3 Crucial Lead Generation Mistakes Coaches Make That Keeps Them From Having Entrepreneurial Success

This past week we had an INCREDIBLE 5 day Get More Clients challenge, where SO many of the female entrepreneurs not only had massive clarity & breakthroughs, but actually SIGNED CLIENTS! And on Day 5 we went over the top 3 mistakes online coaches make when trying to get clients and have entrepreneurial success.  In this blog post we’ll dive a little deeper into each of those mistakes so you can be sure NOT to make them in 2019. We also launched Client Attraction University, My 10 Week Program to help you get more clients you love in 2019. Registration is closed but will reopen in 2019! You can get on the waitlist here.

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Lead Generation Mistake That Keeps Coaches From Entrepreneurial Success #1: Not Having a Strategy or Launch Plan

When I first started coaching, I just threw up posts about my coaching expecting people to come swarming into my DM’s because “I launched” my coaching on my social media. And while I’ve seen it work for some people…90% of the time, you MUST build trust by building a foundation with free content and tips before someone will give you their hard earned money.


It’s important to think of it from this point of view…if YOU landed on someone’s Instagram or Facebook page, would you immediately sign up for their high-ticket one on one coaching, or even ANY paid offer they had? Probably not! You need to learn to trust this person.  You need to learn more about them, and actually figure out if you…


  1. Like them as a human being

  2. Trust them as a human being

  3. Learn from them

  4. Believe they have knowledge/guidance worth investing in


This process takes TIME.  In fact it could take over a year before someone is ready to invest in your coaching.


But a sure fire way to speed up that process is to give them a TON of incredible (and free) value that ACTUALLY helps them (I’m talking actionable items and not just concepts and “fluff”), in a SHORT amount of time.


There have been two ways I’ve been able to have successful launches into both my 1:1 coaching and group coaching programs.


  1. Strategic Free 5 Day Challenges

  2. Free Live Workshops


BOTH truly pack in a TON of value and skyrocket trust FAST so that when you launch your program or coaching at the end, your audience is WAY more likely to invest, even if they’ve only been with you for a little while.  

Notice I said the word “strategic” above. There’s a right and a wrong way to do these two things, and you’ll get an in depth look at how I run my Free Challenges in my Client Attraction University Program. In fact, one of the main bonuses is a mini course on how to run one that converts (this bonus alone is worth $597!)

Lead Generation Mistake That Keeps Coaches From Entrepreneurial Success #2: You Speak Only To The Stuff and NOT The Transformation

People don’t care HOW you get them to their destination (their end goal)-they just want you to get them there. So many coaches spend a ton of time sharing all the STUFF their clients will get (workouts, meal plans, zoom calls, etc) instead of focusing on the DEEPER TRANSFORMATION they’ll get (increased confidence in their body which will result in them having more sex with their husbands and saving their marriage).


While having certifications, and credentials and obviously a ton of knowledge as a coach is GREAT, if that’s ALL you talk about…facts/figures/tips, and you don’t connect with your clients on a personal and relatable basis, you’re going to struggle to get and keep paying clients.  At the end of the day, most people don’t care whether you have a million certifications or how you’re going to help them get to their goal–they just care that you will get them there and be a support system for them along the way. So while you’re on your sales calls, don’t lead with the STUFF they’re going to get.  Focus on reiterating the transformation you’re going to help them get and vision with them about what their life can be like 6 months to a year from now if they took this chance.

In Client Attraction University you’ll get my Step by Step Sales Calls Scripts and Follow Up system that will help you sign clients with ease and confidence.  We’ll also have a bonus call with sales call queen, Courtney Tucker, so you have the right mindset going INTO the call. You’ll get it all, the strategy and systems (scripts, guidelines, follow up emails, price objection scripts, etc) AND the mindset you truly need to have success on these calls.  You can’t have success without both!

Lead Generation Mistake That Keeps Coaches From Entrepreneurial Success #3: They Try To Do It All Alone

This one seems obvious to me, and probably to you, but it warrants repeating. Two minds are better than one, and ten are better than two. When you try and figure all of this stuff out on your own AND implement it consistently, you’re likely to get overwhelmed, discouraged, and lazy. At least that’s what happened to me.


