My Top Tips To Rock Your Sales Strategy, Sign More Clients, And Increase Your Income & Impact With Your Online Business

How do I sign more clients  and build a profitable online business from sales calls?! What’s your sales strategy? How do you do lead generation? (AKA attract more people to you?!) In a nutshell–how do you sign more clients on the regular?!   This is probably the number one question I get asked when talking about attracting clients, so in this blog post we dive in. I share some of my top sales tips as well as some insights into my Client Attraction University program, where we go DEEP into these sales strategies. Mark my words, you’ll leave that program feeling confident AF on your sales calls and in general when talking about your offer.

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How to Rock Your Sales Strategy & Online Business Tip #1: Follow a Guideline

Even WITH a sales script, I SUCKED my first few times when getting on sales calls. I didn’t sign any clients, WAY over-explained, and got off the phone IMMEDIATELY if they gave me any kind of price objection.


It went sort of like this….


Me: “SOO! This is my program.  It’s great, you should do it. It’ll help you do XYZ. What do you think?”


Them: “Hmmm I’m not sure if I can afford that right now.”


Me: “Okay! No problem, BYE!”



So if you’ve felt like this on your sales calls in the past (or even currently), do not fret. You are not alone. I feel it’s a right of passage we all must face when it comes to sales. We have to get the kinks out and basically SUCK before we can rock them.


Today? I LOVE sales calls. Because I have a step by step system, a script/guideline (I use the word “script” very loosely), and the confidence knowing I am doing everything I can to help that client make the best decision for themselves within that sales conversation.


There are three parts to my sales call process.




The first part of the sales process has to be about dreaming BIG with your potential client.  You’re not talking about you AT ALL here. You’re simply asking them to dream big, and share what they want to accomplish and what they want their life to be like (in relation to the type of coaching they’re applying for with you).


Ex with business coaching: In 6 months, how could you REALLY impress yourself? What would be an ideal situation with your life and business? Where do you want to be? What do you want your life and business to look like? Tell me what that looks like…


Then let them SPEAK! And take COPIOUS notes


This part is THE MOST important part because without visioning with them, you can’t dream big with them or remind them of WHY they’re on this call (especially if price objections come up later on!)




The next step of the sales process is asking them what their current strengths are that you can leverage to help them reach that vision. CONSTANTLY re-state their vision to them (in every part of the process).  The reason I think it’s so key to ask what strengths they have is because most people have self worth objections that mask themselves as price objections.


What i mean by that is, they SAY it’s the price, when really they don’t think THEY’LL show up fully, because they might not have in the past, or dont’ think they have what it takes.  So taking a few minutes to remind them of what they already rock at in the process to getting to their goals, is SUPER important. DON’T SKIP IT!




This part seems obvious, and most sales strategies you follow will have an obstacles part.  They’re talking to you for a reason…something isn’t working. So what are those things? Ask them to describe in detail what’s blocking them from reaching those goals?

In Client Attraction University we dive DEEP into each of these steps plus the start and finish (the closing of the client).  We open to the Waitlist ONLY on April 1st. Be sure to get on the waitlist HERE so you get that email and can snag your spot and start closing your sales like a boss!

How to Rock Your Sales Strategy & Online Business Tip #2: Talk Less & Listen More

A big mistake I made when I started getting on sales calls with potential clients was…WORD VOMITING ALL OVER THEM.


Sorry #notsorry for the TMI visual description. But that’s how nasty it was, LOL.  I would just spit out EVERYTHING my program would give them. It was all ME ME ME ME ME.




Learn from my mistakes.  Your goal is to ask powerful questions and have THEM word vomit to you.  Then your job is to take LOTS of notes. You want them to realize you truly are listening, hearing them, and can help them.  The simple act of intense listening is something most people don’t experience in their day to day life. So you just reiterating their goals, strengths, and obstacles back to them, showing you’ve truly listened to them, make them SO much more likely to sign up with you.  Listening builds trust, and trust is what makes followers convert into clients.


SO as hard as it might be, do yourself a favor and SHUT YA MOUTH =)

How to Rock Your Sales Strategy & Online Business Tip #3: Ask More “WHAT” Questions and Less “WHY”

I’m in the process of getting certified as a co-active life coach with CTI Coach Training. You can learn more about it here. I absolutely LOVE them, and one of the biggest (and simplest) things I’ve learned from CTI that has massively helped my sales strategy and helped me sign more clients online IS….


Asking “WHAT” questions instead of “WHY.”


The reason? “Why” questions, such as “why do you want to lose weight?” or “why do you feel that way” sometimes can elicit a defenseive answer.  People immediately feel like they have to defend their answer. Another reason, is it gets people into their HEADS. They start to “rationalize” their answers and reasons, and don’t speak from the heart or their gut (true feelings and what really motivates them), but from what “sounds logical.”  That’s not what we want. We want people to get HONEST and VULNERABLE, and the only way they’ll do that is if they get OUT of their heads.


Asking “WHAT” makes them answer more from the gut, a more “guttural” response if you will. So asking questions such as, “what makes you feel that way?” or “what’s important about that to you?” makes them answer more truthfully and from the heart, instead of rationalizing things.


WHAT questions are also CLUTCH for price objections =)


Here are a few what questions for you to use in your calls:


*What’s the hardest part?


*What emotions come up when?


*What joy do you get out of that?


*What comes up for you when I say that?


*What I’m seeing in you is (adjectives), what is that?


One of the biggest things CIT has taught me is that good coaches ask really “dumb” questions to really smart people.  The shorter and simpler the question, such as “what do you want?” (without embellishment) the better. For a fun social experiment, start asking your friends and family “what do you want?” in the context of a deeper life conversation and see what comes up for them. Most people will say, “well I’ve never really thought about it…no one has asked me that before.” And then they’ll get into their answer–and it can truly be a deeply therapeutic experience.

How to Rock Your Sales Strategy & Online Business Tip #4: Send a Follow Up Letter AFTER Your First Sales Call

This literally changed THE GAME for me.  The follow up letter. It is GOLD. I started sending this after my first sales call with clients, and my closing ratio went from maybe 50% to 90%.  I signed 5 out of 6 high ticket clients (I’m talking more than $1K/month contracts) in ONE WEEK using this follow up email sales strategy.


Yes, you get the entire letter in Client Attraction University, don’t you worry 😉


In a nutshell you want the letter to be a recap of your sales call:

*Thank Them-for taking the time out of their day to hop on the call with you and for being so vulnerable

*Recap Their Vision

*Recap Their Strengths

*Recap Their Obstacles

*Recap The Prescription You Will Give Them To Overcome Those Obstacles to Reach Their Goals

*Recap Next Steps (either follow up call or getting started call)

*Recap accountability (what they should do in between your first and second call)

*Recap price + structure of coaching so it’s all laid out for them


Again, in CAU you get the template and an example sales email (an exact one I sent out that helped me sign a high ticket client) to work from.  But I’m confident this will help get you started before we begin the program next month!

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with signing clients on sales calls? Which of these tips will you implement?

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PS. Be sure to sign up for the Client Attraction University Waitlist here. We open JUST to the Waitlist on 4/1!


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