Top 3 Mistakes Online Coaches Make When Trying to Sign Clients

Stop Making These 3 Mistakes When Trying to Sign Clients

Alright, let me just set the scene…


I've been in Marina del Rey, California for 1 week, then I'm in Vegas for 10 days and then… off to ITALY for another 10 days with my husband.  I am so blessed to have this life, and I do not take it for granted, one bit. The reason I can live this way (and splurge on business class if I feel like it) is because I have worked HARD and SMART and I have learned from experience what works and what doesn't when it comes to business and signing clients.


A big business shift occurred for me this year: I moved more into EASE (with some help from the amazing Sabrina; my mentor.  Everyone needs a Sabrina!). I learned to detach…still going for my goals, but also learning to let go of HOW my goals might look or what the journey looks like getting ‘there'.  I've really come to realise what truly matters at the end of the day…and it's NOT ‘stuff' and all those material things. My number 1 focus has been my marriage and family. I asked myself: if money wasn't a thing…what would I care about? – it's funny how easy that is to answer.  And there's also a beautiful irony that exists when we start living this way; it usually results in a significant increase in income! WIN-WIN-WIN!


Money often trips a lot of us up!  “Money is the root of all evil”, “money doesn't grow on trees!”, “money is hard to come by”…is this how you want to feel about money?  I sure don't!!! What is your ‘MONEY MINDSET'? And why is it this way? Think about where your beliefs come from (past events, history, parents, upbringing, etc.).  What are the money-stories that are going to shape your legacy? If these stories aren't having a positive impact on your life…let's CHANGE THEM! You can make a choice to create a new legacy for your future…I know it can be scary – that's why I am here to help you!


So, without any further ado, here they are…




1. Not having a strategy/launch plan

When I started in network marketing, I just expected people to swarm into my DMs (I launched on social).  How naïve! But what a great learning curve! You have to ‘warm the audience up' and build trust first and foremost.  No one will invest in what you have to offer if they don't trust you.  They'll probably consume your content for quite a while, getting to know you and what you can do for them before they believe you can really help them – think about this when you start putting information out there!  Relationships need to be carefully nurtured, so have a plan, understand who you are talking to, take time to build relationships and provide a ton of free value that will help your ideal client…this is how you begin to attract the people you'll end up signing!


2. Only speaking to the ‘stuff', not the transformational experience

Don't get me wrong; stuff is awesome, but it doesn't tell anyone what the end result will be…what they will get from working with you.  The stuff is important info, but it's not what attracts people. You need to tell or show them what will their life and/or business will look like if they work with you!  How can you help them change their legacy!? Vision with them! Especially with women…women love to see the bright future. All people are emotional beings and therefore need to be connected with in that way.  Empathize! People need to understand the story – what does their life look like before, during and after working with you? Tell them about this transformation, not just the stuff!


3. Trying to do it alone

2 minds are better than 1, and 10 are better than 2!  If you try to do this alone, you are likely to get overwhelmed, discouraged and lazy…and honestly, that's what happened to me. I consumed tons of free value…and I did do a lot on my own.  But then I realized that if I was to be consistent and successful sooner than in 10 years time, I needed help. I bought into coaches, groups, courses, experiences and really invested in myself to discover what to do and what not to do going forward.  Seeking and accepting this help is why I'm so passionate about helping you overcome these mistakes!


Remember, as a coach, your client's transformation goes so far beyond them, onto people who they impact.  It's a ripple effect and that is so fricking powerful! What YOU do is so fricking powerful!



And maybe think about asking yourself; if money wasn't a factor, where would you be putting your energy?  What really MATTERS to you?  Maybe you're ready to start putting more energy into these things and watch as the positive ripples begin to reach and build your business!


If you have any questions about how I can help you, or these 3 mistakes, you can always DM me on Instagram!  And if you want to hear my full ‘download' on these 3 mistakes, check out The Pretty Awkward Entrepreneur PodcastScreenshot that you're listening and share it on social – let me know what your favorite part was. Tag @meganyelany & @prettyawkwardentrepreneur.


What are you going to do to overcome these mistakes?!

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with social media marketing to attract clients for your online business? Which of these tips will you implement?

Megan Yelaney | Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney


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