It wasn’t until I invested in a business coach and group coaching program that I actually got the right STRATEGIES AND had the ACCOUNTABILITY to actually apply it long term to see results.


Sure, we can google all of this stuff, read blogs (like this one ;), save pins, watch YouTube videos, etc. We can consume all the things.  But that’s just it…we’re CONSUMING. But are we ACTING? THAT’S the power of investing in your business…actually taking ACTION because…


  1. You have skin in the game

  2. You have a support group holding you accountable

  3. You have somewhere to check in everyday

  4. You have the steps laid out for you in the right order

  5. You don’t have to waste time googling to try and figure it out. No re-inventing the wheel here!


Even if you don’t join Client Attraction University right now, I URGE you to find some sort of accountability, whether that’s in the form of a partner, a free community (join ours here–it’s poppin!), a 1:1 coach, another group program.  I truly want what’s best for you, and hands down, that is NOT doing this alone.


Entrepreneurship can be REALLY FREAKIN HARD and really lonely.  And it’s made even harder when you ARE alone, so let’s make our lives a lil less complicated and get some people in our corner, who GET what we are doing and are on the same path as us.  It’ll make you a happier entrepreneur and help you pick yourself up when you feel knocked down.


In Client Attraction University, that’s exactly what we do.  We hold you accountable. We give you a step by step system to get more clients you love that’ll put you on the path to creating a 6 figure business to truly impact your family forever.  We walk you through it week by week with group coaching calls that go over each module in order. It’s fun, it’s succinct, and it WORKS.


Here are a few of my private clients who have used the tools from this program

Kayla Ybanez


“I completely figured out what I was doing, it fell into place organically and over the past 2 months I’ve made over $3700.  I’ve raised my prices 3 times and half of what I made was in the past 5 days!”

“Prior to getting started with Client Attraction University I had no idea what I was going to do but I knew I wanted to do something. After going through the program and working with Meg I completely figured out what I was doing, it fell into place organically and over the past 2 months I’ve made over $3700.  I’ve raised my prices 3 times and half of what I made was in the past 5 days! I am thankful to everything I’ve learned and can’t wait to see where I go from here!”

Courtney Tucker

We did it! I've already made $11K this month and it's only Nov 17″

“Prior to getting started with the tools from Client Attraction University, I was overwhelmed and unsure of what next steps I needed to take in order to move my business forward.  Working with Meg and going through the program has completely transformed my business and increased my income.


Within the first month, I gained so much clarity, and finally felt confident in knowing how to best manage my time, generate leads, and sign IDEAL clients.  I was easily able to implement systems that allowed me to work more efficiently and get more done in less time.”

Kathie Anderson


“Within 2 months I had secured $20,000 in income and people were DM'ing me saying, “How can I work with you?”

“Before working with Meg, I had been doing this for about a year, and my business had seen some success, which was exciting! But it was incredibly inconsistent & stressful.  I couldn't rely on what was coming in each month. I felt like at times I was desperate for clients to sign up.


I started implementing the tools from The Client Attraction University and it changed my entire business. Within 2 months I had secured $20,000 in income. People are reaching out to ME saying “Hey! What are your packages like? How can I work with you?” I cannot recommend it enough, literally anything Meg has to say and offer, DO IT-Follow It! Her tips are all gold, and they will change your entire business.”

Chelsea Kaller


“I am making nearly 10 times the amount I was making when I started!”

“Prior to getting started with the tools from Client Attraction University, I was struggling to find traction and direction in my business. And after working with Meg and going through the program, I am making nearly 10 times the amount I was making when I started! And I’m also building the fitness membership of my dreams! I cannot say enough about Meg’s passion and drive to see her clients succeed. I know that my business and my confidence to build my business would not be where they are today without having taken the chance on this program!”

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with attracting ideal clients that you love working with? Which of these tips will you implement?

Megan Yelaney | Life + Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney

Email: fitactortravels@gmail.com

PS. Client Attraction University is Closed until 2019! Join the waitlist here.



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