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Instagram stories is hands down the way I convert MOST of my leads into clients.  To be clear, the #1 way I’ve been able to initially generate those leads is through Pinterest and blogging, but the way they really learn to TRUST me (besides through email marketing?) is through watching my Instagram story.  It’s been my main marketing strategy over the last few years, and in the past year I’ve sold three high ticket coaching programs (two in the last week, one for $10,000 and one for $3,000/month for 4 months) through Instagram, specifically in my Instagram direct messages. But it all starts with forming the trust through igstories, which is why I’m gonna start there with this blog. Enjoy, and happy selling on stories 🙂

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How to Sell on Instagram Stories Social Media Marketing Strategy #1: Ask Questions & Conduct Market Research

In the Get More Clients challenge (we’re only on Day 2 as this blog is being published-so hop in now by clicking here to get the goods!) we go IN DEPTH on market research, but I’ll do a quick overview to explain what it is and why it’s so important to sell effectively on instagram stories.


What is Market Research?


Market research is essentially asking the market (your audience, ideal client, and followers) WHAT they want.  You want to learn what their main desires and goals are and what problems they feel like they’re facing in getting to those goals.  What obstacles are stopping them from reaching those goals and experiencing fulfillment? It’s important to not just ASSUME you know what they would tell you.  A lot of online entrepreneurs make this mistake because 99% of the time their ideal client is THEM before they transformed. So we think “Well, duh, I remember what it was like to be 20 lbs heavier, or have no clients, or unsure of what I wanted to do in my life” (inserting a health/fitness, business, and life coaching example here).

But once you’ve transformed, you simply cannot FULLY go back to your pre transformed state of mind.  You will see everything through a different lense no matter how hard you try not to, which is why it’s SOO key to ASK people what they want, need, AND would pay for =)


THIS is the first step in establishing trust in my opinion on Instagram Stories.  Start making some polls actually asking people what their goals are, what they struggle with, and what they’d like to see more of on Instagram to help them (insert whatever you’re assuming their goals are).  


If you want to take it a step further, DM the people who vote on your polls asking them to tell you what made them vote that way so you can gain even more insight into what their goals and struggles are.  In the Get More Clients Challenge I give you specific scripts to use to send these DM’s and more guidance on what kinds of polls to create. Be sure to hop in in order to truly take advantage of this tip.


Once you actually know FOR SURE what your ideal client is telling you they want to see more of and need help with, you can be intentional about creating content that will help them with this specific problem and goal.  Make sure you’re creating this content on the regular and posting something about it DAILY in your IG stories. This shows that you cae and listened to what they told you and went out of your way to answer their cry for help through your igstories and mini trainings.


Quick Note about Selling in the Direct Messages:

I’ll actually be interviewing a few of the clients I signed through direct messages as a bonus video for my Client Attraction University program which launches on Friday, 4/26.  Be sure to click here to learn the details and gain first access.  We are only open for ONE week and won’t launch again till the fall.

How to Sell on Instagram Stories Social Media Marketing Strategy #2: Share Some Flair & Your Personal Life

So you’re doing the market research, and taking the answers you’re getting and sharing valuable content with your ideal client that gives them EXACTLY WHAT THEY ASKED FOR in your research. WOOHOO! Great job, girlfriend—you are rocking it!


But a BIG thing I’ve learned throughout my 6 years in business + 3, 6 figure business building experience (hey, gotta throw the credentials in there sometimes ;), is that people don’t buy INFORMATION or simply STRATEGY.  They buy….




Think about the accounts you FLOCK to daily.  Who’s instagram stories do you NEVER miss? Who’s lives do you put into your calendar? Who’s programs do you always want to invest in?


It’s probably someone you actually LIKE, and not just someone who is smart and skilled in what they do.  While it’s SUPER important to establish yourself as the authority, it’s also equally important for people to LIKE you.  There are A LOT of coaches out there–so having the info just isn’t enough–you have to actually form a connection, a bond, with someone so they are drawn to you, and WANT to work with you.


So what are some unique things that make you, YOU? What TV shows do you love to binge watch? What books do you read? What’re your routines like? What do you like to eat? What’s your family like? What hobbies do you have?  


