Lead Generation Strategies: 5 Essential Steps to Sign More Clients

It’s BAAACK! The much anticipated, FREE Get More Clients Challenge, is starting again on 4/22.  In this blog post I’ll share all the details so you know exactly what I’ll be going over in the challenge.  If you’re wanting more lead generation strategies this is the freakin challenge for you. I’ll teach you the 5 essential steps I’ve used to sign five high ticket clients in ONE week that my clients use daily to fill their private coaching rosters month after month. Read on and enjoy =)

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Lead Generation Strategy Essential Step #1: Identify Your Ideal Client

In Day 1 of the Get More Clients challenge we are DIVING RIGHT THE F IN with Identifying WHO your ideal client is. I’ll legit be editing your “I help” statements in the challenge to help you get super clear (so your AUDIENCE can be super clear) about who you help.


The secret sauce to starting your online coaching biz off on the right foot isn’t having an insanely big following or all the engagement on social media.


It’s getting clear on WHO your ideal client is…aka


Your niche!


Let me explain.


When most online coaches start off, they want to cover a hundred and forty topics all at once (life, biz, motivation…basically ALL the things!)…


…which ends up confusing your following + draining your energy and motivation.


So what should you do instead?


“specificity brings opportunity and by going narrow at first, you can more swiftly build your brand out in layers ultimately impacting more people.”


And in today’s world, just throwing up content trying to connect with ANYONE who will  listen, just doesn’t cut it. You have to speak to a specific problem you’re going to solve and goal you’re going to help them reach.


A couple questions to ask yourself,

*What qualities or characteristics do you appreciate about this person most? In other words, what makes them a dream client?

*What desire do they have? What goal are they working toward?


I’ll give you way more questions to ponder in the free challenge, so you can leave Day 1 with WAY more clarity then when you came in.

Lead Generation Strategy Essential Step #2: Market Research



Day 2 is my fav (cuz I nerd out on this shit) because without market research, you are literally just throwing content out there HOPING people will resonate with it.  We all THINK we know our ideal client like the back of our hand, because 99% of the time our ideal client is US before we made our transformation. So I get it. Who knows us better than US, right?!


However, once you have made a transformation, it is IMPOSSIBLE–I repeat–IMPOSSIBLE to fully go back to your fully pre-transformed self.  What I mean is, even if you can think back and remember how you felt and what it was like, you’re looking at it through a different lense.


For example, if you lose 20 lbs, you might look back and realize “Wow, I WISH I just wanted to focus on self love, and mindset, because THAT’S truly what helped me lose the 20 lbs.”  But if you truly were that person, 20 lbs ago…would you have listened to someone who just said “Let’s focus on mindset and self love.”




Maybe not.


Prob not.


That’s why step 2-market research is so key.  Essentially market research is finding out what your ideal client wants and needs (and will pay for), and more importantly, how THEY SAY what they want and need.  I’m going to teach you a few tools you can use to implement market research. You literally get your copy from these tools to move into Day 3 where we will focus on creating a powerful call to action post you can use to pitch your coaching confidently.

Lead Generation Strategy Essential Step #3: How to Write Content That Converts-the Lifeblood To Getting More Clients

We all know copy (posting/content) is SO freakin important.  But do we truly? I didn’t realize HOW crucial this step was. I used to just “post to post,” meaning I threw up a post every single day (sometimes two times a day) because I HAD to post. I HAD to be consistent, right?!  What I didn’t realize was, quality > quantity all day long. Now, I’m not saying you can disappear for months and expect to grow a profitable online coaching biz. But do you have to post every single day, two times a day to make an impact and connect with your ideal client so they’ll apply for your coaching?




In fact, 3-4 QUALITY posts a week will 100% suffice.  


In Day 3 we will go over how to write copy that converts, aka how to write content that makes your ideal client WANT to DM you about your coaching because you SO connected with them.  They literally saw themselves in your post, and felt like you were talking DIRECTLY to them. (The best feeling as a coach EVER by the way).

Get ready–by the end of Day 3 I’ll be editing your call to action posts so you feel super confident when pitching your coaching by Day 4.

Lead Generation Strategy Essential Step #4: Networking Strategies & Building Relationships Through Social Media Marketing

NO ONE IS ABOVE DM’ING. LEMME REPEAT: NO ONE IS ABOVE DM’ing-aka direct messaging. Now, I won’t lie, direct messaging your clients is a key activity you should be doing, but it WILL evolve as your business evolves.


When I started building my biz and switched industries, you BET I was in my DM’s, building QUALITY relationships through QUALITY conversations (again, that damn word quality!) on a consistent basis (like every dang day).  


