How I Was Able To Make More Money With Working Less By Following A Morning Routine, Setting Boundaries, Following A Schedule And Taking Off Weekends.

When I first found success in my biz, it was great, but it was what we would call, “STRESSED success.”  I felt like I was working 24/7 and had to be “on” ALL the time. I started to resent my business, and knew something had to change if I was going to scale my business to multi six figures and actually enjoy it. When I started implementing the habits I share in this blog, and started making them just as important and non-negotiable as my client meetings, not only did I find peace again, but my business BOOMED.  I started working from a calmer, more centered place, and started attracting very high vibe clientele because of it. In this blog I’ll share my morning routine hacks that truly set me up for success (non stressed success that is) and how it helped boom my online business to multi six figures in ONE year.

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How I Was Able To Make More Money With Working Less By Following A Morning Routine, Setting Boundaries, Following A Schedule And Taking Off Weekends Tip 1: Make Your Mornings Sacred & Don’t Look at Your Phone Until Your Morning Routine is FINISHED!


No matter what you do for your morning routine–journaling, reading, meditation, yoga, working out, etc, I URGE you to not look at your phone until it is over.  I personally turn my phone on airplane mode and don't check social media or any client messages until after my morning routine, my sacred ME time, is complete. That way I can go into my day and the craziness that sometimes ensues with ease and calmness, knowing I already filled up MY cup.  I am way more centered to deal with any stressors that might come my way and the “little things” no longer stress me out.


I have an entire blog post on “How to Schedule Your Day As an Entrepreneur” that will really help you dive deep into this topic. You can read it here.


I also have an entire morning routine for entrepreneurs blog here that you can use as a template to create yours.


The key with all of this is to make it YOURS. Make it feel good to you, and like something you can stick with day after day.  Just because I meditate, journal, and read in the morning, doesn’t mean that’s what’s going to bring YOU the most joy and set the tone for your day.  Experiment! Keep what works, and toss what doesn’t.


How I Was Able To Make More Money With Working Less By Following A Morning Routine, Setting Boundaries, Following A Schedule And Taking Off Weekends Tip #2: Time Block Your Day!


When I started time blocking, meaning, scheduling every part of my day, even down to “down time”, things flew so much more smoothly.  Schedule in your meetings, family commitments, but then also schedule in your workouts, your morning routine, your walks, your fun time.  Try and stick to this as much as you can, and yes, the first few times you schedule in “fun time”, you will laugh 🙂 But if it's not on the calendar, a lot of the time, it just doesn't get done!


A few things to put in first: NON NEGOTIABLES!


These include:


*Anything kid/family related such as doctor appointments, carpool, lessons, etc

*Work commitments (if you aren’t a full time entrepreneur yet)

*Pre determined meetings with friends/family/work associates (whether with your 9-5 job or your business)


Take out your good ol fashioned pen to paper calendar or use Google Cal (my preference) and schedule these in.


I prefer Google Cal because it syncs up with my phone and appointment scheduler, so if someone schedules an appointment with me, it’s immediately blocked off on my phone.  I use Acuity Scheduler. You can try it out here if you’re needing to schedule appointments with future clients!


Scheduling in your non-negotiables, things you’ve already committed to, and MUST do is key!


Exercise + Meal Prep

Yes, even as an entrepreneur (ESPECIALLY as an entrepreneur!) you MUST schedule in when you’re going to do your workouts/movement and meal prep time! If you get meals delivered, great! That’s one less thing you have to spend time doing 🙂


Morning Routine

I started with that as tip #1 for a reason–it’s THAT important 🙂 So schedule this into your day every day of your work week (or everyday if you’re like me! I don’t even take off weekends–in fact, my weekends are my longest morning routine times and I LOVE it!)


Work Blocks

I heard the term “batch work” years ago, and decided to ignore it…because “I got this, I’m fine working 12-14 hour days, jumping from task to task never REALLY feeling like I’m getting anything productive done.”




Once I realized how POWERFUL batch work could be, I was addicted.  In a nutshell, batch work simply means you have specific days/times that you do certain tasks altogether.


