Social Media Strategy: How to Figure Out Where Your Ideal Clients Are Hanging Out

How do I know where to even LOOK for my ideal client on social media? This is a question I get asked all the time from clients and followers and asked myself for YEARS.  And while I’m no social media expert, I have been able to figure out (through good ol’ trial and error) where to find some of my ideal clients. In this blog post I’ll share the 3 main social media strategies you can use to start finding out where your ideal clients are hanging out online so you can start building those relationships and signing more clients!



Social Media Strategy to Find Your Ideal Client Tip #1: Figure out WHO Your Ideal Client Is

This might seem obvious, and probably a step I could skip, BUT…no matter how many times I feel like I talk about it, I STILL hear people describe their ideal client in a VERY generic way.  I personally didn’t know who I truly wanted to specifically help for almost 3 years into my business.


I go over how to find your target audience and niche in this recent blog post. I highly recommend going through the exercises laid out in that blog FIRST if you’re not totally sure on WHO you want to help.  You can’t figure out where your ideal client is hanging out if you first don’t know who they are 😉

A few questions to ask yourself when picking who you want to serve most:

 1. What’s YOUR story and who are YOU? (99% of the time our ideal client is US before we made our transformation).


So for example, if you’re a health & fitness coach and you used to majorly restrict calories during the week and binge on the weekends and only do cardio, most likely your ideal client is doing the same thing.   

2. What’s your SPECIALTY? What do you LOVE helping people with for free? What do people come to you for just as a human? What questions do people tend to ask you? What do people ask you for help with?


For example, when I started diving into intermittent fasting, I didn’t think it would be a topic I could build an entire business on, and BOY was I wrong! I had SO many people ask me how to do intermittent fasting, what it was, and a million questions in between.  I had been posting about it consistently (that’s key) and when I started getting those questions, I wrote them all down, and started to create content and programs around them.

Moral of the Story: pay attention to what people ask you!


3. What is your mission? This is a little more broad, but why do you even want to be a coach? What’s the purpose? It HAS to be more than just to make money. If it’s purely to make money, you’re in the wrong business, because this is HARD. You can make money lots of ways that will be way easier and way less painful than being an entrepreneur



So what lights you up? What kind of transformations make you feel SO insanely satisfied? What would you do FOR FREE because you just LOVE it so much?


The reason I was successful in my Beachbody business was because I was already doing it, FOR FREE. I was so passionate about helping people achieve the results and confidence I had received, that I literally DID IT FOR FREE (because I didn’t know I could get paid for it!). THAT’S when you know you’re doing what you’re meant to do.


Now…I freakin LOVE helping women communicate effectively to their ideal client and build businesses of their dreams working with people they love. My clients sharing their monetary and personal development wins literally fuels me, and I would do it for free #butyourgirlsgottaeat


So…what would you do for free if money wasn’t an issue?

Social Media Strategy to Find Your Ideal Client Tip #2: Interview Your Current Clients or People You’d Like to Have as Your Ideal Client

It astounds me when I hear how many people don’t actually ask people what they want and need on a regular basis.  If you’re not doing the research, and having interviews with possible ideal clients, how can you ever possibly know what they truly need and want (and how they say what they truly need and want?) You’re just GUESSING and INFERRING if you DON’T do the research.


I have a full market research blog here for you to dive deep into and start implementing this step big time.


But quick tip: start interviewing your friends, family, and current clients, asking them what they struggle with, and what their goals are with (insert your industry here).  EVEN IF they’re not necessarily your “ideal client”, getting information on ANYONE in your industry will start helping you gain more of an idea in general of who you want to work with and what words they’re saying. You HAVE to start somewhere.


TRUTH: You will have to work with a lto of non ideal clients before you can hone in on only working with your ideal client.  So in the beginning, it’s actually OKAY to take on “anyone” (as long as they don’t drive you batshit crazy!).


Market Research Interview Tips:

  1. Ask people where they look for information on this topic–do they search google, pinterest, instagram, etc?

  2. Take question 1 a step further and ask them what they actually search. What words, phrases, sentences, questions do they literally type into these search engines when trying to find answers.  

