Content Creation Ideas: How to Get Inspiration For Social Media Posts

How the heck do I get inspiration to post on social media? Do you ⁣⁣ever sit down to post and draw a complete BLANK? #writersblock times 10?   You’re not alone. Every single entrepreneur I know struggles with this.⁣⁣ We wanna write posts that…⁣⁣speak to our ideal client, that sound inspirational, are authentic and true⁣, AND feel natural and conversational.  That’s a crap ton of pressure when you think about it. And there’s a fine line between being “strategic” with your posts, because at the end of the day you ARE running a business and need to make money. In this blog post I’ll give you some tips on how to come up with content creation ideas for social media marketing posts so you never run out of “inspiration” again.

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Content Creation Ideas For Social Media Tip #1: Use Inspiration From Your Clients

Like I said in the intro, there’s a sweet spot combo that you’ll find between being “strategic” with your social media marketing posts and speaking from the heart.  One of the ways I’ve been able to truly epitomize this feeling is directly after coaching calls with my private or group clients.


After I have a group coaching with my Flourish & Conquer Accelerator students or my Client Attraction University students or my private clients, I am freakin PUMPED THE F UP.


And my brain is flowing. I usually get so many ideas during the call for posts based on what my clients are struggling with and how I help them through it ON the call.


My biggest tip for you is to utilize this precious time and schedule in 15-30 min after your calls to write down all the “ah-ha” moments they AND you had.


For example, on one of my private client calls yesterday, my client realized she knew so much more than her ideal client did and took this knowledge for granted.  She never thought the basic stuff she knew were things her ideal client DIDN’T know. It was amazing for her to realize yes, she does know a ton and she does have the skills & tools to help her ideal clients. They were WOW’d by her, and not only did that increase her confidence, but it made her realize the BASICS aren’t basic to her ideal client yet!


I immediately wrote this down and wrote a post after our call for social media to use next week.  


If you don’t have clients yet, you can still do this but after you talk to your followers or even friends and family who ask you questions.  What questions do they constantly ask you over and over again? What do they say they struggle with all the time? But you’ll never know if you DONT ASK! So make sure you ASK them…what are you struggling with when it comes to XYZ (insert your industry).  Ask in polls, DM’s, in your posts, emails, etc. Then those that vote or respond…DIG DEEPER. Ask them WHY they think they struggle with that or what about it is hard for them? Get to the real root of the reason they’re struggling and WHY they want to make a change.


I have an entire blog on this going over market research and it’s a huge part of my Free Get More Clients Guide that you can get here.


⁣⁣The reason this method is GOLD is because you’re literally speaking to your ideal client. You’re taking their struggle in THEIR words and putting it into your social media post. This will get your DM’s flooded with “OMG! That is EXACTLY how I feel!”

Content Creation Ideas For Social Media Tip #2: Get Outside

I know what you’re thinking….MEG…I’m in the freezing cold…ain’t NO WAY I’m going outside right now (unless you’re a lucky unicorn living in Southern California right now).


I get it, because I’m from and live in NY (most of the time). So it’s cold where I am too.  But I gotta tell ya, when I suck it up, put on LOTS of layers and get outside for even a super short walk…MAGIC HAPPENS my friends!


The key when you go outside to “get inspiration” is not to put so much pressure on yourself to find it.  We usually find inspiration when we’re NOT looking for it, just like the old saying goes “you’ll find a man when you stop looking.” (BARF).


It’s such a frustrating statement, but honestly, when you stop OBSESSING over trying to force things to happen and just become super present in the moment, that’s when your creative juices can actually get flowing and feel FREE to send you mental downloads for post ideas, program ideas, etc.


I urge you right now (yes, this is your homework and I’m going to do it too!) to get outside at least once a day for 10-30 minutes! During the nicer weather I make sure I go for a 1 hour walk, or 2, 30 min walks.  During this time you can play a podcast (but I recommend not playing a “business-y” podcast necessarily), music, call a friend to chat, or simply WALK WITHOUT TECHNOLOGY (God forbid).


And just BE. Notice the trees, the cold, your breath, your heart, your hands, your body in general, the people around you, the houses, the dogs, the sounds, the smells.  Not only will you probably get inspiration for posts when you shut your brain off, but you’re just HAPPIER because you’re IN THE MOMENT and present. You’re not thinking about what you wish happened in the past or what you have to do in the future. You just ARE. And when you can just BE, you allow yourself to be in full bliss.

If you struggle with this, there are SO many amazing books to help you through it, but one I LOVE is called A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. Yes, it’s “woo-woo” so don’t say you weren’t warned 🙂 You can get it here.

Content Creation Ideas For Social Media Tip #3: Other Places to Gain Inspiration

One other place I admittedly get inspiration from is in the shower and on the toilet. #justbeinghonest I find when I get in the shower and stop trying to “think” and just blast The Greatest Showman or listen to The Armchair Expert podcast, I get so inspired and ideas come FLOODING.


There’s again, something to being present on what you’re doing (shower, or ehem, going to the bathroom) that shuts your brain off that allows it to then be creative.  I started to get SO many freakin downloads in the shower that I bought this little thing called shower notes. You can check it out here. It literally changed the game for me, as silly as that sounds.  I just found I had so many great ideas and I couldn’t remember them when I left the shower! So now, I can jot them down and expand on them after I get out of the shower =)


I posted about this on social media and asked my audience where THEY got inspiration from to write quality content for social media marketing posts.  Here are a few tips they gave.


Car while blasting music

On the train while commuting

Listening to podcasts and audiobooks

Reading books

Yoga/Exercise/At the Gym

The beach


ALL of these are great places to gain inspiration for social media posts! I’ve written in each circumstance, and they never felt forced!

Content Creation Ideas For Social Media Overview

So what do all of these have in common? You’re forced to shut your brain OFF. And when we do that, we stop trying to MANIPULATE creativity #oxymoron⁣⁣



Don’t do these things saying “Ok inspiration…HIT ME!”. Because it won’t work that way.  Truly just let yourself BE. The more you force, the more inauthentic it’ll feel.⁣⁣ This won’t happen overnight. So give it time, be patient, and remember…done is better than perfect.  You’ll get better and better at creating quality content for social media that resonates with your ideal client, but until you do, you’ll create “okay” content, and that’s OKAY! My content SUCKED when I started, lol. Like BAD. Then it got better, then it got okay, then it got pretty good, then good, and now I’d like to think it’s pretty dang good. But we still have a long way to go to get to great and incredible =) Have FUN writing your content, stop putting so much pressure on yourself to get it “just right” and you’ll truly start creating it effortlessly and actually ENJOY this part of your business.

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with content creation for social media posts? Which of these tips will you implement?

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