Now? I don’t usually start the DM conversation to be honest.  But again, it took me awhile to get there and I earned that shit 😉 I posted a LOT of free content (and still do–hence this blog), got in my DM’s, listened to what  my ideal client said they were struggling with, then created content and programs around solving that problem. You gotta pay your dues for a little bit, and forming relationships is one way to skyrocket your biz in an authentic way.

In Day 4 I’ll be giving you scripts to use as a template (stressing the word TEMPLATE here-you MUST make your messages unique to YOU otherwise it WILL come off as in-authentic and spammy, cuz it’ll be well, inauthentic and spammy ;)) so you can DM your most engaged followers and start these quality conversations which will lead to conversations ABOUT your coaching services.

Lead Generation Strategy Essential Step #5: 3 Crucial Mistakes Online Coaches Make When Trying to Sign Clients & Make Money Online

Oh boy–the mistakes, the errors, the fall downs, the embarrassing moments we make as new online business owners.  It’s actually quite comical. We all do it, so do not fret if you have made one of these mistakes. I’m going to go over them IN DETAIL during the free challenge and give you tips on how to avoid them so you can find entrepreneurial success faster.


Lead Generation Mistake #1: Not Having a Sales Strategy or Launch Plan


“Winging it” will only get you so far in business.  Sure you can wing it for awhile, see some success, and think that’s how it can go on forever.  Till you realize it can’t. Having a launch strategy and set plan to help you reach specific and measurable income goals is ESSENTIAL if you want a SUSTAINABLE online business.  Sustainable is the key word in that last sentence. Do you want to build a business that lasts or one that’s just a one hit wonder?


Overcoming this pitfall will help you avoid being a one hit wonder in biz, and basically help you become the Beyonce of online coaching—never going out of style and getting sexier and sexier everyday.


Lead Generation Mistake #2: Sales Strategy Mistake-Only Speaking to the STUFF They Get Instead of the TRANSFORMATION They’ll Experience


People don’t care HOW you get them to their destination–they just wanna get there in the easiest and fastest way.  That’s why you’re doing your client a disservice by OVER-EXPLAINING all the STUFF they get with your program. Focus on the transformation they’ll experience–what’s the result they’ll get from working with you? How will they feel? What will their life be like?  The “stuff” can and should be mentioned, but it’s almost an afterthought. SO many people lead with the “stuff” because it’s comfortable. But if you truly want to see massive entrepreneurial success with your online business you GOTTA GET UNCOMFORTABLE. But don’t worry–I got ya. In Day 5 we’ll go over how to avoid this crucial mistake.


Lead Generation #3: Trying to Do It All Alone


Woof–I can’t even begin to fathom being where I’m at in my biz ($30K+ months CONSISTENTLY) if I didn’t invest in my coaches.  I know for a FACT I wouldn’t be here. I would’ve floundered around and around, trying to soak in, digest, and implement as much FREE info as I could until I was burnt out from trying to do it all myself.  I would’ve given up, HANDS DOWN. No question about it.


My first big investment in my online coaching business was in 2017 when I joined Amanda Bucci’s Flourish & Conquer Accelerator. It was, at the time, the biggest business investment I had ever made, and my life was forever changed because of it.  I’m now a coach for her program and consider Amanda one of my best friends. So besides massive business success, this investment brought me a business opportunity AND a best friend.


Then, I up-leveled and invested in my first 1:1 business coach which was $2,500 a month.  I worked with her for 5 months, then hired another business coach for the remainder of the year. Both were INCREDIBLE, and both helped me double my income in 2018.  


Then in January, 2019, I made the biggest investment to date, by joining Sabrina Philipp’s Bali Mastermind, which was a $20K investment (which I paid in full–YIKES!).  Scariest investment I ever made. And because I made that investment? I made that $$ back + $11K in February. And March? $35K+.


So…were all of these investments worth it? FUCK TO THE YES.


In Day 3 I’ll help you figure out what kind of investment is best for you and how you can up-level with my Client Attraction University program that’s designed to help online coaches attract and sign clients in 10 weeks or less.

Don’t forget about my Get More Clients Free Challenge happening on 4/22! Be sure to register ASAP to get all the gold that’s going on in the group before the challenge even starts so you can start reaching your ideal client and gaining more targeted clients you love working with<3

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with lead generation and attracting (and signing) clients consistently in your online coaching business? Which of these tips will you implement?

Megan Yelaney | Life + Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney

Email: megan@meganyelaney.com

PS. Be sure to join my Free Challenge: How to Get More Clients, starting on 4/22! Join here.


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