Lead Generation Strategies: Free Challenges To Get More Clients

Are you struggling to launch your coaching programs and courses?  Do you feel like you’re just throwing shit out there and not sure if people will actually buy it?  Girl, I GET IT. Cuz I’ve been there (way too many times).  That’s why I’m SO freakin excited to teach you my free challenge strategy, a fool-proof system to launch your programs and coaches profitably and effectively.  If you’re wanting a step by step system to launch, read on and be sure to join our Free Live Masterclass here. I’ll share this incredible lead generation strategy that’ll not only help you increase your social media marketing skills by building massive trust but also help you sign more clients you love.

Free Live Masterclass: How to Use a Free Challenge To Add An Extra $10K To your Business!

Lead Generation Strategies: Why Run Free Challenges?

“Launching” and “launch strategy” are such big buzz words as of late, and everyone seems to be talking about them in the entrepreneur world. But for good reason. Because having a solid launch strategy can literally be the difference between you making 0 dollars and a crap ton while serving clients you LOVE. As far as social media strategy goes, this is my absolute favorite.  


Builds The Know/Like/Trust Factor

 The reason I love running strategic free challenges to launch into programs is because it massively builds the know, like, trust factor we talk about.  That basically means that people need to know who you are, then actually like you, and THEN learn to trust you before they’re going to consider buying from you.  This process takes time, and a lot of new online coaches get really impatient when it comes to that process. I know I sure did when I started. But then I realized that’s just what it is…a process.  

You have to stay in the game long enough and be consistent enough. But what I LOVE about free challenges, is it shortcuts that time. Someone could find you, hear about your free challenge the next day–and if the topic hits on their pain point enough, join it, and WALAH! They become a much more intimate part of your tribe.  The reason? Free challenges provide SO much value to your audience. You’re teaching them a TON during those 5 days, and all FOR FREE. Talk about trust building!

 So even if your first challenge doesn’t result in crazy numbers, just know that it’s planting that seed for these people to work with you in the future AND building your e-mail list where you can build trust further through regular value packed emails!

 Launches Seamlessly Into Your Paid Offer

A lot of times when new coaches first launch their coaching program or course, they feel super awkward when making that initial “it’s open” post, and I get it, cuz I’ve been there…#prettyawkwardly.  But when you run an amazing free challenge where people are tagging you, hyping up what you’ve been teaching, and loving it, they’re basically begging you to come out with the “next thing.” How can they work with you more? How can they keep this momentum going? How can they get to the next level now that they’ve seen results.

If you’re truly running your free challenge the way I teach in the Free Live Masterclass you’re going to help people get actual results. When they see results they’re going to want to keep that up, which is why leading into your offer on the last day feels not only so seamless, but so natural, and honestly EASY! And there’s not better feeling than selling without “selling.”

Lead Generation Strategies: How to Run Free Challenges Biggest Mistake #1: Marketing For Only a Few Days To Get People In

To really gain traction and have as many people in your free challenge as possible, you must treat it like a launch itself, promoting the actual challenge for 2 weeks.  This is your new marketing strategy for two weeks-providing a ton of value so they see the value of joining the free challenge!


The more people in the better. That means the more people that are likely to convert to paying customers.  I’ve had a lot of people get nervous to “promote” too much during this time. Remember–this is FREE. You’re promoting something FREE, so you don’t need to worry about being too salesy-you’re not selling anything! And the way I teach in my Free Challenge course helps you not only get a crap ton of people opting in for your free challenge, but helps you write your content easily for those two weeks leading up to it, so that joining your challenge is a no brainer for them!


So don’t make the mistake of only promoting for a few days and only promoting on one platform. Be everywhere, and get in those DM’s! You’re not redundant, I promise!


Because I promoted for over 2 weeks (actually 3!) these were my results:


  • Had over 300 people registered

  • Built my email list by, well 300 😉

  • Massively built my Free Facebook Community

  • Converted to 28 students enrolled in CAU and over $20K in gross income.

