How to Fight Off Writer’s Block So You Can Write Killer Content that Converts into Paying Clients

This blog post is inspired by Joey Percia (@joeypercia on IG and you can go to to check out his stuff) and his book “Why Do You Hate Money: A Fitness Marketing Guide To Create Content That Kills, Craft Copy That Converts, And Master The Science Of Selling Without Selling Out.  You can get it here. He gives such incredible copy writing tips for online coach and is just a freakin genius when it comes to direct marketing, selling without feeling salesy, and growing a profitable online business (no matter what industry you’re in to be honest!). One of the chapters was all about how to overcome writer’s block and create consistent content that converts into paying clients.  This blog post will be a small recap of that chapter plus things that have specifically worked for me when it comes to creating content consistently and not really ever having that “writer’s block” feeling.

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What is Writer’s Block Anyway?

Almost every entrepreneur I know has “writer’s block” from time to time. Or so we THINK.  We basically sit down to write our posts for the week or a blog post or sales page, etc, and we draw a complete blank.  And while I’m going to share a lot of tactics that have helped me overcome writer’s block in the past (and currently), I also challenge you to stop using the term “writer’s block” altogether.  If you keep saying you get that, then every time you sit down to write you’re going to think about it.


If you change the dialogue you’re having in your head, you won’t be as prone to believing you have writer’s block, and WALA–it goes away =) Our minds are POWERFUL, and it’s pretty incredible how just by changing our perspective and the words we’re repeating over and over, we can actually change our actions and therefore our results!


So step one to overcome writer’s block for social media content creation: stop saying you have writer’s block 🙂

How to Overcome Writer’s Block For Social Media Content Creation #1: List The Facts

One of the biggest tips Joey gave in his book to overcome writer’s block that I soooo resonated with (because I do it on the regular) is to list FACTS.  When we sit down to write a blog or social media post, it can be VERY overwhelming. We feel this enormous pressure to deliver the most value and inspiration in one post all while entertaining our audience and keeping their attention.




Talk about pressure.  This is one of the main reasons people get writer’s block in the first place.  They think they have to be perfect and funny and all the things in every single post.  


I’m here to tell you, you don’t.  But I’m also here to tell you that all of your posts can provide massive value for your audience once you get in the flow.  And one of the best ways to get “in the flow” is to just get SOMETHING down on paper (or your computer screen). So when you’re sitting down to write, just start by listing all the facts.  Facts about whatever you’re writing about.


For example, if you’re a health and fitness coach and you’re writing a blog about how to do intermittent fasting for women, write out all the facts about intermittent fasting that you want to share with your audience. Just start there. Get as much out as you can, and don’t worry about the order, the grammar, the story being entertaining, etc. JUST WRITE.


Once you start writing out the facts, you’re going to realize you know way more than you think you do, and you will start to craft fun and entertaining stories around each fact to make the reading captivating for your audience.

How to Overcome Writer’s Block For Social Media Content Creation#2: Don’t Use Backspace or Edit

This one was a BIG struggle for me when I first started implementing it.  The challenge here is when you’re implementing step 1 and just writing the facts, don’t use the backspace button or edit…AT ALL.


One tip Joey gave in his book was to put a piece of tape over your backspace key so you can’t physically use it.  It’s SO tempting to go over and edit things as you go, but then we end up just editing SO much of the beginning (over and over) and rarely get to the end.  The beginning ends up being super well edited and by the time the reader gets to the end, you’ve lost them, because YOU lost steam when trying to edit.


As I’m typing this, I have a crap ton of spelling and grammatical errors that I’ll have to go back and fix, but because I”m just writing as I go, I’m getting WAY more out on the screen and at a much faster pace than I otherwise would’ve.  But I can’t lie, I’m still not perfect at this. I did backspace a few times. #oops


I really urge you to try this when you write blogs and/or social media posts and see what happens.  Your thoughts will flow more succinctly when you’re not stopping to edit every few seconds or minutes.  Once you go to edit you can do it one time fully through, then you can go part by part.

How to Overcome Writer’s Block For Social Media Content Creation #3: Get Outside/Go For a Walk/Have Sex/Workout

In my last blog post, I went in depth on how I get inspiration and ideas for social media posts.  You can read it here to expand on this tip.


The biggest point I made in that blog is that if you can do any activity that shuts your brain off or makes you just freakin BREATHE and not “FOCUS” so much, you actually will get more digital downloads for post ideas.  It sounds ironic, but the more you “shut off” the more inspiration you get. And it’s REAL inspiration, not forced or manipulated.


Get Outside/Go For a Walk


I go over this in the blog post linked above, but it warrants repeating.  GET OUTSIDE GIRL. I know, I know, it’s cold right now. I get it. I’m in NY, and the idea of being outside is NOT appealing to me. But even if it’s for 5 minutes, being outside with the fresh air is GAME CHANGING for your brain, biz, and mental health!




I didn’t mention this in the last blog, but Joey had it listed in his book for the writer’s block chapter. I laughed out loud and then realized WOW, this is true.  Permission to have some fun purely to spark some inspiration for social posts.




Exercise increases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. And happy people just don’t shoot their husbands…they just don’t 🙂 But they also make us more inspired and creative.  The only downfall of me recently going to yoga and orange theory classes is that I can’t stop in the middle, take out the notes app on my phone, and write down all the mental downloads I’m getting!  It’s okay though, just a sacrifice I’ll have to make 🙂 But seriously, exercise will give you SO many new ideas for great posts. And it’ll make you feel better physically, and mentally.


I hope these tips combined with Joey’s book and my other blog post on content creation for social media, helps you get rid of writer’s block once and for all.  I’d love to know how it’s helping you! After you implement, please DM me on instagram @meganyelaney and keep me posted!

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with writer’s block? Which of these tips will you implement?

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