How to Overcome Money Mindset Limiting Beliefs So You Can Find Entrepreneurial Success in 2019

I’ve seen it again and again.  Online entrepreneurs and coaches giving up before they have success purely because they don’t believe they can reach the big money goals they set for their businesses or sustain it once they’re there.  A big buzz phrase as of late is something called imposter syndrome, and I have a whole blog dedicated to overcoming imposter syndrome you can read here. But these money blocks or money mindset limiting beliefs can be so paralyzing, that really incredibly smart and gifted coaches never see entrepreneurial success.  I don’t want that for you! So in this blog post I share my top 3 tips to overcome money mindset blocks and find success in 2019 with your biz.

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How to Overcome Money Blocks To Be a Successful Entrepreneur Tip #1: Intentionally Read Money Mindset Books + Listen to Money Mindset Audios/Podcasts

Personal development, or self development (whatever you wanna call it!) in my opinion, is CRITICAL to have any success in your business.  If you’re not growing as a personal, mentally, you cannot grow in your business. It’s just a fact. It won’t happen. And the sooner I realized that and embraced it, the faster my business grew and the happier of a human I was in general.


There are SOO many books I’d recommend in general to improve your mindset and life, and you can find a ton of them on my website here, but in this section I wanna list out  a few that are specifically geared towards improving your money mindset so you can find entrepreneurial success and scale past six figures!


Money Mindset Book Recommendation #1: “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe” by Kathrin Zenkina


You can get it here.


This book is AMAZING because it’s more of a workbook than a novel.  Each chapter comes with an activity for you to do in order to manifest more money into your life.  It’s very “woo-woo” but this shit works, so don’t knock it till you try it! I really love her approach to money and not only manifested more than $1000 in the 21 days (something she says you’ll do if you follow the guidelines in this book), but it didn’t take up a ton of time.  Each exercise took maybe 10 minutes, possibly 20 to complete. That’s totally doable for most people, especially if it means it’ll get you closer to $1,000 =) You can follow the author on Instagram as well at @manifestationbabe. She puts out GREAT content, and I highly recommend watching her trainings!


Money Mindset Book Recommendation #2: “You are a Badass at Making Money ”  by Jen Sincero


You can get it here.


Jen Sincero is one of my favorite authors.  She’s the life coach that’ll give it to you straight AND make you laugh. It’s a win/win. She wrote You are a Badass before writing the money specific one, which is ALSO a great book for anyone (but especially for entrepreneurs!).


The description of the book:


You Are a Badass at Making Money will launch you past the fears and stumbling blocks that have kept financial success beyond your reach. Drawing on her own transformation—over just a few years—from a woman living in a converted garage with tumbleweeds blowing through her bank account to a woman who travels the world in style, Jen Sincero channels the inimitable sass and practicality that made You Are a Badass an indomitable bestseller. She combines hilarious personal essays with bite-size, aha concepts that unlock earning potential and get real results.

Learn to:


  • Uncover what's holding you back from making money

  • Give your doubts, fears, and excuses the heave-ho

  • Relate to money in a new (and lucrative) way

  • Shake up the cocktail of creation

  • Tap into your natural ability to grow rich

  • Shape your reality—stop playing victim to circumstance

  • Get as wealthy as you wanna be”


I was reading this book as I invested in Amanda Bucci’s Flourish & Conquer Accelerator Program, the biggest investment I had made to that date, and my life was forever changed! Now, I’m the head coach for the program and cannot imagine what would’ve happened if I didn’t read that book, and therefore do what Jen Sincero said to do in one of the lessons, Invest in something that makes you wanna throw up.  BTW–applications are officially out for the next round of Flourish & Conquer, which will start on April 14th! You can apply here.


If you wanna laugh and take big leaps in your life so you can make the wealth you freakin KNOW you deserve to…get You are a Badass at Making Money NOWW!


Money Mindset Book Recommendation #3: “The Soul Of Money” by Lynne TWist


You can get the book here.


