Lead Generation Strategies For Female Entrepreneurs: How To Get More Clients in 2019

2019 is around the corner, and just like any New Year, as a business owner you start to think about your goals, both impact and income wise.  And while I was setting my goals, I realized it’s SO easy for us to play SMALL. I started writing down REALISTIC goals; aka goals that I almost hit this month, because they’re comfortable. And the thing is…we never reach new heights in any area of our lives without truly getting UN-FREAKIN COMFORTABLE and setting SCARY HAIRY goals. So I crossed them out, and re-wrote them….and almost PUKED 😉 But in an EXCITING way!  In this blog post I’ll share with you some of my top tips & marketing strategies to get more lead generation to your biz so you can implement attraction marketing and start gaining more ideal clients you love.

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Lead Generation Marketing For 2019 Tip #1: Don’t Rely on Social Media Alone

For the first 3 years of my business I had no email list and it’s one of the only regrets I have about the early  years in my business. I so wish I started collecting emails and building relationships that way WAY sooner.


The fact of the matter is, we don’t own our social media accounts.  Mr. Mark Zuckerberg owns a bunch of them, and if for some crazy reason he decided to do something wonky and things change (::cough cough instagram algorithm changing every other day), we would be screwed.  


So there are two main reasons to start (or prioritize building your existing one) your email list in 2019.


  1. YOU own your email list and no algorithm change will affect that

  2. When people opt into your email list they’re opting in to have a deeper relationship with you, and that means more trust and more clients.


If you build your email list the right way, you can truly cultivate massive trust with your email list subscribers, and feel like you have an amazing tribe who doesn’t delete your email every week, but actually looks forward to getting it every single time.


First steps when creating an email list:

  1. Create a free offer that your audience WANTS that would naturally lead into your 1:1 coaching or paid offer

  2. Talk about that free offer at least a few times a week on your social media

  3. Use Pinterest to send traffic to your offer landing page.  You can get my 5 secrets to creating pins that convert free guide here if you’re confused on how to use Pinterest. (It’s freakin GOLD by the way)

  4. Make sure you nurture your email list after they sign up (and don’t just get them on your list and leave them there!). You can get my Exact Email Series That Converts Template here.

  5. Send weekly emails giving VALUE to your email list.  Those emails could help point them to your blog posts, or you could repurpose an Instagram or Facebook post that did really well.  You don’t need to re-invent the wheel or recreate a ton of new content just to send to your email list.

Lead Generation Marketing For 2019 Tip #2: Run a Free Challenge or Free Workshop to Launch into Your Coaching

Free Challenges are INCREDIBLY impactful IF you run them the RIGHT way.  My first few free challenges were painful if I’m being honest. I did NOT run them the right way, and had nothing paid to lead them into.  I did give value and build trust, which was great, but they were always “Clean Eating Challenges” (something I WASN’T passionate about) and again, didn’t actually launch into anything paid. #rookiemistake


In January I’m launching my How to Run a Bombass Challenge That Converts into Paying Customers Course. Be sure you’re on the email list here to get first dibs on when it launches!

In the meantime, here are a few tips when it comes to getting your free challenge started:


  1. Pick a topic that naturally leads into your coaching or paid offer.  For example, if you’re going to run a group coaching program that has to do with plant based eating don’t make your 5 day challenge all about powerlifting.  I just ran a free challenge called “Get More Clients” and it launched into my Client Attraction University group coaching program. In the free challenge I literally covered things we dive deep into IN the course so not only did it make sense but people were excited and ready for it.

  2. Make sure it’s a topic that your ideal client WANTS to dive deep on.  Even though it’s free, it should still start to help them solve a real problem they’re saying they have and give them some headway toward achieving a desired result they want.  When picking the name of your challenge, be specific and make it super clear IN THE NAME what the challenge will be about! Again, “Get More Clients Challenge” clearly explains that in the 5 day challenge you’ll learn some of the steps it takes to get more clients.

  3. Spend more time on promotion than you think.  I see a lot of people say they have a free challenge happening and only promote it for a few days. I promoted my free challenge for THREE WEEKS.  It felt like forever, but I had over 320 people register for it (without FB ads) organically and it resulted in an almost $20K launch. So I would say it was worth it 😉

  4. Give a CRAP ton of value.  In my recent Free Challenge I had FIVE girls actually sign clients.  While I didn’t dive super deep, because I’m saving that for my Client Attraction University students, I still gave very applicable tips and action steps that I knew would result in them getting clients over time.  You WANT your challengers to get some sort of result from these five days. So don’t worry about “giving away too much.” People don’t sign up for your coaching for the “stuff” they can google. They sign up for it for the structure, the order, the accountability, and YOU!

