3 Main Mindset Shifts That Helped Me Scale to Multiple 6 Figures

So, this year I set a goal to scale my business to multiple 6 figures…I didn’t meet that goal.  I EXCEEDED it. There were 3 main mindset shifts I made to make this happen. They helped me get to that 6-figure business, which was frickin awesome, but now we’re on track to make our first million (yep, that’s right!) next year!


These shifts are pretty simple and straightforward.  They’re those things you look back at and go “wow, if only I did that sooner”.  So, my hope with sharing these shifts with you is that you’ll be able to take action on all this way faster than I did and reap the benefits.


Before we dive in, I just want to share 1 tip with you…use what you are launching soon to shape your business content.  Doing this makes it easier to put out good quality content and then to actually launch your programs successfully. Megan Yelaney Inc. is going to be re-launching a 6-figure Level-Up Mastermind later this month in November 2019.  It’s for women making about 5k per month and wanting to scale to 10k+ per month. Spots will be filled via private invite first, and then I'll be opening it up. There is also a higher level one that is private invite only – if you want to join either of these, email megan@meganyelaney.com or message me on Instagram @meganyelaney.  This is my strategy – that’s why today I’m focussing on sharing info to help entrepreneurs on their path to scaling to multiple 6-figures…


These mindset shifts will help you make more money without actually trying to make money – go figure:



1. Staying in my lane and keeping my blinders on


I stopped looking at everyone else and comparing myself to what they were doing (coaches in my industry doing similar things), I stopped scrolling on Instagram and tapping through their stories.  I muted anything I needed to. I only went on Instagram intentionally to engage with my audience. I put my head down and I stayed focused. I didn't need to know what the ‘hot gossip’ was.  


This is the year I worked the least amount of hours (no 12 hour days for me!).  The reason I could do this is because I did stay in my lane and I kept my blinders on – that’s the secret to getting a lot done in a shorter amount of time.


I really want you to consider how much time you spend each day consuming other people’s content.  Actually track it. But don't judge yourself – you can easily make a change to this. Call yourself out, objectively!  I promise you, you have the time! You’re just spending it elsewhere. You can scroll or tap through stories (don’t stop watching mine! lol), but only do this AFTER you’ve done what YOU need to do.


If you have time to scroll other people’s stuff, you have the time to build your business, you’re just not using it wisely.


When you create before you consume, you’ll create much more authentic content.  You are inherently creative, you just have to give yourself the chance. Personally, the more I consume, the more my creativity is halted and uninspired. 


This year, I stayed in my lane so much so that I came to be known as an expert in certain areas and I felt so confident in these areas because I truly was an expert in them.  Spend time honing in on your passions and skills that make you different from everyone else. Do things because you love them and because you’re ready, not because of the money.  When you do this, the money will also flow in. But you MUST act from passion FIRST, stay in your lane, and keep your blinders on.


While my goal was to scale to 6-figures, we ended up making a lot more.  We went from making 17k in our first month this year to having our first 100k month in August, an 80k+ month in September, and we’re set to have 80k+ months in November and December too.  Reaching this level seemed so far away when we started with these goals in January. What got me here was consistency. I couldn't just take my blinders off when I felt like it here and there.  I had to commit to consistency to experience success.


2. Unattaching to the outcome, but believing it can happen


This is so important and something I really have to credit my coach for – Sabrina Phillip!  I joined her mastermind in January and re-signed in July for a whole year. She’s been such a huge support system and guiding light for me this year!


Unattaching to the outcome doesn’t mean you don’t set goals – I always set launch goals; how many people we want, how much money we want to make, etc.  You have to set parameters to have something to work towards. But I believe goals are meant to stretch you, not to be reached.  If you’re really setting the right goals, you’re gonna fall a tiny bit short.  I was super surprised when we actually met some of our goals this year. But there were ones that we didn't quite hit, and I was like “cool, that was the right goal because it stretched me”.  


It can feel disheartening and disappointing when you don’t reach your goals if you are attached to the outcome.  But, we are not failures or ‘less than’ if we don't hit those goals. Just because you make more money, does NOT mean you are a better human being.  As entrepreneurs, we can start to put people who make a lot of money and have all the accolades on a pedestal that makes us feel like we’re not as good as them as a human.  Try to use other people only to inspire you toward your business goals, not as your reference point for how a good a human you are.


What helped me with my success this year was that I set these big ‘stretch’ goals.  And I believed I could do it. I didn't care if it happened or not, because, at the end of the day, I know what actually matters in my life.