This book is one of my absolute favorites. Here is the description:

This liberating book shows us that examining our attitudes toward money—earning it, spending it, and giving it away—offers surprising insight into our lives. Through personal stories and practical advice, Lynne Twist asks us to discover our relationship with money, understand how we use it, and by assessing our core human values, align our relationship with it to our desired goals. In doing so, we can transform our lives.


It’s pretty incredible to see what really good people will do with a lot of money and how much of a difference they can make.  It helps you connect your humanity and giving side to making money and how that can be the driving force and purpose of your wealth goals.  I couldn’t put it down and couldn’t recommend it more!


Money Mindset Podcast Recommendations:

Bucci Radio

For the Love of Money

The Angie Lee Show

She's Making an Impact

She's Building Her Empire

Manifestation Babe Podcast


I love all of the above podcasts, and they all focus on how to improve your money mindset, with the ones I bolded even moreso!

How to Overcome Money Blocks To Be a Successful Entrepreneur Tip #2: Listen to Money Mindset Meditations

I remember when I first heard these money mindset meditations.  I couldn’t stop giggling. They seemed so “woo-woo” and out of this world, but the more open minded I became, and open to the idea I was, the more they affected me in a big way.  I do these every night during launch weeks of any of my programs and it’s truly made such a big difference in how I approach launches.


I no longer feel desperate when launching or like “I MUST HIT THIS GOAL OR ELSE” like I used to.  I go in knowing that I did all the work, I’m going to continue to, and the only thing there is left to do is focus on what I already have, and be grateful for all my blessings, so I can bring more into my life.  If we focus on what can go wrong and all the money we “won’t” make, that’s all we’re sending out to the Universe.


These night time (most of them are sleep meditations) money mindset audios really  helped me get into that zen state when it comes to thinking about money, and not obsess nearly as much.

You can see my money mindset playlist here. Let me know how you like it by shooting me an email at

How to Overcome Money Blocks To Be a Successful Entrepreneur Tip #3: Practice Daily Gratitude

Gratitude is EVERYTHING. I’m sure you’ve heard this, but it warrants repeating (over and over) because it’s THAT important!


“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” Eckhart Tolle

You cannot attract more abundance into your life (monetary or otherwise) if you’re not already grateful for what you DO have!

For example, if you are launching a program and you want to have 50 people in your program and only have 20 on the second to last day of your launch, you shouldn’t go into the last two days saying “UGH! I ONLY have 20 people, I’m not near me goal…this sucks!”  What you SHOULD say is…”YES! I have 20 incredible people who’ve trusted me enough to invest in this program. I couldn’t be more grateful and I can’t wait to attract 30 more beautiful souls who are so ready to invest in their business.”

When you flip the switch with your perspective, you start to truly realize you have SO much to be grateful for already, and simply saying how grateful you are everyday (out loud and in writing) will help you attract more of that abundance to your life.  I recommend writing down 3 things you’re grateful for every single day. I personally use The 5 Minute Journal every morning to write down 3 things I’m grateful for, 3 things I’d love to happen that day, and one affirmation. You can check the journal out here.

How to Overcome Money Mindset Limiting Beliefs For Entrepreneurial Success Recap

  1. Read Books/Audios: INTENTIONALLY read personal development books and listen to audios/podcasts to enhance your money mindset and get rid of the limiting beliefs our parents instilled in us when we were kids. That’s all they are–limiting beliefs!

  2. Money Mindset Meditations: Listen to money mindset sleep meditations, especially during launch weeks to get in the zone and attract more wealth to you.

  3. Express Gratitude: For what you already have.  The more grateful you are for what you DO have, the more of it you’ll attract into your life!


There you have it.  Do these three things on the regular (like DAILY!) and you will start to see a shift in how you think about money and therefore how much of it you attract to your life.  I promise you, this stuff is truly magical, IF you do it! So stay consistent. Just like anything, it takes time and consistency to see results.

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with your money mindset limiting beliefs? Which of these tips will you implement?

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