3 Marketing Strategies To Have Your Biggest Month Yet

How was I was able to have a $71K cash month + $141K launch with ease?!?! STRATEGIC LAUNCHING. AND having the right marketing strategies, marketing tactics, and plan in place. In this blog post I’ll share the 3 main marketing strategies I’ve used to make multiple 6 figures with my online business, and how you can do the same. 


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Girl, I GET IT. Cuz I’ve been there (way too many times)


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Click here to register for our Free Masterclass: How to Inject Cash Into Your Business & Have Your Biggest Month Yet.

Marketing Strategy Example #1: Strategic Free Challenges

I love me a good free challenge! 1) Because they build SOO much freakin trust with your audience and 2) Because when done right, they convert like CRAZY. 


In the past I’ve compared a strategic free challenge to a HIIT workout or an Orange Theory Fitness workout (what I’m currently obsessed with).  In those kinds of workouts, they say you burn calories WAYYY after your workout ends. The same is true for a free challenge. Even months after your launch is over post free challenge, your audience is STILL following you closely and still has massive trust with you.  It helps your audience go from following you to really trusting you and seeing you as an authority in FIVE FREAKIN DAYS.


The basic premise of a free challenge, is that for 5 days (or 3 or however many you want, but I never recommend more than 5!), you teach your audience something specific that will lead naturally and nicely into your program launch.  You are CHALLENGING them during this time, giving them homework, lessons, accountability, community, and supercharging their results in five days.  


The key is twofold:

  1. You want to get them quick wins in those five days.  They MUST see some progress in those five days. Now, that “progress,” could literally be CLARITY. That is HUGE progress for business owners.  Obviously you can’t move mountains in five days, but if you can give someone direction and clarity, you’ve secured a LIFER, my friend. 

  2. You want to give them enough to get excited but not the whole pie, leaving them wanting more. (Okay, not sure about that analogy, but you get it!).  It’s sort of like dating, right? You want to give them a sneak peek into how awesome you are, but not give it all out on the first date…make them work for it 🙂 AKA, join your program!


When done right, free challenges can be VERY lucrative.  My last launch (with ZERO sales calls) resulted in a $35K launch.


One of my clients recently had over 100 people join her membership program in 5 days after her free challenge.


Another had a $17K+ launch in ONE WEEK after her free challenge.


Another closed 7 high ticket clients in ONE WEEK after her free challenge.


I could go on for awhile, but you get it 🙂  

This will be strategy one I dive a bit deeper into in the Free Masterclass on July 16th.

Marketing Strategy Example #2: Strategic Free Masterclass/Workshops

You’ll actually be able to see this marketing tactic in action on July 16th, since I’m literally running a free masterclass that day!  (And yes, no secret here, you WILL get first access to my Launch Like a LadyBoss Course if you come LIVE to the Free Masterclass as well as a free gift if you stay till the end!)


A free masterclass is like a free challenge condensed into one JAM PACKED hour. I LOVE them.  Like the free challenge, you’re building SO much trust with your audience, because you’re giving them SO much freakin value in that hour (value you usually would charge for–and yes, you CAN charge for masterclasses as well!).  You should again, teach them something that they can get a quick win from AND that leads naturally into your program and offer.


At the end of your teaching you launch into your program or offer.  Throughout the masterclass you should be sure to have lots of testimonials, and how they achieved their results using your XYZ Method (that you officially open for enrollment at the end of the masterclass).  


On the free masterclass on Tuesday, July 16th, I’ll give you some rock solid tips to have your first successful free masterclass. (It feels like inception saying that–a masterclass within a masterclass!)

Marketing Strategy Example #3: IG Story Mini Trainings

This strategy is honestly so much fun, and SUPER easy.  An IG Story mini Training Series is basically a week long free challenge without the email list opt ins.  You provide a training each day for 5 days (or again, 4 or 3, but no more than 5!), that will naturally prime people for your program launch.


For example, say you’re launching a program that teaches women how to write a resume that will land them the job of their dreams.


Your free IG story mini training can be called: 3 Ways to Rock Your Resume and Land Your Dream Job.


Then for those three days you go over three specific ways they can do this, giving them just enough to have some results, but leaving out the template, main tactic, golden nugget that makes them go, great, I can do this now.  You still want to give TONS of value, but leave the JUICE in the program, so they are ready and willing to invest in your program. 


The key with having a successful IG story mini training series is to repurpose like crazy. You don’t JUST want to rely on your IG story.  


In the Free Masterclass on Tuesday, July 16th, I’ll be going over the steps to implement these 3 strategies!!

Don’t forget to click here to register, and I’ll see ya on the masterclass!!

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with implementing a morning routine for success that works for you? Which of these tips will you implement?

Megan Yelaney | Life + Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney

Email: megan@meganyelaney.com

PS. Be sure to join my Free Masterclass: How to Inject Cash Into Your Business & Have Your Biggest Month Yet. Join here.


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