For example…..


On Mondays…

*I write most of my content for the week, which includes my weekly blog (like this one), and my social media posts for the week.


On Tuesdays/Wed/Thursdays…

*I have my life coaching + business coaching client calls as well as any podcast/live video interviews with other people.  


On Fridays…

*I film any videos that I need to for my courses, clients, social media, and take pictures for social media/my website/courses.  


Obviously, every week will bring its challenges, and sometimes this schedule doesn’t pan out perfectly.  But I have to tell you, since implementing this (especially keeping my calls on specific days), I’ve had WAY more focus and have been SO much more productive.  I know that on Tuesday-Thursday my main focus is pouring into my clients, helping them strategize, and have mental breakthroughs with their life + business.

How I Was Able To Make More Money With Working Less By Following A Morning Routine, Setting Boundaries, Following A Schedule And Taking Off Weekends Tip # 3: Set Boundaries With Your Clients


This is something I struggled with for a LONG time when I was a fitness coach.  I would be available at all hours of the day for my clients, and I thought that made me a “good coach.” What I didn't realize was, not only was it interfering with my personal life, but I was doing my clients a DISSERVICE by being available 24/7. I was teaching them to be reliant on me.  Now, with my life and business clients, I set clear boundaries. They know I won't answer until after my morning routine, and they also know after about 7PM EST I'm checked out and with my husband for the night.


I also reserve weekends for optional responding.  You choose what works best for you, but trust your gut.  If you don't want to work weekends, DON'T! And when you set those boundaries at the beginning, you teach your clients how to treat you, and they will abide to it. By doing this I was able to go from charging $500/month to now $3500/month with my private clients, all in less than one year.  When YOU raise your standards, and that includes not being as available, you attract that higher level client.

How I Was Able To Make More Money With Working Less By Following A Morning Routine, Setting Boundaries, Following A Schedule And Taking Off Weekends Tip # 4: Take AT LEAST one full day off (but I recommend two!) a week!


I know a lot of entrepreneurs who love working on the weekends.  If that's you, great! Do it, but be sure to have AT LEAST one full day off where you're not “on” at all.  I sometimes love to work on Saturdays but will take off Sundays and Thursdays. Over the past two months I've taken two full days off a week and my income has never been higher.  Because of the time off, I'm able to rest, rejuvenate, and come back to work SO much more charged and full of energy. Because of that energy, I'm able to operate from a creative place which helps me put out better content, which attracts higher level clients.  I also come up with the best ideas when I'm taking time off. Shut your brain off for two days a week and I promise you'll start to think of the most genius ideas for your business!

How I Was Able To Make More Money With Working Less By Following A Morning Routine, Setting Boundaries, Following A Schedule And Taking Off Weekends Tip #5: Move Your Body 7 days a week.


I‘m not going to suggest you do a hardcore workout class every single day, because that's not feasible for some people or enjoyable!  But make sure you move your body in SOME way, preferably for 30 minutes, every single day. That could include a 30 minute walk. But as entrepreneurs, we spend A LOT of time SITTING at our computers.  And if we sit all day long, without any fresh air or movement, not only is that not great for our health, but its' not great for our creativity, mood, or energy. I have had my best ideas, one being my most recent group coaching program which had over a $30K launch, while on these walks and during some of these workouts.  Without them, I LITERALLY would have missed out on $30,000 plus all the other launches we'll have with this program throughout its lifetime! Again, you will get more creative ideas and be more productive when you take more breaks. I promise you!


I hope these tips helped! They've been game changing to me, and I no longer feel like I'm racing the clock with my business or have “a million” things on my plate all the time.  YOU are the creator of your business, remember that. So be sure to set those boundaries, prioritize YOU time, and take off a few days a week to recharge. Prioritizing your personal well being will only increase your income and impact in the long run.


Tell me about you! Do you struggle with setting boundaries in your biz and find burnout quickly approaching?!  Which of these tips will you implement?

Megan Yelaney | Life + Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney


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