Goal Setting For Female Entrepreneurs: My Top 5 Tips To Rock Your Biz in 2019

It’s 2019!! And with a new year comes new goals.  And I personally used to get (and still sometime’s do) super nervous about setting goals.  I used to think they had to be a “certain way”, and would just pick someone else’s goals and say they were mine.  At the end of the day, do what YOU want. Read this blog, and apply what speaks to you. I go over business goal setting for female entrepreneurs and my top tips to have entrepreneurial success in 2019 with tons of smart goals examples and homework for you to do so you apply what you learn 😉

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Goal Setting Tip To Rock Your Biz For Female Entrepreneurs #1: Make Stretch, but Realistic (ish) Goals

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term, “SMART” goals.  This stands for…





T-time bound

In a nutshell, for goals to be effective, meaning you’ll actually take ACTION to reach them, they have to include a few different things.  While I’m not a stickler with the SMART goals rules, I think it’s worth going over quickly! And then I’m going to sort of contradict it (and I’ll do this in Tip 2…bare with me here!)



Saying you want to “increase your income” is great, but very vague. How much do you want to increase your income by? Do you want to hit a certain number or range? Take it a step further and write




Now that you have an action oriented, specific goal, decide how you will measure it.  How can you actually tell if you reach your goal or not? With an income or # of clients goal, it’s real simple–you literally count how much income you made or how many clients you’ve signed.




This is where I differ a TEENY bit with the “smart” goal method.  And this is where I love to set two types of goals…STRETCH goals and ATTAINABLE goals.


I truly believe that ANYTHING is possible. And as corny and cliche as that sounds, that way of thinking has helped me start 2 different businesses in one year and scale them to 6 figures. If I didn’t dream big, and think anything is possible, then I wouldn’t have allowed myself to do what was necessary to reach this big, hairy scary goals!


STRETCH goals are meant to do just that…STRETCH you.  They’re not necessarily meant to be “reached.”

For example, when I launched my first health coaching program, Ditch the Diet: Habit Hacking Your Mind & Body, my stretch goal was $10K.  It was my first program and I truly didn’t know how it would land, so $10K was a huge stretch but pushed me to work my ass off to make it happen.


I ended up surpassing my “attainable” goal, which was $5K and we had a $7K launch. I was ELATED, and if I didn’t set that stretch goal, I never would’ve made the $7K, because my mentality would’ve been just focused on $5K.


The point of attainable goals

The point of setting attainable goals is so that you actually are shooting for something you can hit and can celebrate about! When you hit goals you become inspired and more encouraged to keep going.  SO yes, definitely set attainable benchmarks.


But then also let yourself dream a little bit.  What would be absolutely freakin fantastic? Write it down, and in the back of your head, go for that.  You will always surpass your attainable goal if you do this. And over time you’ll learn to realize that not hitting your stretch goal doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It means you’re a freakin WINNER because you pushed yourself and went so much further than you ever thought possible.




This is super important! This means your goal should make sense with your job and move your business forward in some way. Ask yourself…does this goal actually move my current business forward in the way I want it to? Does it align with my priorities? If you answer yes to both of these, then it’s relevant!




I’m very loose with this “rule.” I do believe in setting timelines for goals, but not keeping them set in stone.  SO much happens in life, that one little flip can change the entire course of your year and your timeline will be off, whether that’s for the better or worse.  So while I encourage setting loose timelines, be open to changing them when life happens. You are not a failure if you don’t hit your goal in the time you allotted.  It just wasn’t the right moment, and something else is going on that will help you lead you to where you’re meant to go in your business.

Homework: Write down your STRETCH & ATTAINABLE goals. Put them all over your house so you see them frequently and are constantly reminded of what you’re striving for! Also write out how you will MEASURE your success.  How will you know you’ve hit this goal?

Goal Setting Tip To Rock Your Biz For Female Entrepreneurs #2: Put a WHAT/REASON Behind Your Goals

When I was setting my big, hairy-scary 2019 income goals with my business coach at the end of 2018, she immediately said, okay GREAT. Now…what will you DO with that income?


