my tribe this way. For people to give you their hard-earned money, they have to trust you.  This is one of the reasons I share personal things, not just about my business. It’s so that people can connect with me. If you’ve followed me for a while, you might know that I love Frozen, and The Greatest Showman, and Harry Potter, and you’ll know what my favorite drink is, etc., etc.

Never underestimate the value of building relationships.  It is everything. Treat people like people, NOT numbers. I had people apply for this mastermind who I turned away because they weren't the right fit.  I’m not in this to just take people’s money and nor should you be. 

And remember we have this great tool called social media that can connect us with SO many humans!  Sometimes when we use social media for our business, we forget to actually be social on it. If you do just one thing each day that’s helping you be social, it’ll help you start relating better to your ideal clients and building trust among your audience.  Never stop doing this no matter what level you get to. I take really good frickin care of my clients and I want you to as well!

Application: start getting to know your people – start 5 conversations a day (and report back to me!) with zero intention of selling anything to them in that conversation.  Be curious, listen, research, be social, keep track of who you’re talking to, and watch the magic unfold.

Step #3 Creating Content for your ideal client: I gave Massive Value During my Pre-launch

Launch strategy requires you putting out content weeks leading up to launch.  This is to get your audience primed and ready so that when you do launch, they're almost begging for your offer.

About 4 weeks before I launched my mastermind, I started changing my content and gearing it toward my ideal client for this mastermind.  My content was strategic and I repurposed it a lot – each week, I had a different focus leading them into seeing what’s possible in the future.

Doing this helps to prep and prime your audience.  Having a single focus or theme in your content each week can really help to focus your audience.  It gives them clarity on what you’re offering. We have to hear things 7+ times before it really hits and we take action.

It also makes it easier for you as it simplifies the content repurposing process.  For me, it means I don't get overwhelmed with content creation. I can put out so much content because I am just focusing on one theme each week.  I look at what I’m launching next and reverse engineer that in order to develop my content strategy. 

Application: look at the next program or offer you want to launch and then go back 2-3 weeks and start planning weekly themes to focus on that are related to your offer.

Step #4 Developing a Rock solid value ladder: I Have A Customer Journey For People To Fit Into

While I wish I could let anyone and everyone into this mastermind program, it’s for a very specific type of person. I have a customer journey for this program.  It is for people who are scaling their businesses, who’ve overcome their beginner mindset blocks, are ready and willing to take their business to the next level, can afford the mastermind, BUT they still feel stretched. 

This is a high-level, high-touch mastermind and it's not cheap.  It’s a big investment. To qualify, they already have to be making 5k in their business.  It’s created to stretch these women, but not totally deplete them.

So, what about the people who aren't ready yet?  7 of the women in the mastermind started with me in a lower level program; my Client Attraction University (CAU) program gave them enough steps and tools to get them ready for this level.  This is such an important part of my customer journey and it's why I’m ramping up CAU next year – it truly helps new coaches to level up and not break the bank while doing it. 

Having stepping stones for my ideal clients is crucial.  I have freebies, leading into my #PrettyAwkward Posse, into CAU, into group coaching programs and exclusive masterminds. 

If I didn't have the stepping stone offers that I do, then people would end up finding someone else to help them altogether.  We can't expect someone to turn up and just be ready for our high ticket offers….often, we have to get them there. This is a privilege. 

Aura Isabella has been through my entire customer journey and her business has literally taken off.  She’s now in my super exclusive mastermind that only has 5 people. It goes to show how important those stepping stones and the lower-tier options are.  BUT let’s not forget one of the other reasons we really connected…Harry Potter. 

Application: write down what you think your customer journey is – what’s the first step (and then all the steps in between) that your client needs to take before they can even think about investing in your main offer?  Imagine they just got to your page – what would you want them to do first? 

Do you want to level-up in your business and make your next launch feel like a breeze?  Yes!? Good. Go do your homework – take these applications seriously and watch it flow.

If this blog resonated with you, check out The Pretty Awkward Entrepreneur Podcast to hear me talk through these steps in’s episode 23!  I’d love to know what these applications lead to for you.  Take a screenshot and share it on your social media, tag me and I’ll repost it @meganyelany & @prettyawkwardentrepreneur

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with social media marketing to attract clients for your online business? Which of these tips will you implement?

Megan Yelaney | Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney


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