How to Change Your Mindset & Sell With Confidence

You can have the best-laid script, but if you don’t have the right sales mindset going in, no script is going to close a deal for you.  I talk about mindset A LOT in MANY aspects of business because it is THAT important.  


Courtney Tucker is one of my absolute best friends.  She is so humble, authentic, incredibly smart, talented, and just a beautiful soul inside and out – I can’t speak highly enough of her.  She’s a fitness coach turned business coach (sound familiar!?). She’s also a co-coach for me in my Client Attraction University.  AND…she is an EXPERT in sales – this is where she truly shines!  It’s ironic really, given that this is the exact thing that nearly caused Courtney to completely give up on her dreams!


So many of my people already love and follow Courtney, but if you don’t, go now! @coach_court.


Read on to discover how Courtney transitioned through industries to find her niche and for some REAL, applicable tips and ideas for elevating your sales in an authentic way!  This is definitely one you’re going to want to take notes on!


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The 4 year journey from school teacher, to personal trainer, to health and fitness coach, to killing it as a full-time business coach and becoming an expert in SALES 


4 years ago, Courtney was in her 5th year of teaching as a 3rd grade school teacher.  She enjoyed the kids and didn't hate the work by any means, but it just wasn’t aligned with the lifestyle she knew she wanted.  


She didn't wake up feeling passionate about her work, and this was something she craved.  The work also didn’t allow any flexibility or freedom to work from anywhere. Her and her husband love to travel, so being able to work on the road is important to them.  And one of the more important things…she wanted more earning potential.  


As a teacher, you’re on a pay scale where you're paid for your tenure and not for how hard you work.  Conversely, as an entrepreneur, the harder you work and the more energy and time you put in, the more earning potential you have; the financial success truly can be endless.  


She left her ‘safe job’ in 2016 and started personal training at a gym part-time.  This wasn’t the long term plan, but it was a step in the right direction. She had a passion for health, fitness, and wellness and knew she wanted to start something in this industry and becoming a PT seemed to be the easiest way in.  She became full-time and managed at the gym for about 1 year. Then in July 2017, she decided to tap into the online space. She really didn't know much about online coaching apart from the fact that she had an online coach herself.


She also didn’t know anything about marketing, sales, or creating an offer.  What she did have was an idea, passion, and desire, so she invested 5k in her first business coach.  Even though this coach wasn’t the best for her, she learned so much; it's what got her to commit to the idea she had – this was a huge pivotal moment.  


In August 2017, she signed her first client, but only a month later in September 2017, she felt ready to quit (who can relate?).  She told her husband she couldn't do it. She hated having to generate leads and felt icky DM-ing people – doing this felt hard for her and she wasn't getting anywhere.  Her husband gave her a pep talk (bless!) and got her to keep going and she decided if she was to have a successful business she had to get good at sales. There was no way around it, but through!


Sales are the lifeblood of a business.  If you’re not making sales, you don’t have a business, you just have a hobby.  She did everything she could to shift her mindset around sales and money and what it meant to receive money for services.  This changed everything for her! That October of 2017, she had her first 5k month, then in November an 8k+ month which is when she decided to go full-time.


Fast forward 1 year and she’d done it all – 8-week group programs, 12-week group programs, membership programs, high ticket private coaching, and even a lower tier private coaching offer.  She had tried everything and she was making really good money.  


In September 2018, she started business coaching part-time after being approached by someone to help with this.  Initially, she thought she really wanted to stay with her health coaching, but that quickly changed. In January 2019, she went all in with business coaching with a sweet compromise – she chose to work with health/fitness coaches so she still had that touchpoint to help people in the wellness space, albeit indirectly.


Now, she wakes up every day truly loving what she does – the life she has now is everything she wanted it to be!  It just goes to show what we can achieve in a short space of time when we really focus. There is no other business that lets you give yourself raises like she’s been able to in the past 2 years.  This is the beauty of entrepreneurship.


Courtney credits her growth and success to a few things specifically:


  1. She decided to go all in.

  2. She constantly invested in herself.  She became addicted to coaching (in the best way; more programs, coaching, and courses).  She was just so hungry to learn and grow. 

  3. Having community.  It’s so important to develop connections with likeminded people.  Entrepreneurship can be a lonely world. 


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Common sales mistakes online coaches make


At Amanda Bucci’s event earlier this year, Courtney did a sales presentation.  I was there and it was epic. I asked her to share some of what she talked about in that presentation with regards to mistakes she made and what we can all learn from them.


Courtney’s first piece of advice before diving in is to know and accept that you WILL make mistakes – this is where you’ll learn.  Selling is a learned skill. If you put in the time and effort, you will be good at it. Here’s what TO do and why:


  • You have to do the internal work FIRST

This is the MOST important thing to do.  Nothing else will matter if you skip this one.  You can have the most perfect selling strategies and processes in place but if your mindset is off or you’re not feeling energetically aligned, it just won't work.  Period. Refer to the sales mindset flip tips (now, that’s a tongue twister!) in the next section for more on this!


  • Talk less, listen more and STOP following a script so tightly

Courtney used to read a sales script word for word and wouldn't even be listening to the person on the other end of the phone because she was consumed with thinking of what to say next.  She’d talk her way around price and try to justify the investment. She’d wish they wouldn’t pick up (it’s kind of hard to make a sale if you can’t get someone on the phone).  


