Growing an Online Coaching Empire to Multiple Six Figures with Isabella Silverio

Ever just stare up at the sky or look at something grandiose, that just feels so large and beyond us!?  Something that really puts things into perspective…Isabella Silverio is totally this person. She sees the world for the magical place that it is and takes time to gaze in awe and check in…it makes the things we worry about just seem SO small and insignificant.  Hakuna Matata!


Oh, Isabella!…I could write an entire post on just how much I love her!  We met just over a year ago, but feel like we’ve known each other our whole lives.  Isabella likes to say that if we were a baby, we would be 13 months old, just starting to grow a tooth (kinda weird, kinda cute)…


We met at a conference where I was head coaching and she was one of the students.  After this, she just kept showing up in all our slack calls and I was like, “Woah, this girl is great!” and just like that, we quickly grew our friendship outside of this environment.  I am always so enamored by here creativity, attitude, hard work and showing up. It’s insane to have witnessed all of her growth in the past 13 months! She seriously knows what she’s doing – I respect her integrity SO much…it’s one of the reasons why we became so close.  Neither of us are into ANY BS – we tell it how it is and we’re in it for WAY more than the money. We’ve both cried to each other MANY times and I can't imagine running my business and life without her by my side! She actually introduced me to my mentor and we’ve been in the same mastermind since January, which is EPIC!!!


Anyway, let’s talk a little about her past and how she GREW HER ONLINE COACHING EMPIRE TO MULTIPLE 6 FIGURES!!!


Isabella talks about herself as being one of those kids who never fit into a box growing up.  She truly believed she would never get a 9-5 job (and she never did – we both have this in common actually, which is super rare!).  Ever since she discovered the concept of money, she knew she wanted to make a lot of it! She comes from a family of immigrants where there was no room for anything other than working hard and hoping for the best…this also came with the story (that she describes as baggage) that education is the ticket out of any and all adversity.  And this made opening up to her mom about going full time in her own business really, really daunting.


Isabella began in start-up consulting at 18/19 years young.  By the time she was 21, she’d had many bad experiences with her ideas and concepts not being received well.  And what this came down to was that she didn't resonate with her clientele and vice versa. In these first years of Isabella’s working journey, she learned so much about social media and marketing, specifically, how people buy and sell online.  This was a HUGE leg-up for when she decided to open up her own consulting firm – the first female-focused consulting in the area might I add, called Guava Empowerment LLC – the company she still operates under. And for a long time, she lied to her mom about the success of her business because she was scared of how it would be received.  She needed her mom to believe she was working hard and getting good grades (which was true…oh yeah – I forgot to mention she started this WHILE she was at college. Yes, girl!). It was actually when she walked her graduation, that she had just had her first 15k month running the Guava Boss Mastermind. So, while her Mom and family came up for graduation, she had to confess that she wasn't going to continue on to do her masters in business.  She was literally already doing what she was attempting to go to school for, so it just didn't make sense and at the end of the day, she knew that she would MAKE IT anyway. This was 1 year ago. 1 year on, she’s in the same house, same lovely boyfriend, same worried mom and the Guava Girls are still around. Some might see this all as quite the blessing, but it's also something she decided a long time ago that she would always have.  DECIDED.  We’ll come back to this…


For now, it’s important to know that while this seems like an overnight success (in a year), it wasn't exactly; she had already done all of the leg work (even if she wasn’t putting herself out there on social media trying to get clients).  When she really started, she was on her own for 3 months and managed to land herself clients.  This goes to show you don’t necessarily NEED a mentor to get clients, just like you don’t NEED a website to get clients.  But here’s the thing; if you’re not already getting clients without a website, having one won't really change that. 


Building an empire takes time, but it can also catapult pretty fast.  In Isabella’s case, she went from making $17k in her first year, $177 in her second year (last year), to a whopping $750k this year (she’s trying for 777 to keep up with her Angel numbers…I believe in you!!!).  The propeller of her success is that she was HUNGRY. Truly hungry. Literally knocking on people’s doors and showing them how she could take their online presence to the next level…Hunger was always there for Isabella and she didn’t have any attachment to pride, which meant being let down or rejected never halted her progress.  She was and IS fierce!


As someone who was coaching Isabella and is now just (well, not just) her biz bestie, it is so incredible and inspiring to see her progress.  I asked her what were some of the shifts she had to make in the last year that helped move her toward being a future millionaire…


  • Deciding that success was for her – even when a 9-5 job was still a seed in her mind, there was no doubt that that job would be a really successful, well-paying job at a shmancy startup as Lead Marketer, with stock in the company.

  • Developing leadership qualities.  The spirit of entrepreneurship is so much more than the constant hustle.  You have to be a people person. Mark Zuckerberg is an awkward person, so he has people lead his team, otherwise, he wouldn't have so much success.  Isabella considers herself as a leader from the front because she likes to dive into things really quickly. BUT she also makes sure that she has a leader from the back (think of a pack of wolves); her OBM.  Having people skills and not being afraid to be straight forward when you’re outsourcing or hiring is KEY.