Lead Generation Strategies: How to Run Free Challenges Biggest Mistake #2: Teaching Something Vague or Not Niched Down

You want it to be SUPER clear as to what you’re actually teaching during these 5 days.  Your title should immediately let people know what result/benefit they’ll gain by joining.

  • Example: Get More Clients Challenge===>You’ll learn how to get more clients

  • Example: Intermittent Fasting & Macro Tracking Fat Loss Challenge==>You’ll learn how to use intermittent fasting + macro tracking to lose fat


I’ve seen a lot of people run “health and wellness challenges” which sounds great, but is SUPER vague. What’s the benefit or result they’re going to see from these 5 days, even if the “result” is something they learn, that’s fine! Just make it super, super clear!


The best way to figure out which type of challenge you want to run is to interview your ideal client, and do lots of market research to find out what their main pain points are and what main goal they have and want to reach in this area. You can check out my market research blog here. Once you know their main pain point and goal and what makes your coaching or program unique or special you can decide on your topic.

 You want to make sure it not only helps the client but also leads naturally into your paid offer that you’re launching at the end of the week. 

Lead Generation Strategies: How to Run Free Challenges Biggest Mistake #3: Launching Into Nothing

When I first started running free challenges, I’d do it just for fun and not actually launch INTO anything. #rookiemistake.  I have also seen people run free challenges and then launch into something that makes ZERO sense.


For example, it’ll be a 5 day free how to go vegan challenge and then launch into a powerlifting program. A good free challenge would’ve been: A 5 Day Free Challenge to Start PowerLifting For (Strength, Fat Loss, Toning, Etc)


Going along with mistake number two, make sure you’re launching into something that makes sense. A really easy way to be sure of this is if you have a 5 step strategy you use for something in your coaching program you can literally make that your 5 day challenge, and give little tidbits and the surface level overview of those 5 steps.  For example, my Get More Clients Challenge was 5 days long, and the first 4 days were pretty much the first four modules of my program, Client Attraction University, that I launched into.


Not only does this help you launch powerfully and seamlessly, but it also writes your challenge for you, making the actual planning of the content way easier and faster!

Lead Generation Strategies: How to Run Free Challenges Biggest Mistake #4: Trying To Do it Alone

Full Disclosure: I’ll be launching my How to Run a Bomb-Ass Free Challenge course at the end of my Live Free Masterclass. It’s a step by step system to help you run a PROFITABLE free challenge effectively without stressing about the logistics. It’s all laid out for you 🙂


It’s no secret, and I’m not going to pretend I won’t be promoting something at the end =) Regardless, if you sign up for that course or not, you WILL leave that masterclass with a crap ton of value so you can hit the ground running and start running free challenges that convert.  You could also try to do it alone. And I truly hope that works for you! But from experience, having a system, a blueprint, someone who’s already been there and done it (and made the mistakes) has cut my time in half and saved me a ton of heartache (and money) in the long run.


AND when you invest, you freakin SHOW UP more powerfully (for most people!)

Free Challenge Strategy Testimonial

My girl Kayla is an Instagram Strategist for Network Marketers, and this is what she had to say about the strategies I’ll be teaching you on the Free Masterclass.


“Before going through the How to run a bomb ass free challenge course I had never run a free challenge and literally had NO idea what I was doing and zero direction when I made the decision to do one to launch my program


Using the tools from the course I was able to run a successful free challenge with over 600 participants registered and sold out my group coaching course within 3 days of opening enrollment and made over $11,000!”

If you wanna learn how to do what Kayla did, don’t forget about our Free Live Masterclass: How to Use a Free Challenge To Add An Extra $10K To Your Business
happening on Tuesday, February 12th at 7PM EST/4PM PST! You don’t wanna miss these essential strategies that helped me have $20K launches seamlessly while building massive trust with my audience! This could be you! Register here for the class.

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with launching your programs effectively and profitably with confidence? Which of these tips will you implement?

Instagram: @meganyelaney

Email: fitactortravels@gmail.com

PS. Be sure to join our Free Live Masterclass happening on 2/12 at 7PM EST! Register here.

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