Share your personal qualities and life interspersed throughout your tips and selling on stories.  Now, how personal you get is 100% up to you. I share A LOT on stories, but certain private matters in my life will always be just that, private.  You are not obligated to share ANYTHING you don’t want to.


My “rule of thumb” is, once I’m through a struggle I’ll share how I got through it (90% of the time!).  Even then, sometimes I won’t, if I feel it’ll violate someone else’s privacy who’s involved.


Make a quick list of all the things that make you YOU right now.


A few of mine:

*Singer/Actress—>i will share singing clips from karaoke occasionally and people love it!
*Aunt Life—>I’m very close to my nieces and nephews and every week when i visit my nephew, I share him on my story

*Morning Routine—>My morning routine is SACRED and I share it almost every single morning on my igstories.

*Books/TV Shows/Movies—>I share screenshots from the book I’m reading at the moment almost everyday as well as what TV show I’m watching pretty often.  THIS has connected me with SO many current clients. I cannot tell you HOW many people connected with me through my love of The Greatest Showman, amazing books, and Gossip Girl. #itstrue

*Fun Activities—->I recently took up rollerblading and so many people loved hearing about that and were inspired to do something FUN as well. I also share my orange theory fitness journey and yoga practice as well.


There are way more, but you can see that I’m connecting with people on a HUMAN level.  What things do we have in common that we can talk about BESIDES client attraction and business? Yes, that stuff is important.  But wouldn’t someone rather hire a coach who has the strategy AND who they can have a cocktail or two with?

That’s my rule of thumb as well (and my current coach, Sabrina’s, also!)—>if I can’t have a cocktail (or mocktail–no alcohol required!) with you and have a good time, we prob won’t be a good fit to work together.  I truly am friends with ALL of my clients, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


This tip, surprisingly, will get you A LOT MORE leads and applications to your coaching. Be a human, but show authority as well.  A good mix will bring you some kick-ass clients <3

How to Sell on Instagram Stories Social Media Marketing Strategy #3: Do Clear Call to Action’s In Your Story

Just before, one of my newer clients DM’d me, “OMG, just posted a call to action and got two more applications.” She has signed five clients in 4 weeks since working with me.  Now, yes, I like to think I have some kick-ass strategy and am a great coach, but TBH–a HUGE reason she’s signing these clients is she’s ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT HER COACHING and doing CLEAR call to action’s in her posts on a regular basis (like a few times a week).


You MUST talk about your coaching regularly.  If you don’t, people simply will not know what you do, nd that you even OFFER a service they can buy.  I see it ALL the time. Coaches complain that they can’t sign clients. I ask, “so when was the last time you posted about your coaching?”  “Well…I think last week sometime? But I sort of just said DM me if you’ve struggled with this.”




Girlfriend, that is NOT gonna cut it.  If you’re asking people to simply “DM you if they’ve struggled” with something, you’re positioning yourself as a FRIEND, and not an AUTHORITY/PROFESSIONAL they can HIRE.  Now, like I said in tip 2, you CAN be friends with your clients (I sure am), but you have to FIRST position yourself as the coach, the person for hire that can help them solve their problems before you become their friend (or at the very least, SIMULTANEOUSLY!).  


Make it REALLY clear…”I help people do XYZ.  I get them THESE RESULTS. I help them overcome THESE PROBLEMS. This is what I DO for a living.  It is a service I provide. People PAY ME FOR THIS SERVICE. They HIRE me. I get them RESULTS.” I know I’m being a little obnoxious laying it out like that, but it HAS to be THAT CLEAR.


If it’s not, they will think you just provide tips and help for free (because there ARE accounts out there that DO just that, which is totally awesome and fine!).  But if you’re wanting to build a successful six figure online coaching business, being an “information account” won’t make you $ unless it’s CLEAR how people can work with you and gain exclusive information/service/answers to their problems/road maps to their goals.  

Again, we dive deeper into all three of these tips in the Get More Clients Challenge.  Join here so you can be the FIRST to know when we launch Client Attraction University to the public on Friday, where you can gain the step by step blueprint to attract and sign ideal clients you LOVE and make this full time online coaching “dream” a REALITY.

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with selling on Instagram stories and marketing strategies for igstories in general? Which of these tips will you implement?

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