  • Holding high expectations of others she brings into her business.  Nearly everyone she hired, she almost fired within the first week.  “Sometimes you have to scare a bitch to straighten them up” (haha, I love this!).  Because this women-in-entrepreneurship space has such strong feminine energy, we can forget that sometimes we have to hold a hard line with our teams and clients.  Isabella isn’t afraid to potentially hurt feelings, because at the end of the day, we’re talking about business…and in business, boundaries are everything. Speaking about that…

  • Setting boundaries (she broke this one down a little further for us).  Boundaries are what most of her entrepreneur friends come to her for advice on.  Here’s what she says you’ve gotta do:

    • Remove your feelings (sounds harsh, but so necessary).

    • Establish a hierarchy of important people in your life.  For her it’s her (duh!) → loved ones → clients (people who pay to bother her) → everyone else.  There is actually a way to train your audience, like showing up on social media and telling people about your boundaries – you’ll be celebrated for it.  People LOVE boundaries. 

    • Set external boundaries (like dealing with other people) and internal boundaries (like checking your stripe account when you’re on the toilet, showering, or in church to see what $$ has come through).  Be good at catching yourself and noticing when you’re really internally attached to outcomes that will always be successful anyway.  

    • No people-pleasing.  There's no reason to be negatively overwhelmed by people.  You only want to be positively overwhelmed (I love this). You can’t grow your business if you’re trying to people-please.  People-pleasing is rooted super deep for a lot of people. But you’ll actually be respected a whole lot more when you set boundaries because this teaches them how to set boundaries too!

    • People-pleasing solution: be CERTAIN in your decisions.  For example, if a friend you’re not super connected with anymore wants to go out to dinner with you, just be very certain about what’s best for everyone long-term.  Saying ‘no’ will justify the potential of hurting someone, or disappointing them, or making them mad in the short term. For me, when I turned 30, I had this big shift – like; if I’m hanging out and spending time with you, it's because I really REALLY like you.  Life is too short to be using up my time in situations that aren't serving me. I know it may sound selfish, but you gotta take care of yourself and look after number 1. I’m so in awe of isabella having learned this at her super young age of 23!!! Her dad died when she was 19 and the second he passed over, it all hit her – a wave of black and white; what's important and what's just simply NOT.  What this revealed to her about what was important, were her passions and people she loves, and what's not is the thoughts and opinions of other people, things that don't serve her and wasting time.  Within the first 6 months after her dad died, she made some massive life changes that really reflected this new position and view of herself and her life.

    • The last thing she said, was having me…bless!  As well as all of her amazing, inspiring friends in this entrepreneurial space – girl power!  I love this and agree with it wholeheartedly. I think having a mentor is so, so, so important, but having a circle of entrepreneur friends is so important too…find yourself an incredible community!  Which leads us into…


How to have an abundant mindset AND have collaboration over competition


It’s tricky to find the balance between being supportive and not always trying to ‘one-up’ your gal pals.  Isabella says we need to identify the green-eyed monster when it comes up, even though it's not who she really is (she truly believes she can have it all herself, so what others ‘have’ is cool too).  Abundance is everywhere. But you have to CHOOSE to feel it. The sooner that you start to heal and reframe the scarcity mindset, everything else will fall into place. She did admit that she was a little jealous in the earlier stages of her business when people would choose other programs over hers.  But this was because she felt like she was in a place where her business could fall through the cracks at any moment.  


An actual fact, this feeling is constant in a way…like anything could happen at any time.  For Isabella, it’s when she’s heading away on lush vacations, etc. that the little voice pops up…like it’s so good; could it all be taken away!?  BUT, there is NO evidence to support this, so why is she looking for it? Some days you’ll care more or less, but ultimately, the clients you’re MEANT to have, will choose to work with you.  And then it’ll be a fun ride ALL the time. This business shouldn't be so emotionally taxing…let’s not make it that way.


Think about this: we start online businesses literally out of thin air (which is kinda crazy!).  So, you can always start again. I started 2 new businesses from scratch within 3 years. It does definitely hurt your ego, but if you treat it as a new adventure and suck it up (buttercup!), so much amazingness will happen!  We both definitely believe that if this was all taken away today, we can totally rebuild, 100%! We know there’s plenty of love to go around, so we don’t compete – it’s natural for moments like this to come up, we just have to be honest about it.  


Although there are people out there 10 years younger than me just crushing it, and a part of me wishes I was onto it like them at that age, my age allows me to have a sense of wisdom that they don’t have and now I just DON'T. TAKE. BULLSHIT!  Oh, and the gossip scene…yeah, I’m so far out of that loop sometimes and it’s quite a blessing.


We have to remember that entrepreneurship IS personal.  It’s not just business (especially with women). We are so prone to gossip; it can be hard to avoid.  Imagine stabbing a pillow outdoors and seeing all the feathers fly away and then be told you have to go and collect every single last one of them…that’s impossible, right?  But that’s what happens with gossip. Be careful how and who you confide in – keep this to a few people whom you trust.


So…you might be wondering; where can I find Isabella?  Well, you can find her on Instagram or check out her website


AND if you want to listen to Isabella and I get chatty on all this jump on over to The Pretty Awkward Entrepreneur Podcast (episode 15).  If you love listening, screenshot and share it on social – let me know what your favorite part was. Tag @meganyelany & @prettyawkwardentrepreneur.

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with social media marketing to attract clients for your online business? Which of these tips will you implement?

Megan Yelaney | Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney


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