When you do the work (like, DO the work!), you can unattach from the outcome, because you did everything you could.  You can only control what you can control, the rest; you’ve gotta let go. In doing this, my energy was higher and I have been so much happier.  When you do what you do because you love it, people can feel that and then they want to be around you and work with you. Likewise, when you’re just attached to the money or the outcome, people can feel that too and that’s not a great feeling when you’re just another number.


There were a couple of ways that I really started to believe that I could do what I wanted…

  • The first was to look for evidence.  Is it possible, because other people have done it?  Look for people who have already done what you want to do (only after you’ve done your work ;)) – mentors, people you look up to, others who are crushing it in your field.  Look at them and recognize that if they did it, so can you! Then don’t be lazy; go out there and get help and coaching and take courses and make it happen. Which leads me into…

  • Go and get the skills.  You don't have to have all the certifications in the world, but you need to actually feel confident with your skillset.


If you think there are too many people doing what you want to, look at it in a way that if there are THAT many people doing it, there’s obviously a need for it.  Stop looking at it as a competition. Look at it like you want to be a part of this group of people crushing it. And then be your idiosyncratic self to help you stand out in a seemingly saturated market.  More people are going to be doing the things you want to as time goes on – it’s only going to get bigger and better, so get in the game now!


Daily personal development is another game-changer.  Listen to audiobooks, podcasts, read books, etc. I actually have a blog on my top book recommendations.  Also, in my shop & freebies section of my website, you can find great personal development resources.  When I was doing network marketing, this was part of something they called ‘vital behaviors’ (along with relationship building).  I know that if I don’t invest at least 5 minutes a day to do something like this, then I feel off for the rest of the day.  


I started making personal development part of my daily routine in 2011.  You have to do it daily to feel the full effect. It’s like The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy (this book stands the test of time) – I go back to these principles A LOT.  The premise is that daily small actions compound and all of a sudden you reach your goals. This is the ‘secret’ to succeeding – it’s not because people get lucky, it’s because they put in the work, time and time and time again.  It’s the seemingly insignificant things every single day that add up. It’s just like trying to reach health and fitness goals. YOU HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT to see changes. Same for your mindset, it’s just harder to see and measure.


If you want to believe something can happen, start doing personal development and make it a priority.  Personal development doesn't always have to be business-related. I consider personal development anything you get something out of.  It doesn't have to FEEL like development. Take my Harry Potter obsession for example. I read these books 10 years ago, and then again this year, and WOAH, it was so different.  It was like looking through a different lens. It was fun but I also got so much from it. Reading can actually make you a better writer too!  


3. Focussing on what really matters/showing up passionate about the work and not just being in it for the money*


*I’m not the most creative with titles sometimes, and I just like to tell it like it is, and that’s how it is ^^…


When I started to focus on what actually mattered in my life, I began showing up more passionately about what I was working on.  I never worked on stuff just because I thought it would make me money. I've done this in the past and it doesn't work (this is honestly why I fell out of love with network marketing).  Now, I can fully say I wake up excited every single day (even though some days I just need a PJs and Netflix kinda day – we all do sometimes). We are entrepreneurs because we want to love our work.  And when we love our work, we can help our clients more – it creates such a ripple effect which is why I love coaching other coaches. When I show up, they show up for their people, and their clients show up for their friends and families.


When you show up passionately and truly only do the things you want to e.g. work with the clients who you like and believe in their mission etc., it is irresistible to show up for them.  People feel this and it’s infectious, so they want to work with you. I’ve had more inquiries about my 1:1 coaching this year than ever before, and I haven’t once told anyone I’m taking clients, in fact, I haven't been able to take any new clients in the last 6 months because I have an incredible core group of people who I'm holding onto and whom I love and vice versa.


Being an entrepreneur is hard for sure, but you are actually getting to do what you love to do!


If I don't hit a launch goal, I am still happy and healthy and so is my family.  Despite my work and my goals, I make sure to do things that bring me joy – reading fantasy, going for walks (I love being outside), exercise, singing, spending time with close friends and family, traveling, binge-watching really good Netflix, trying new food, just to name a few.  Creating experiences with the people I love matters way more than any amount of money. Let’s not wait until shit hits the fan to appreciate everything and everyone else we have outside of our business. Have a think about what makes you, you aside from your business.


If I, a pretty awkward human, can do it, you can do it too.  You’ve just gotta be consistent, trust in the compound effect and give it time.  Building an impactful business (empire) takes time, work and passion. Enjoy the process.  It's the journey to reaching the goal that's the fun part – don’t forget this!


Check out The Pretty Awkward Entrepreneur Podcast to hear me talk through this and share a few more tidbits of advice and experience…it’s episode 21!  Screenshot if you listen and share it on social – and @stevielwright_


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Tell me about you! Do you struggle with social media marketing to attract clients for your online business? Which of these tips will you implement?

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