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On Day 3 of our Get More Clients Challenge (which is happening NOW! Join HERE), we are going over the lifeblood of getting more clients….content creation! Once you know who you want to help, and niche down to find your ideal client, you can start doing market research to see what they truly struggle with and need.  Once you get THAT info you can write social media posts that truly connect with your ideal clients needs and desires by sharing your story in a way that relates to those needs and struggles. In this blog I’ll show you how to create content for social media and give you some specific content creation examples so you never sit down to write a post have have writer’s block again!

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How to Create Content For Social Media Step 1: Consult Market Research

If you haven’t read my market research blog yet, stop what you’re doing, and head on over to it here.  It’s an essential step to get more clients you love through your content that A LOT of entrepreneurs skip!


Market research is essentially finding out what your ideal client wants and needs and what problem you’re solving for them.  It’ll also help you figure out what specific roadblocks, struggles, or obstacles your ideal client is facing when trying to achieve those wants and needs.  Once you have all of that info, you can start to truly create content that will resonate with your ideal client.

The key is to literally take their words and put them in your post.  For example, if your ideal client says they struggle with “falling off track on the weekend” then literally put that in your post…verbatim.  Don’t switch it up because you don’t like saying those terms, because right now-your ideal client is saying that and that’s the position they’re in.  You can’t change their minds through your posts (save that for your coaching!)


This is a big mistake I see a lot of entrepreneurs make! They share what THEY want their ideal client to know and how they specifically think.  But the problem with ONLY doing that (of course you can do it from time to time) is that your ideal client hasn’t made their transformation yet. Their mindset is still stuck in the “before.”

 Example with health + fitness coaching

So while we know that losing weight isn’t going to be the solution to all their problems, but loving themselves for who they are at every stage of their journey will, THEY DON’T KNOW THAT YET!


So you MUST speak to what THEY are saying they need right now.  

That’s the secret sauce….get them in with what THEY say they need and want, then in your coaching actually give them what you know they need.


Example: get them in by saying you’ll help them lose weight, then in your coaching give them the mindset tools to do so. Yes, they’ll lose weight, but secretly they’ll gain so much more than that.


You can’t change people’s minds in posts alone. That’s the secret sauce of actually COACHING.  So while you should still share your journey and the mindset you’re at NOW, and how freeing that is, you HAVE to meet them where they’re at and go back to the before part of your journey and the transformation you’ve made when trying to get clients through call to action posts.


Homework From This Step:

 Take out a piece of paper and brain dump the following your ideal client interviews gave you:

*Struggles of your ideal client

*Goals of your ideal client


Write your posts using these two topics in mind and again, use THEIR words in your posts!


You will have COPIOUS amount of content ideas just from these alone! So get to market research-ing (yes, I made that a verb ;). It’ll help you connect more with your ideal client but also give you a CRAP ton of content ideas!

How to Create Content For Social Media Step 2: Write out YOUR Story

This is the SO STINKIN IMPORTANT! I wanna shout it from the rooftops: YOU MUST BE VULNERABLE IN ORDER TO GET CLIENTS!


I KNOW how freakin terrifying it is to be vulnerable. For the LONGEST time I avoided it.  I didn’t share my TRUE story about struggling with binge eating and drinking until 2016 and I’ve had my business since 2012.


And my biz was pretty stagnant and I was pretty inconsistent with my biz until 2014.  When 2016 came around I was FLOURISHING and hit the 6 figure mark for the first time, NO DOUBT because I finally shared that story that made me want to puke.


I know this can be a sensitive topic, so I’m not going to tell you to do anything you don’t want to do. Everyone’s story is different and some can’t be fully shared for legal reasons, or safety reasons. I COMPLETELY get that.  But if you know you can share it fully…DO IT, and DO IT NOW. DO NOT WAIT. The only regret I have is not sharing my binge eating and drinking story sooner.


I know I would’ve signed WAY more clients if I did, AND I would’ve helped way more people just through my posts. When you get insanely vulnerable and connect with people on that personal level, THEY TRUST YOU.


People don’t care how many certifications you have. They don’t care how many courses you’ve taken. They care that you’ve BEEN WHERE THEY ARE NOW. That you GET them. That you have struggled like they are struggling, and figured out a way to get out of it and to the other side.


They want to hire coaches that they relate to and trust, and sharing the really scary shit is exactly how you’ll gain their trust.


When I “came clean” about my struggles, my inbox FLOODED and I signed clients right away.  They trusted me. They saw I was on the other side when sharing it, and I made it clear I could help them do that as well.


Homework From This Step:

Write out your story in depth today.  Share it and bare it all. Do not hold back. You don’t have to post it verbatim (again if you can’t for legal or safety reasons), but get it all out of your head. Not only will this give you incredible content, but it’ll be insanely cathartic.  


Then schedule in your calendar when you’re going to post your story (after reading step 3 below!).

How to Create Content For Social Media Step 3: Connect Your Story With Your Ideal Clients Struggles

So you know what your ideal client struggles with and what they want to achieve (their goals) since you did your market research.


You have written out your most vulnerable story and are ready to share it with the world (no matter how scary it may be).


The next step is to make sure you put your clients struggles and the way they word it INTO your scary, vulnerable story post.  That way you’re not only relating to them in your story but using their words.


These kinds of posts are the ones that get you DM’s like: “OMG! Your post was on point, it was like you were speaking DIRECTLY TO ME.”


And when people start DM’ing you messages like those, that’s when you start signing clients left and right.  It’s all about connection baby.


I urge you to stop thinking “will this post get a lot of likes” and think “will this post truly connect with the people who need it most.”


When you post from that mindset, a place in your heart that says “I can’t NOT post this right now”, you will resonate with your audience and you therefore, will get a lot of “likes.”




Go back to the story post you wrote from the last step and put in some of the words and phrases you got from your market research!

How to Create Content For Social Media General Tips:

1. Use “us” an “we” vs “I” and “me” in your posts


When I scroll back to my posts from my early network marketing days…I CRINGE because I was SO “preachy.” UGH. I would make posts like “YOU SHOULD DO THIS” or “YOU SHOULD DO THAT.” No regrets because it taught me what NOT to do so I can teach YOU and help you avoid it =)


When you use the words “us” and “we” it makes people feel like they’re a part of your journey, and like you two are in it together. It IMMEDIATELY becomes WAY more personal and connects you two on a whole other level. Notice I said “you two.”  Speak to your audience like you’re talking to that one person-your idea client. Go as far as to think of one specific person when you’re talking on your story and in your posts. Again, it creates a whole other level of intimacy and THIS is what will make people DM you about your coaching and respond to your messages/story/posts.


When you use the words “I”, “me,” or “you,” it sounds a bit preachy and like they’re being told what to do and scolded almost.  Now, there’s of COURSE a time and a place to use those words. Fore example, when you’re literally explaining your story and sharing your past or present situation, you can’t avoid the word “i.” But I challenge you to go back to one of your posts you thought would do really well and didn’t seem to get the engagement you were hoping for, and replace all the “i’s” and “me’s” with “us” and “we” and read it again.  See how it flows. This little tip alone will increase your engagement and make people feel way more connected to you.


And when people feel way more connected to you, they become clients 🙂


2. Write down all the questions people ask you in relation to your industry, whether it’s a follower on social media or your family and friends.


Actually answering those questions IN YOUR POSTS is important! Also go back to your old self and try and remember what YOU asked before you made your transformation. What did you literally type into the google search bar? TALK ABOUT THAT!

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Tell me about you! Do you struggle with content creation for social media? Which of these tips will you implement?

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