If you missed registration for Client Attraction University, my 10 week program to help you get more clients you love, you can sign up for the waitlist here when we re-open in 2019!

Lead Generation Marketing For 2019 Tip #3: Give Away Free Value & Tips Without Expecting Anything in Return

A few months ago I signed 5 high paying business clients in 1 week and it was purely because I was doing this tip SO consistently for months.  I would go on my IG stories DAILY and not only give mini biz trainings (that I saved in an IG Highlight called “Mini Biz Trainings.” I still do this, and probably will never stop!


I also got into my DM’s and gave people tips when they would ask and when I asked them what they needed help with.  I would give them LEGIT tips, not just fluff or surface level stuff, but actual tips I’d give to paying clients. I’d give away the GOODS.  Obviously I wouldn’t do this all day everyday to the same person (yes, that would be 1:1 coaching and not fair to my private clients), but I know these two things alone—daily IG mini trainings that people could look forward to (that helped them with a problem they said they had) and daily messages to at least 10 new people helped me sign incredible clients I loved.


And the key was, I did this without expecting anything in return.  I didn’t get mad if one of those convos didn’t turn into a conversation about my coaching.  And because of that my energy was high, and not desperate, and I never came off salesy.


Do it because you can’t NOT do it. Do it because you LOVE what you coach on and BELIEVE in it SO much.  


And then….make sure you’re also doing tip #4 😉

Lead Generation Marketing For 2019 Tip #4: Talk About Your Coaching Consistently

This one is pretty straight forward, but I see it ALL the time.  Students in Flourish & Conquer Accelerator (which is currently open for application!) and my private clients start to see success pretty soon simply because we encourage them to talk about their coaching more often! If you’re not mentioning your coaching at least once a week in a social media post and a few times a week in your IG story, you’re not talking about it enough! People need to know you’re a coach, and just because they click that like button, doesn’t mean they realize you’re a coach.


I PROMISE YOU…YOU ARE NOT REDUNDANT.  Fun Fact (and statistic): People need to hear your offer 7-8 times before they will take action.  That means they need to be following you for 8 weeks straight (if you’re posting once a week for example) and actually read every single one of those posts to take action.  And not everyone who follows you will read every post or watch every Instagram story.


So I encourage you to post about your coaching at least 2 times a week in your posts and 5 times a week in your story, giving clear call to actions for them to DM you about your coaching or apply through the link in your bio!


I’ll do it here 😉 My 1:1 private biz coaching is currently booked up, but you can sign up for the waitlist here for when it re-opens!


I do have 2 spots available for my 1:1 life coaching though, which you can apply for here 😉


See, it’s pretty easy!

Lead Generation Marketing For 2019 Tip #5: Be Patient and Stay Consistent

The formula is actually pretty simple…


Free Value + Forming Relationships = Building Trust = Clients You Love


We’re just really, really IMPATIENT as humans, and want everything to happen WAY faster than it’s meant to.  I remember when I first started my online biz. I figured I’d post about my coaching once, and BOOM…everyone would come FLOCKING. And BOY was I wrong.  And I see coaches do this ALL THE TIME. We KNOW we have an incredible offer, amazing value to give to our clients, and a full proof system to help them get the results they want, but what we have to realize is that it takes TIME for people to learn how to TRUST.


Think about yourself.  If you came across someone on social media, would you buy from them the first time they posted about their offer?  Most likely no. Now, there are of course exceptions to this, but in general…you’ll need to earn their trust. You’ll need to follow them for awhile and see that they have a ton of great value to offer you AND learn from them (all for free) BEFORE you buy from them.  Most of my private clients followed me in some capacity for MONTHS (some for years) before investing in private coaching. And once we got on a sales call, it wasn’t a question of IF they’d invest, but just the process to make it happen. I provided SO much value to them that they knew they were ready to step it up because they trusted me.  It made the “sale” easy and now I can proudly say I have a roster full of private clients I LOVE.


But again, this took A LONG TIME of consistently posting value (both on social media AND in this blog), forming relationships through DM’s, emails, and live video to get to this point.


Stay the course, and have faith my friend.  If you know you’re meant to do this, your biz could only be a year away from BOOMING. And a year is not much in terms of our entire life <3

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with getting more clients? Which of these tips will you implement in 2019?

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