How to Sign Clients Online Through Social Media Marketing

Building an online business has honestly been one of the most rewarding, challenging, and fun parts of my life over the last few years.  I’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing mentors guiding me along the way and have learned SO much about what TO do and what NOT to do when using social media marketing to attract and sign clients online.  In this blog post I’m going to share with you three main strategies that have helped me fill my private client roster and scale my online business to multiple six figures all using social media marketing strategies. 

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How to Sign Clients Online Through Social Media Marketing Tip #1: Niche Down Through Niche Marketing and Market Research

CASE STUDY: My client Avery went from making $2K/month in her business to $10K+ consistent months in 5 months because she niched down.  (Yes, I just made that a verb)


You’ve heard it time and time again, “niching down is important.” “If you try to speak to everyone, you end up speaking to no one.”


It might sound annoying to you, but it’s TRUE.  So if you are annoyed that you just heard that it might be because you know deep down, you’re not doing it.


WHO are you trying to help? I’m going to ask you a few questions that I want you to write down and answer either now or later on when you have more time and share with me in the FB Group



Think about 3-5 of your favorite clients.  If you haven’t had clients before, no problem.  Just think about 3-5 people that you’ve enjoyed helping. Then, in a notebook or separate document, answer the following 8 questions for each person on your list. 


1. What qualities or characteristics do you appreciate about this person most? In other words, what makes them a dream client? 


2. What desire did they have? What goal were they working toward? 


3. What were they not willing to tolerate in order to accomplish this goal? Did they have any non-negotiables? 


4. Describe their pre-coaching status. What was life like before working with you? 


5. What obstacles did they face (internally and externally)? 


6. What results did you help them achieve? 


The second step to getting more clear on WHO you’re going to help, is to go out and interview these types of people.  Ask them what they struggle with, what their goals are, what their obstacles have been when trying to reach those goals, and what they’re not willing to give up when trying to reach those goals.  


Literally ask them the questions you just answered yourself.  THAT info is GOLDEN, because then you’re getting IN THEIR WORDS what they want, need, and would pay for.  You’re essentially getting your content for your posts, sales pages, and stories. 


Client Attraction University:

In Client Attraction University, we dive DEEP into both of these concepts (Ideal Client Clarity and Market Research) in Modules 1 and 2.  You’ll leave with such a clear ideal client description and I help statement for your bio and have solid questions to ask your specific ideal client.  The info you’ll learn and implement in these first two weeks alone will give you the clarity you’ve been searching for for SOOO long to finally attract and sign clients you love working with.

How to Sign Clients Online Through Social Media Marketing Tip #2: Connect With Content Marketing to Convert Your Audience Into Clients

CASE STUDY: My client Kelly went from making $1K/month in her business to having her first $12K month in July because for 1.5 months straight (and now forever!) she focused on switching up her content to truly connect with her audience.  


She stopped just throwing up photoshoot pics with workout tips and started throwing up true transformations with vulnerable stories about her past that she hadn’t shared before (in that way).


Because of this, she ended up signing 5 high ticket clients (over $700/month clients as a fitness coach) and having her first group launch result in a massive success.


CASE STUDY: One of my Mastermind clients, Leah, just last week got 7 applications within 24 hours when she shared her story vulnerably using the StoryBrand exercise we go over in Client Attraction University (in Module 1 so you don’t have to wait) 


90% of the time our ideal client is US before we transformed, so it’s very easy to relate to them when we share the REAL truth, and not just the surface level stuff.  I’m talking about sharing YOUR FEELINGS. Did you feel hopeless, alone, defeated, confused, insecure, etc? Remember, no one buys something just to “lose weight or make money.” 


They buy something for a deeper reason.  ESPECIALLY women. We buy emotionally and justify it logically.  So if you’re not emotionally connecting with your audience on social media and letting them see themselves in YOUR before, you’re doing them and your business a disservice. 


The basic breakdown of this StoryBrand exercise:


  • What was life like BEFORE your transformation (ask them if they’ve ever felt this way before)

  • What did you do to get through it (HINT: that’s your process, step by step system, blueprint, method)

  • What is life like AFTER (Now).


If you’ve followed the steps we went over in Day 1 you’ll have a ton of information FROM your ideal client that you can use to weave into your storybrand (as long as it’s true for you).



Module 4 in Client Attraction University is all about learning how to write content and copy that converts–meaning how to write in a way that makes your ideal client DM you about your coaching or apply.  You’ll learn the different types of posts you should put up, how to repurpose your content so you can be all over without overwhelming yourself, as well as how to schedule it all so you can be an organized content creating machine, and consistently attract clients to you. 

How to Sign Clients Online Through Social Media Marketing Tip #3: 9 Simple Things You MUST Do To Hit Your First $10K Month With Online Coaching

9 Things You MUST Do:


  1. Ideal Client Clarity

  2. Market Research (Reading the Minds)

  3. Offer Creation

  4. Writing Copy That Connects & Converts

  5. Social Media Strategy

  6. Building Relationships

  7. Application Process

  8. Sales Call Mastery

  9. Onboarding & Efficient Systems 


All of these put together will help you create a smooth client attraction system that will help you not online attract and sign clients consistently, but keep them coming back for more! 

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with social media marketing to attract clients for your online business? Which of these tips will you implement?

Megan Yelaney | Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney


PS. Be sure to Click Here To Get My Free Case Study: How I Signed 5 High Ticket Clients In One Week With Zero Paid Advertising.

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