Lead Generation Strategies: My 6 Step Free Challenge Strategy To Launch Your Program Profitably

How do I make more money without constantly SELLING all the time? The short answer…free challenges =) Now, don’t get me wrong…you WILL be selling, but it won’t FEEL like selling when you do it the way I’m going to teach you in this blog.  My How to Run a Bomb Ass Free Challenge that converts course is now open and will close on Sunday, 2/17 at 11:59PM EST. After Sunday it’ll go up by $100, so if you’re REALLY wanting to implement my 6 step strategy to launch your programs profitably and create a six figure income, you don’t wanna miss out! Check it out here. We go over social media strategy, as well as how to write copy that converts and I give you all of my email and post templates both for the promotion of the challenge AND the sales portion when launching into your program. If you have any questions please email support@meganyelaney.com

DOORS ARE OPEN: How to Run a Bomb Ass Free Challenge That

Social Media Marketing Free Challenge Strategy Step 1: Pick a Niched Down Topic


Social media is noisy! You need to stand out by identifying your ideal client

& niching down.  You also need to make what you’re going to teach your audience during the 5 days VERY specific. You need to narrow down your niche so you don’t get lost in the noise


A few questions to ask when deciding on your Free Challenge Topic:

  • How can you be the go-to expert in your niche?

  • What can you teach during those 5 days that’ll lead naturally into your program?

  • What problems do you solve for your ideal client?

  • What results/benefits do you help them get?

  • Take a minute to list down everything you can think of to teach your ideal client (that THEY say they want/need)

One of the biggest mistakes coaches make is picking a very general topic, like “5 Day Free Health Challenge.” What does that MEAN? What’s the RESULT you’re going to get from this challenge? Everyone defines health differently, so it’s a little too vague.


My client, Kayla, had over 500 registrants for her free challenge (which resulted in an over $11K launch-WOOP WOOP!) because she SO niched down and even the TITLE of her challenge spoke directly to her ideal clients pain point.  She’s an Instagram coach for Network Marketers (@kaylaybanez) and called the challenge, “Stop the Hey Girl Challenge”-a very common phrase network marketers use when it comes to messaging their potential clients. She hit a pain point, and rode with it!


Some other examples where the title infers what the challenge will do for anyone who signs up:

  • Example: Get More Clients Challenge===>You’ll learn how to get more clients

  • Example: Intermittent Fasting & Macro Tracking Fat Loss Challenge==>You’ll learn how to use intermittent fasting + macro tracking to lose fat


Also, the title & topic should lead naturally into your paid offer.


For example of what NOT to do: Running a Free 5 day how to go vegan challenge and then launch into a powerlifting program.

For example of what TO do: A 5 Day Free Challenge to Start PowerLifting For (Strength, Fat Loss, Toning, Etc)

Social Media Marketing Free Challenge Strategy Step 2: Set up Your Group

After you decide on a topic you need to have a few things set up before you can start promoting the right way! The first step is to set up your Free Facebook Community if you don’t already have one!


If you do have a free Facebook community, you can run the challenge (and should) right in there!


Pro Tip: Put keywords IN your Facebook Group Title Name



For example, my female entrepreneur group is called #prettyawkward: Female Entrepreneurs Create Impactful Passive Income


Keywords used: Female Entrepreneur, and Passive Income.  This allows your group to be searched on Facebook-and exposes you to more people organically searching for these topics ON Facebook.




You’ll also need a logo (optional) and cover photo for your Free Facebook community and regular facebook page (and business page if you have one!).


Logo Example:



Cover Photo Examples:


Put these up at least 2 weeks before the challenge starts so you can start having people join who just happen to scroll over to your page! BUT! Before you do that you need the next step in place.


Social Media Marketing Free Challenge Strategy Step 3: Set Up Your Landing Page + Email List

When creating your landing page, you can use any software you find most effective! I have clients who use the free version of mailchimp landing pages and then clients who use clickfunnels (that’s what I use), which is a little more advanced, but allows you way more capabilities. For your FIRST free challenge, mailchimp is totally fine!


Pro Tip:

I do recommend creating a “pretty link” or “bit.ly” link to make it easy for people to remember your challenge sign up page.  A “pretty link” lets you create a link based off of your domain, for example www.meganyelaney.com/freechallengemasterclass  . It makes it easier for your audience to remember the name, especially if you’re saying it on live video.  


