Top 10 Book Recommendations For Female Entrepreneurial Success

Personal development was hands down one of the game changers for me scaling pas six figures and finding entrepreneurial success.  Reading books specifically for female entrepreneurship helped me get in the right mindset to really tackle my business, but also to get through the hard times.  Without these books and podcasts I have no doubt I would’ve quit a long time ago. Personal development should be a staple in your daily routine as an entrepreneur if you want to have success.  So I urge you to read this post and immediately hop on Amazon and buy one of the books mentioned. Get in the habit of reading one book per month or re-reading the same book over and over (highly recommend) so you know you’re doing everything in your power to overcome the lows of entrepreneurship.

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The Importance of Personal Development for Entrepreneurs

If I didn’t do personal development everyday, I hands down would’ve stopped pursuing my business a LONG time ago.  Entrepreneurship is freakin HARD. You work tons of hours, and weekends, without a guaranteed return on your investment. And that can be REALLY discouraging. To the point where you constantly question why you’re doing this and if you’re cut out for it.  I was once told by a very successful entrepreneur, “The first year is like trying to go up a down escalator.” And boy is that freakin ACCURATE.


The first year of entrepreneurship is exactly like that.  You work long hours for little (if any) financial reward and it seems like there’s no end in sight.  BUT…if you surround yourself and your mind with personal development, you will be inspired and encouraged to KEEP GOING.  And when you keep going, you eventually get over that hump and onto the other side. Now, don’t get me wrong, the other side is still hard.  But you can work way less hours and have different types of “hard” that are more gratifying than the beginning years. And without reading or listening to people who’ve been there and can help you get through those low times, you’ll never get to the other side.


And you deserve to get to the other side.  The other side is beautiful. Knowing you’re making a difference in people’s lives and getting compensated in an incredibly fulfilling way that allows you so much financial freedom is 100% worth the tough years.  In fact, it wouldn’t be half as rewarding without those tough times.

So don’t stop my friend, and don’t think you can do this alone.  You NEED to surround yourself with positive people, books, and audios to stay the course.  Join my Free Female Entrepreneur Facebook Community for support here <3 We don’t bite 😉

Female Entrepreneur Book Recommendation #1: You are a Badass at Making Money

I was literally reading this book when I decided to make my first BIG business investment into Amanda Bucci’s Flourish & Conquer Accelerator Program (which I’m now the head coach for)! It was TERRIFYING.  But in this book, Jen Sincero, the author, challenges you to invest in something scary that you KNOW can be the catalyst to major change in your life. And I had zero doubt this was it. And boy am I glad I took that chance.  


If you feel like a lot of the money mindset struggles you’re having are stopping you from investing in your business and/or thinking your coaching is worth the price you’re charging, pick up this book. You will NOT be disappointed.


Jen is full of incredible info, but she’s also funny as hell, so it’s really an entertaining read =)


You can get the book here.

Female Entrepreneur Book Recommendation #2: Building Your StoryBrand

This book helped connect with my ideal client in a way like no other book or podcast EVER has.  We teach this in Flourish & Conquer as well as in my Client Attraction University program.  This book will literally help you learn step by step how to share your story with your ideal client in a way that makes them message you saying things like, “OMG! It’s like you’re speaking directly to me!” That’s the dream, isn’t it?!


Make sure this is on your must read list this year!

You can get the book here.

Female Entrepreneur Book Recommendation #3: Book Yourself Solid

This book is GOLD if you’re an online coach wanting to gain more targeted ideal clients.  It also comes with an in depth workbook to help you figure out exactly who your ideal client is and who you truly want to work with.  I think this book is worth thousands considering that if you truly read it and IMPLEMENT what you’re learning, your business will BOOM!

You can get the book here.