Actually writing down the specific uses for this income changed the game.  Think about it…what’s the point to reach for these goals if you have nothing attached to them? What’s the purpose? This is a good reminder to dig deep when you’re asking YOUR prospective clients about their goals.  


What’s important about that goal to them?
What will they do when they achieve it?

What will they do that they can’t do now?

How will they feel?

How will they celebrate?


Here were my specific allocations for my income goal for 2019:

*Taxes (oh so fun!)

*Savings (the majority)



Then I dug a little deeper! What was I saving for?  I wrote down a house and my niece’s next mission trip to Uganda (that I’ll go on with her if I’m not pregnant or have a newborn!).  I’m going to go a step further and make a vision board with a picture of my dream house. I know this is going to be the main focus for the next few years, because my husband and I don’t want to buy until we can put down more than half of what the house costs, and on Long Island…that aint cheap 😉 So we have something TANGIBLE and BIG to push for. We got SPECIFIC.


For vacations, I also dug a little deeper! I want to go to Disney and San Diego this year, and not just to visit quickly, but a week long trip to both, without having to worry about spending while visiting both places.  If we wanna eat and drink around the world at every single spot, I want to be able to do it without double checking how much it costs. So I allotted a specific amount for each of those trips to give us enough buffer room.  Again, I got super specific.

Homework: Write down your WHAT’S for your goals. WHAT will you specifically do with your income (or whatever the end result is for your goal…but if you’re an entrepreneur I’m guessing you’re listing down income goals).

Goal Setting Tip To Rock Your Biz For Female Entrepreneurs #3: Reverse Engineer the Steps To Reach These Goals

Now that you know what your goals are and the purpose behind them, it’s time to reverse engineer your steps to get there!  I like to start with the end in mind and work my way back bit by bit.


For example, if your goal is to make $100K this year from your online coaching business, how much would you need to make each month to make that happen? Approx $8,333/month.  


Then I like to look at where I’m at currently.  Say you’re making $2K a month right now with your online coaching biz.


Then calculate the difference you have to make up.  $8,333-$2K is a little over $6K, $6,333 to be exact! So you need to come up with an extra $6,333 each month to hit your goal this year.



Now, obviously this is in a perfect world scenario.  As your biz grows, your income will grow, and you’ll prob surpass that $8,333 month which will make up for less than $8,333 months earlier in the year.


If you’re an online coach, I want you to write down how many clients you’d feel comfortable having at any one time.  For this example, let’s say 20. You are comfortable taking on 20 clients at a time, and if you did NOTHING else to generate income, to make your goal of $8,333/month, you’d need to charge $416/month for each client.  


Now you’re starting to see the numbers, and see the specifics.  


How to actually get these clients is an entirely different blog, but you can get started with my Free Guide: 5 Essential Steps to Get More Clients (even if you’re just starting out).  You can get it here.


If you’re ready to step it up and really start making traction, I have a Masterclass called 3 Essential Strategies To Get More Free Leads & Clients Without Paying for FB or IG Ads.  You can get it here.  



Figure out how many clients you need in order to make your income goal this year!

Goal Setting Tip To Rock Your Biz For Female Entrepreneurs #4: Get an Accountability Partner or Hire a Coach

Accountability is such a buzz word, and for a good reason.




I’ve seen it time and time again.  People who invest in themselves AND have someone checking in on them regularly have more success than people that don’t. Plain and simple. They also do it much faster.


Now there are two levels of accountability: Free & Paid


Free Accountability

And I’m not knocking free at all. I had free accountability for awhile while building my network marketing business, but the reason I had so much success is because I had an accountability partner. We would meet every single week on zoom and set specific benchmarks we had to hit before our next call.  We also textd each other every signle day to stay accountable to our daily commitments. Because we both had similar goals and work ethics, it was a match made in heaven. When trying to find an accountability partner, that is essential.


But I also recommend picking someone you actually like and would be friends with (my accountability partner from then is now my business coach and came to my wedding and is one of my absolute best friends in the world).


