Content Creation for Social Media Marketing: How to Write Posts That Converts Into Clients

Writer’s block is a REAL freaking problem for most entrepreneurs at some point in their career. But I’ve realized that it’s VERY self imposed most of the time. “How can I write content and social media posts that resonate SO much with my ideal client? SO much so, that they immediately DM me asking how I can help them further?” That’s the dream, right?!  My friend, I’m here to tell you (from experience!) that CAN and WILL happen if you follow the tips I’m laying out in this blog post. I’ll share with you my top tips for content creation that will actually convert into paying clients, specifically using social media marketing in a way that feels AUTHENTIC. Enjoy <3

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Content Creation for Social Media Marketing Tip #1: Meet Them Where They’re At

One of the main pillars of my Client Attraction University ideal client module is helping my students distinguish between a “perceived problem the client has” and the problem YOU think the client has.  


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Okay, back to the topic at hand 😉 It’s so important to distinguish between these two things because while you might deep down know what your ideal client REALLY needs, they will not pay attention to you if you’re not meeting them where they’re at-and speaking to their current perceived needs.  You could have the BEST freakin coaching program in the world, but no one will buy it if you’re not using the right words and marketing to get them in your program in the first place.


You’ve probably heard it many times…


“Get them in with what they SAY they want. Then give them what you KNOW they need.”


A good example for this is with health and fitness.  Your ideal client SAYS they want to lose 20 lbs so they can feel self love, worthy, and confident again.  You KNOW that while maybe they need to lose some weight for health reasons, to gain confidence, worthiness, and self love, they need mindset work.  But if ALL YOU DO is talk about mindset work and don’t address that yes, you will also help them lose the 20 lbs, your message will fall flat, and they WILL ignore you.  Which would be a freakin shame–since you WILL give them what they need (and probably help them lose the 20 or so pounds).

In Day 2 of the Get More Clients Challenge we go over market research so you can really find out what your ideal clients say they want.  Don’t worry-you will leave that day with SO much more clarity on what to put in your social media posts.

Content Creation for Social Media Marketing Tip #2: Tell a Story

There are many different types of posts you should be using on your social media channels (all of which #shamelessplug we go over in depth in Client Attraction University, launching ong 4/22 ;).


But one of the biggest methods of posting that should be throughout ALL of your posts is STORYTELLING.  People BUY emotionally, and justify it logically.

If you’re not telling a story in almost all of your posts, you’re missing the boat (and leaving a LOT of 💰 on the table!)

✌️Have a good fitness tip/workout? Awesome. Tell it within a personal story of how you overcame a struggle

✌️Have a great sales tactic? Awesome! Tell it through a story of how you first SUCKED at sales!

✌️Want to get more life coaching clients? Perfect. Share what sparked you become a life coach anyway

I used to SUCK at storytelling. Like BIG TIME. And it felt really defeating, and hopeless. I’d follow such a strict formula and try to copy other really great storytellers and it always ended up sounding just like them but in a really bad way.

But then I took some courses, and hired coaches that specifically helped me with this aspect of my biz, and over time, by utilizing these tactics, my storytelling got so much better.

Of course there’s always room for improvement, but I’ve signed clients over and over again from a few rock solid story posts, so….#winning

And honestly? It feels fucking fantastic. To know I can impact and influence someone with a single story in that way (and add 💰 to the bank😎).


Some guidelines:
✔️ Be descriptive
✔️ Take then through a journey-how’d you feel before, during, and after?
✔️ Speak your post OUT LOUD like you’re speaking to a FRIEND. It should flow and make that person feel like you’re just telling them this story
✔️ Add your personality. Don’t stress about having perfect grammar, spelling, etc or being “professional.” Curse if you wanna, use emojis like a boss❤️🙏🏻😎(👈🏻my favorites), and be your authentic self.

You’ll EMOTIONALLY connect with your ideal client and they’ll be way more likely to buy from that place.

📲We dive DEEP into this in Client Attraction University (in Module 3). Again, regstier for the Get More Clients Challenge here so you can be the first to know when we launch on 4/26!

Content Creation for Social Media Marketing Tip #3: Less is More


When I was in networking marketing, they told us we had to post 3-5 times A DAY.  EHEM…WHAT?! Talk about STRESS. Now, MAYBE back then that was sort of necessary. But looking back, I HIGHLY doubt it.  I used to throw up posts (a lot of quotes and memes) willy nilly on Facebook and Instagram because “that’s what I was supposed to do” and who the heck can put out 3-5 QUALITY posts EVERY SINGLE DAY?! Even if you’re full time in your business–AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!


What I realized over time, was that it’s not about the quantity of posts you put out, but the QUALITY.  Now I post about 5 times a week. Sometimes 6, sometimes 4. But I don’t stress about a specific number.  I DO plan out my posts, but even when planning, it’s coming from an inspired and value driven place, so I know I’m NEVER “posting just to post.”




If you have 3 QUALITY posts during the week–THAT’S AWESOME.  


3 quality posts speaking to your ideal client and making a call to action for your coaching and offer is PERFECT.  If it’s from an inspired place, that’s all that matters.

If you’re struggle bussing to write content because you’re experiencing massive writer’s block, check out this blog post I wrote a little while ago. I go in depth on how to overcome writer’s block and write content effortlessly.

Content Creation for Social Media Marketing Tip #4: Make Clear Calls to Action

So you’re writing quality content that’s 1) meeting your ideal client where they’re at 2) telling a story to emotionally connect with them (because that’s when they buy) and 3) only posting when it’s TRULY quality cuz you know sometimes less is more.  




Take a long hard look at your content.  If you’re TRULY doing those three things consistently over time..the only missing link would be that you’re not actually TALKING about your coaching.  You’re not making enough calls to action asking people to apply for your coaching. It happens ALL the time. I’ll talk to my clients and students and they’ll be rockin their content, forming relationships, doing ALL the things, and frustrated that they don’t have any or very little applications.


Well…are you actually talking about the fact that you ARE a coach? That you do this for a living? That you have a service that could help them solve their problem?


They look at me sheepishly….










YOU GOTTA TALK ABOUT YOUR COACHING BOO! And I mean CONSISTENTLY. Like all the freakin time.  I’m not saying EVERY DAY or every post has to be “Sign up for my coaching! Click the link in my bio for coaching! Cach with me!”

But are you saying things like “I do this with my private clients” or sharing testimonials saying “AHH! I freakin LOVE helping my clients overcome XYZ or reach XYZ goals” with screenshots?


I make a point to share a testimonial EVERY SINGLE DAY, even if it’s small.  If you don’t have a lot of clients or even none, share how you’ve helped family/friends/yourself! That COUNTS!


Make a point to actually tell people to apply for your coaching 2-3 times a week in your posts AND 2-3 times a week in your stories.  You are doing them a disservice if you don’t, because you could be that solution they are desperately needing and by being too shy to share it, you’re ROBBING them of having an incredible transformation.

We dive deep into all of this on Day 3 of the Get More Clients Challenge. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS! It’s FREE and I don’t know when I’ll run it again! The last one was 5 months ago in December, 2018, and the next might be even farther away than that.  Join us here so you can start writing content that converts on social media and helps you turn followers into loyal AF clients.

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with writing content that makes your ideal client DM you about your coaching and offers? Which of these tips will you implement?

Megan Yelaney | Life + Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney


PS. Be sure to join my Free Challenge: How to Get More Clients, starting on 4/22! Join here.

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