Female Entrepreneur Book Recommendation #4: The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster

Every single entrepreneur needs to read this book.  You WILL have moments in your business where you question why you’re even doing this in the first place.  And I wish I could say those moments will only happen a couple times. But I can guarantee you that it’ll happen OFTEN. #truth This book explains how entrepreneurship truly is a rollercoaster full of ups AND downs, and if you apply what you learn, you will be able to bounce back from those lows MUCH quicker.


You can get the book here.

Female Entrepreneur Book Recommendation #5: Girl, Wash Your Face

Now this book isn’t a “business book” persay, BUT…it has helped almost every female entrepreneur I know in some way. Rachel Hollis, the author, is a badass business woman and a true inspiration. She is REAL and raw, and gives you applicable tips to help make your ENTIRE life more impactful. What I LOVE about her writing and her style, is that she’s FUNNY as heck, but can still get her point across in a loving, yet poignant way.  She also doesn’t give you “fluff.” She gives real tips that you can start applying TODAY.


You can get the book here.

Female Entrepreneur Book Recommendation #6: The Soul of Money

Ugh. I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH.  I am not listing these books in order of my favorite, because if I was, this probably would be first. It impacted me THAT MUCH.  It really makes you look at your pursuit of money and money in general in a WHOLE new light. It makes you realize life is more than the pursuit of money, and while pursuing it, you can do it in a soulful way that helps you truly give back.  I couldn’t recommend it more. It’s truly a delight.


You can get the book here.

Female Entrepreneur Book Recommendation #7: Unleash Your Inner Money Babe

This is more of a workbook, but I absolutely LOVE it and recommend it to all of my clients.  If you’re struggling with money mindset, and feel like you’re obsessing over how much you need to make, to the point where you almost feel like you’re coming across “desperate” (we’ve all been there, trust me), this book is a MUST read.  I love it because there are specific exercises for you to do in each chapter, but they’re SUPER concise, short, and easy to do in 10-15 minutes.


You can get the book here.

Female Entrepreneur Book Recommendation #8: The Compound Effect

This book was the FIRST personal development book I ever read, so it has a special place in my heart.  Darren Hardy, the author, also wrote The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster, and is truly an incredible man. This book helps you learn discipline and patience, two things you MUST have if you want to have a thriving and successful online business.  He goes in depth about how each little task you do or don’t do everyday makes an affect on your outcome. Each little task compounds over time to produce incredible (or not so incredible) results. You definitely NEED to read this if you’re struggling with the “quick fix” mentality.

You can get the book here.

Female Entrepreneur Book Recommendation #9: The 12 Week Year

If you want to do some goal setting right now (which, who doesn’t?! It’s the New Year!), THIS IS YOUR BOOK! This book helps you not only set goals, but gives you a step by step plan to reach them in an organized way.  It helps you make a legit plan so you’re not just writing down your goals and leaving it up to chance…cuz we all know that doesn’t work 😉

You can get the book here.

Female Entrepreneur Book Recommendation #10: DotCom Secrets

This book is a little more “business-nerdy” as I like to call it, but it’s freakin EPIC…IF you’re ready for it! This book goes in depth into “funnels” and “systems.”  The author is the creator of Clickfunnels (what I use for landing pages for my programs) and is a freakin genius. He explains the process of starting with a free offer that can lead into your paid offers in a very strategic yet “dumbed down” way.  Trust me…I’m not a tech person AT ALL and I even understood this stuff =) The reason I love this book, is because it actually gets you EXCITED to start implementing “funnels” because you actually UNDERSTAND it!

You can get the book here.

These are some of the best entrepreneur books in my opinion, and you’ll be better off for reading any of them!  I urge you to pick ONE to start off with (whichever you think you need most right now to move your biz forward) and read it a few times in a row.  This is crucial so you can REALLY digest the info and then of course…IMPLEMENT!! Don’t just consume, consume, consume, but truly implement what you learn. THAT’S the secret sauce 😉


Happy New Year <3 Hope you have a safe and fun start to 2019 where we’re going to CRUSH some major business goals!!

Tell me about you! Do you read entrepreneurial books? Which of these books will you read first?

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