She had days she would dedicate to sales calls and if the first one said no, you could almost guarantee the rest would say no too.  This was because she would get stuck in her head because she was so attached to the outcome of making a sale and that made it hard for her to move on.  What’s more, this energy was taken into each subsequent call.


Scripts are great guidelines, but that’s all they should be.  You will sound robotic and you won’t be able to respond to what someone shares with you if you ONLY stick to the script you have.  Be a human.


Once someone is vulnerable with you, you’ve established a level of trust.  People will only invest in you when they know you, like you and trust you to help them get the results they want.  If someone shares something with you, empathize and sit with that thing instead of going on to the next question immediately because that’s what the script ‘says’ to do (this is a sure way to lose connection).  It’s so important to feed off of the conversation. People just want to be heard.


  • Reach out to people and stop expecting them to seek you

If your main goal is to make sales (which it will be if you’re just starting out in your business), you PROACTIVELY have to reach out to people.  Stop waiting for DMs to flood in, and go out and start the conversations! You can’t JUST expect people to ‘click link in bio’ and boom, sold. Courtney held a lot of resistance toward reaching out to people, mostly due to a string of limiting beliefs she held around selling.  She had to shift her mindset to recognizing what a blessing social media is, allowing us to reach so many people so easily. She had to look at it as something fun; creating connections and learning.


  • Stop being selfish

I love this one!  I talk about this with my clients a lot.  This is the tough love we all need to hear (even if we don’t want to).  One of Courtney’s coaches told her she was being selfish and making the sales all about her when really it shouldn't be about her at all.  It should never be about the person selling. Think about all of the people who need you; all of the people you can truly help. We are each born with a gift that needs to be shared.  Once you understand this, you can take this energy into your calls.  


A lot of the people in my world who are in a similar line of work actually love sales calls and sales in general now.  This is because they truly believe people need their services and what they have to offer, so it doesn’t feel like selling anymore, rather, it’s about serving.


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Specific sales mindset flip tips


This is something I had Courtney talk to my mastermind girls about a couple of months ago and they loved it!  Here are the steps:


  1. Become hyper-aware of your thoughts

It can be dangerous territory if you’re not aware of your limiting beliefs and recurrent thoughts. Take time to meditate and journal to become aware of what’s going on internally.  


Naturally, we look for evidence to support our beliefs and every time we find something that supports them, our beliefs become stronger, more solidified, and harder to shift.  Try to look for evidence that supports your beliefs that are empowering rather than self-limiting.  


We often attach meaning to a ‘no’ we receive from someone to make sense of the response.  From Courtney’s experience, the common beliefs/stories we make up when we are ‘rejected’ include:

  • “People are annoyed when I reach out to them”

  • “People won’t pay my prices”

  • “My services aren't worth what I'm charging”

 Try to become aware of these belief patterns and stories as they arise.  What thoughts and energy is coming in the moment? Journal and reflect on these.


  1. Chose to consciously reject that limiting belief as an untrue/false

It is just a story that you have made up.  Something you’ve chosen to believe that you can now choose to let go of.  Write a list of your limiting beliefs and reframe them as empowering truths e.g. “when I DM someone, they think I’m annoying” → “when I DM someone, they are excited to receive my help…every time I DM someone there is an opportunity for me to change someone's life…by not showing up, I am doing them a disservice.”  We get to create whatever stories we want, so choose ones that align with your goals rather than ones that will keep you stuck.  


  1. Believe in yourself and what you are selling

Confidence and belief in yourself is everything!  Sales/selling is 90% conviction (conviction = HARD BELIEF) – if you can grasp and apply this, it WILL change the game for you.  You have to believe in what you are offering. You have to be obsessed with it.


If you’re just getting started, you have zero evidence to support why you shouldn't be confident in what you’re offering.  You get to DECIDE that you have the best coaching/membership (or whatever it is) on the market. If you don’t feel this way about your offer, you need to get to a place where you do! 


“Selling becomes easy when you are obsessed with what you’re selling”


If you’re not 100% confident, increase your skills/knowledge.  Take some courses that’ll help you feel confident in your skillset (I did this before I started life coaching and business coaching).  We should avoid learning to gain credentials and rather to gain confidence. 


Courtney didn't know the most about fitness or nutrition, but what she did know was that she cared enough about her clients to be resourceful and find the answers for them.  She didn't need to know everything; she could just be there to support them in what they need.


Know the difference between imposter syndrome and actually being an imposter.  You’re an imposter when you don’t know what you say you do. Yes, you need to be 2 steps ahead, but you don’t necessarily need to be an expert.


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Investing in community and having a support system


I don't think people talk about the relationships and friendships you can create in the entrepreneurial world as much as the money, financial freedom, the travel, flexibility, etc.  But we should! It’s not fun to do alone. Here’s Courtney’s take on community and collaboration vs competition…


You have to understand that there is an abundance of people out there who need what you have to offer.  There’s no scarcity of people who need help – there are enough clients and money for all of us! Just because someone else has a 20k launch, does not make it any less possible for you to have a 20k launch.


There’s no way she’d be where she is without a supportive community.  You become like the people you surround yourself with, so you have to surround yourself with people who ‘get it’, challenge you, support you, and encourage you to uplevel.  It may mean you have to proactively seek out people who understand you. 


And then, you need to show up in these relationships from a place of wanting to GIVE – how can you support other people in your industry and show up in a way that is mutually beneficial?  


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Tell me about you! Do you struggle with social media marketing to attract clients for your online business? Which of these tips will you implement?

Megan Yelaney | Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney


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