6 Ways to Stop Self Sabotaging & Take off in Your Business

Success = Strategy + MINDSET.  Read that again. Especially the MINDSET part. 


Why are my entrepreneur girls at struggling to get their business off the ground!?  Well…you're probably stuck focusing SOLELY on the strategy (which is great – but won't get you 100% of the way).


Want to get out of your slumps and lows quicker and actually reach those highs you dream of?


I recently talked with Angela Naumann: entrepreneurial life coach for women (which is basically 99.9% of my audience!!).  She helps women who are stuck to crack their unique code to consistently hit revenue goals all while doing what they're passionate about.


Angela's story is not dissimilar to mine! In fact, like many of us, it's our personal struggles and the journey through (not around!) that ends up being the inspiration behind our work…that ends up being our WHY. 


For the better part of 25 years, she was in and out of the network marketing business, with little ventures  of her own she tried to get off the ground too. But nothing seemed to be coming together the way she wanted it to – sound familiar!?


Have you ever been surrounded by women who are all younger than you, earning THOUSANDS per month, doing what you wanted to do?  Same education and same drive…but something sets you apart? It's the MINDSET! They approach things differently. Being afraid of discomfort and avoiding that feeling of overwhelm is not really going to work when you're starting a business.  They're just other ways we self-sabotage. Learning to be comfortable with discomfort and work through those overwhelming feelings instead of letting them stop you in your tracks is they key! 


Angela identified all of this and knew she wanted to be happy and enjoy what she was doing, but didn't know what that looked like.  And that's around the time things kind of hit a crossroads for her. She won a work trip that she ‘earned' out of desperation for change.  On the outside, this looked like success, but after the trip of a lifetime, she went back to self-sabotaging. Why? Because she didn't like all of the things she had to do to earn it (looking back, this was Angela's #prettyawkward moment in her business journey that actually ended up helping her find her true calling).If you don’t enjoy your work at $800, you won’t enjoy your work at $8,000 – you'll be unhappy either way!”…and with this realization, Angela hired herself life coach – game changer! 


Very quickly, Angela's favorite time of the week became the time she met with her life coach, focusing on personal growth, talking about personal growth and sharing with others to help them grow.  It's no wonder that the power of life coaching shifted something in Angela and made her want to help people in the same way. So, she went through life coach school, hired a business coach and kept evolving and that's how she got to where she is now; serving female entrepreneurs who are struggling & feeling stuck and helping to shift their mindset.  It's all about moving toward things that energize us and give us purpose rather than moving away from the things that you don't want.


Angela shared with me 6 ways people are sabotaging their businesses and holding themselves back from reaching their goals:


  1. Busy work – the number 1 way clients self-sabotage is by doing ‘busy' work, or ‘working in their heads', just thinking about their business but not actually DOING the actions that will help build it.  Busy work is where people are operating in passive action; consuming.  Consuming personal growth material, learning, watching how others do it etc.  This is still important, but just like a plant, it won't matter how much sunlight it gets, without someone watering it, it won't grow!  What people need to shift into is MASSIVE action.  Massive action doesn't necessarily have to be huge, it just needs to be ACTION.  This is the ‘fall on your face in front of people' action – creating connections, videos, podcasts, e-books, online courses, group coaching, client meetings, blog posts etc – creating the product that actually GETS YOU RESULTS.  Young business entrepreneurs these days can feel scared and so slide back into the easy, passive, personal growth space and move away from actually implementing anything. YOU HAVE TO PUT IN ACTION TO BACK THE STRATEGY.


  1. Perfectionism (something Angela really struggled with) – when you're trying to be perfect at what you do, it's out of fear.  The fear of not being accepted or being worthy. But all this operating in negative energy means nothing ever gets done…because it's not perfect.  NO ONE and nothing is perfect anyway, so what are we really striving for!? We want quality, but sometimes it's okay if it's not an ‘A'.  As long as your content is good and it's positively impacting people, that's what matters.  B- work can change lives too! Don't let fear slow you down and stop putting yourself out there!


  1. Low confidence – this is one of the first things to dive into with a life coach.  Understanding what the emotions you are feeling truly are and where they come from is so important to begin tackling limiting beliefs!  Challenge your thoughts and talk to yourself (kindly); be conscious about changing your patterns and choosing how you think…in short, become a MIND MANAGER.


  1. Not comfortable being uncomfortable – like a child learning to walk…we need to NOT freak out about falling or not taking enough steps.  A child's instinct is to keep trying…to keep going. Take steps with uncertainty and then learn to do better next time.  This is the fastest way to move out of discomfort. It's really just about growth! What's the worst thing that could happen if you ‘fail'?…it's the feelings.  If you are willing to FEEL, then you'll be able to move past the discomfort and failing just won't seem so scary! The difference between those who have high cash months and sign high ticket clients, and those who don't, is all in the mindset; knowing that for each low, there's going to be a bigger high.  Are you looking at your life in terms of abundance or scarcity?


  1. Believing the lies we tell ourselves – we lie to ourselves all the time…ALL. THE. TIME.  We don't even realize sometimes because they're stories we've been telling ourselves for so long.  Angela had this one belief that she didn't finish anything. She'd start but never finish. But this just simply wasn't true.  Her brain had focussed solely on all the things that she'd never finished (which were actually very few), rather than all of the things she HAD finished.  We just need to give our brains some support to focus on the wins and start telling ourselves new, helpful stories. Be prepared to challenge yourself to identify the lies that are holding you back (this can be where a coach is helpful).  And start NOW. Invest NOW. Stop waiting for the right time or the right circumstances. Make the change. DECIDE. If you this is something you struggle with, make a list of 10 things TODAY that you have started and finished – the list can be one of them – and watch your mindset shift.


  1. Being easily distracted – like Angela, for many of us, it's the PHONE.  Turn OFF notifications on all devices! Set a timer.  Use airplane mode. Work in 90min blocks and maybe move your body every 45mins.  Really ask yourself what's distracting you and keeping you from doing your work…what's making you ‘busy'?  Have a list of massive, must-do actions and get those done first in your week and then at the end of your week you can do the more passive ‘that'd be nice' actions.  We need to remove constant external stimulation to actually get things DONE. When we sabotage like this, we are really just trying to escape. Try to be more present and schedule your non-work time intentionally.  Also, having something to look forward to can make you so much more productive (is it any wonder that my biggest cash month to date came just before my ITALY trip!?).


You can stop forcing things and struggling every day!  You can flip the script on self sabotaging behavior. The lows are just as much a part of this journey as the highs!  It's all about the MINDSET…and that is something YOU can take control of!


You can find Angela on Instagram @angela_naumann and also check out her free mindset cheatsheet

If you want to hear my full conversation with Angela about these 6 self sabotaging behaviors, check out The Pretty Awkward Entrepreneur Podcast…it’s episode 11!  Screenshot that you're listening and share it on social – let me know what your favorite part was and tag me @meganyelany & @prettyawkwardentrepreneur.

Megan Yelaney | Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney

Email: megan@meganyelaney.com

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