My other recommendation when trying to pick a good accountability partner is to pick someone who has different strengths than you.  My accountability partner an I, while having similar goals, had different strengths and zones of genius. We also had slightly different drives, so we were able to motivate each other in ways it was hard to do on our own.  She was driven more by money and power and I was driven more by relationships. Now we both wanted to make money and we both loved building relationships, but when we took this personality test it was obvious that she was going to be the pusher-the one who challenged me to stretch further and dream bigger monetarily, and I was going to be the one to help her form more genuine relationships and be the connector she needed to be to MAKE that money. It truly was a match made in heaven, and I’ll be forever grateful for that experience.


We ended up reaching one of the top ranks in our network marketing companies and hitting 6 figures TOGETHER in ONE YEAR because of that structured accountability.


Another option for free accountability is joining a free community that has regular check ins and value! You can join my Free Female Entrepreneur Facebook Community here where I go live every week answering FAQ’s and recapping my blog of the week!


Paid Accountability

While free accountability can be amazing if you have the drive and persistence to stick it out, there truly is nothing that will catapult your business further than by INVESTING in yourself.  It literally changes THE GAME when you do this.


5 of my current Client Attraction University students (my 10 week group coaching program to help you get more clients you love) signed multiple clients before the program even started simply by applying the tools they learned in my Free Get More Clients challenge and INVESTING.  They said by investing, they immediately upped their game and started applying what they learned consistently…so they GOT CLIENTS!

Client Attraction University is currently closed, but you can get on the waitlist here for our next round starting in March.

Whether you sign up for one of my programs or any I’m affiliated with, I don’t care! But I encourage you to INVEST IN YOURSELF this year if you TRULY want to scale your business.  I don’t know ONE successful entrepreneur who hasn’t invested in themselves (and not a LIL bit…but A LOT!).


Private Coaching

I LOVE group coaching, but 1:1 coaching has a special spot in my heart, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop.  Being able to be so hands on in someone’s business and help them mold it the way they want and encourage them every step of the way has literally become addictive for me.  


I’m currently booked up BUT I’ll be opening up a few spots for my 1:1 business coaching in February.  You can apply here to get on the waitlist now!  The last time I opened up spots was in October and they filled up in 1 week till February, so if you’re really wanting 1:1 help and think I could be the right fit, apply now! I probably won’t be able to open up more spots till at least the summer after this launch!



Apply for a coaching program or private coach OR join a free community so you can at least start to gain some accountability!

Goal Setting Tip To Rock Your Biz For Female Entrepreneurs #5: Rinse, Repeat, & Show Up Consistently

I’ll make this short, and sweet and then share my most recent Instagram post because it goes along with this tip perfectly =)


If you work your business inconsistently, you’ll have an inconsistent income.  If you show up “when you feel like it” you’ll have a “when you feel like it” kind of income.  




All the strategy in the world won’t help you if you only post once a week and then take off the rest of the time.  Your audience needs to know they can rely on you, and being consistent and relevant is the way you’re going to attract more clients you love.  


Here’s the Instagram post I made that I think will strike a chord with you:


Read the Post on Instagram


“The simple power of showing up✌️⁣⁣


All the “tactics”, all the “systems”, all the “tricks of the trade”…⁣⁣


They’re all worthless if you don’t show up CONSISTENTLY🙏🏻⁣⁣


There were so many days when I was building both my MLM biz and my life + biz coach biz that I didn’t wanna do ANYTHING. ⁣⁣


I wanted to give up🙅🏼‍♀️⁣⁣


I wanted to be a lazy human for a day🤷🏼‍♀️⁣⁣


And the days I felt that, but still showed up?⁣⁣


Those were the days that made the difference👏🏻⁣⁣


Those were the days I grew.⁣⁣


Those were the days that made me stronger.⁣⁣


🙅🏼‍♀️We don’t need fancy funnels.⁣⁣


🙅🏼‍♀️We don’t need fancy marketing tricks.⁣⁣


We need to show up EVERY👏🏻DAMN👏🏻DAY👏🏻⁣⁣


With rest and time off of course😜⁣⁣


That consistency over time will be our POWER✌️⁣⁣


👆🏻I go over this in my IG Live from today! Check it out because it’s only up for 24 hours⁣⁣


💋Never give up-2019 is just beginning, and you have the power to make it whatever you want it to be😍

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with goal setting? Which of these tips will you implement?

Megan Yelaney | Life and Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney

Email: fitactortravels@gmail.com

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