For my Get More Clients challenge, I actually bought the domain name www.getmoreclientschallenge.com but that’s not necessary, again, especially if this is your first free challenge or you’re just starting out.


Tips When Creating Your Landing Page:

  • Make it clear WHO this challenge is for–this is for you if you struggle with XYZ

  • Make it clear what the RESULT/BENEFIT is that they’ll receive by participating in the challenge

  • Give logistics (day/time/what they’re learning)

  • Give multiple places to opt-in

  • Set up a separate list on your email server specifically for this challenge. You’re going to send daily emails and you don’t want to send them to your entire list!

  • You CAN run a Free Challenge without an email list, but I don’t recommend it 🙂 This is such a good time to take advantage of building your list + massive trust with them right away!


At the end of the day, your page doesn’t have to be fancy, but get the job done! Keep it simple, don’t stress, and when in doubt, outsource it out!!

Social Media Marketing Free Challenge Strategy Step 4: Promote Your Challenge

PROMO IS EVERYTHING!!! One of the biggest mistakes people make when running free challenges is that they don’t promote their challenge long enough! You want to treat this just like any other launch. I recommend promoting it for 2 weeks. Remember, it’s FREE. So no, you’re not being salesy or redundant! People need to hear things many many times to take action (even if it’s free!)


Promote Everywhere:

    • Instagram

    • Instagram Stories

    • IG Live/IGTV

    • Facebook

    • Facebook Groups

    • Blog

    • Pinterest

    • Email Your List


In the How to Run a Bomb-Ass Free Challenge course you will receive email templates/fb post templates and a content calendar schedule to plan out your promotion with ease.  This part takes time, but it literally writes your content for you for 2 weeks (and way beyond since you can totally repurpose your content), and is THE MOST important part! The more people you get in the challenge, the more that will convert!


Promo Tips:


  • Promote for at least 2 weeks

  • Write a nurture sequence for your email list (Template provided in Free Challenge Course)

  • Trade FB Lives/IG Lives and IG Story Takeovers

  • Keep focusing on the RESULT/BENEFIT they’ll get and not the “stuff”

  • Speak super clearly to that one person in your mind (your ideal client who will benefit most from this challenge)

Social Media Marketing Free Challenge Strategy Step 5: Run Your Challenge

Now comes the fun part…actually RUNNING the challenge! This will be the easiest because this is your zone of genius.  You’re (hopefully) teaching on something that is so second nature to you and that you KNOW will impact your audience and lead naturally into your paid offer. So get excited and be sure to keep your energy UP during this week!


Prioritize your health, fitness, water, sleep, personal development, and morning routine like crazy this week and do some money mindset meditations to get you in the right headspace. I have a bunch on my money mindset meditation playlist here.


Tips When Running Your Free Challenge:

  • BE SO IN THIS CHALLENGE! Comment/like on every single post

  • Go live every single day

  • “Carrot Dangle” your program/coaching (go more in depth in the Free Challenge Course)

  • Message the most participatory

  • Give a prize at the end

  • Encourage them to share on IG and tag you

Social Media Marketing Free Challenge Strategy Step 6: Launch Into Your Program

This is IT! This is what you’ve been waiting for. SHOW ME THE MONEY! It is launch day and you’ve been planting the seed about your program all week, and people are literally WAITING for you to launch. They are ready. They’ve seen results. They trust you, and they want to invest more in you so they can keep the momentum and the results going that they’re seeing from the challenge.


Tips When Promoting:

  • On Friday of the challenge launch into your program powerfully and confidently.

  • Write sales emails/posts for your social media and free group (email templates & posts provided in the free challenge course)

  • DM like crazy (especially those who were very engaged)

  • Make your last day the “3 mistakes people make when trying to XYZ” so you can naturally lead into your program to help them avoid one of those mistakes


Free Challenge Course Testimonials

If you’re wanting a step by step guideline on how to do each of these steps in depth so you can truly run a bomb-ass free challenge that converts into paying clients, you’re gonna wanna get this course. It gives you the blueprint so you don’t have to wing it with this type of social media marketing launch strategy. Don’t miss out. You can get all the details here.

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with narrowing down your target market audience and niche when trying to get clients? Which of these tips will you implement?

Megan Yelaney | Life + Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney

Email: fitactortravels@gmail.com

PS. My How to Run a Bomb Ass Free Challenge Course is now open until 2/17! Details & sign up here.


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