  3. Ask them what Facebook pages they follow and Facebook groups they’re a part of. If they’re not a part of any, ask them what they WOULD search for if they did want to join some.

  4. Ask them what Instagram accounts they follow to get inspiration as it pertains to your service.  Ask them what hashtags they use on their posts or search for when trying to get inspiration.

Social Media Strategy to Find Your Ideal Client Tip #3: Research Different Social Media Marketing Strategies

We’ll be diving deeper into these different strategies on Day 3 of the Get More Clients Free Challenge starting on 12/3. Be sure to register here! But for now here are some simple tips to get you started!


Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a lost art in my opinion! What I mean is that while I LOVE Instagram, and it’s for sure my personal favorite social media channel (as a consumer), Facebook groups are GOLD and can be FULL of your ideal client, if you do a little digging.


Start searching in the Facebook Search bar for keywords that your ideal client would search (which you should know now after going through step #2!) 

Here’s an example if I was searching for women who wanted social media tips:

Do some digging to find a few groups to join.  You’ll probably have to join a bunch to find a few that are gold.  And I don’t wanna hear that excuse “I’m not sure what they’re searching”, because you have Tip #2 above to do! If you truly implement tip #2 you WILL KNOW!


Also-think outside the box! If you’re a health & fitness coach, and you help busy corporate women who are trying to fit health & fitness into their crazy busy life, maybe they’re not hanging out in health & fitness groups.  Maybe they’re hanging out in boss babe groups, or networking groups, or local networking groups (it’d be great to join some groups in your local area so you can have something even more common to talk about). Your ideal client might not even be in just health and fitness groups, but in mom groups, hobby type of groups, dog owner groups! Maybe you connect with them because they also have a golden retriever. And yes, there are tons of dog groups on Facebook…

If you’re helping real humans who have real shit going on in their lives, you gotta think, what else do you guys have in common BESIDES wanting to improve health & fitness? Are they dog owners, do they love “New Girl” or “This Is Us”? There are literally Facebook Groups for EVERYTHING!


Biggest Tip: Have FUN with this, get creative, and BE CONSISTENT. You cannot expect to find the golden group after a few weeks of searching.


Again, we’ll dive deeper into what to do in these groups in the Free Challenge starting on 12/3!





Woof. My friends…Pinterest is a freakin GOLD MINE. Lemme just tell you!  Pinterest is where I got more than 75% of my leads when building my health & fitness 1:1 business last year…WAY more than Instagram.  It is SO under-utilized and also, SO MUCH FUN.


Again, we’ll dive deeper in the challenge, but a quick tip with Pinterest, is to simply go into Pinterest, go to the search bar, and start typing in some words your ideal client would search and see what automatically populates.


Here’s an example with intermittent fasting…

Just typing in “intermi” populated “intermittent fasting”, “intermittent fasting before and after”, “intermittent fasting 16/8”, “intermittent fasting women” and “intermittent fasting schedule.”


This means that these are the most common phrases people are searching into Pinterest when wanting to learn more about intermittent fasting, and these are the words you should use in your pins (descriptions, on your images, and your boards), as well as in your blog posts!


I have a Free Guide: 5 Steps to Creating Pins that Convert that you can get started with here.


Instagram Tips


Hands down, the most popular social media platform and possibly the most frustrating social media platform!  In the Free 5 Day Challenge we’ll dive deeper into how to promote on instagram, how to grow instagram followers, and how to know which hashtags to use, but for now I’m going to give you a few quick tips that have helped my clients and I find some awesome clients on Instagram.


How to Grow Instagram Followers Tip #1: Post Consistent Content That People Want


Yes. This is a growth strategy. You MUST be posting consistently (4-5 times a week on posts and everyday pretty much on your IG story) in order to grow. AND you must be posting content that your ideal client would resonate with–aka what they’re ASKING for. Again, refer to Tip #2 in this blog post (it’s the golden one!)


How to Grow Instagram Followers Tip #2: Engage on Other Accounts Where Your Ideal Client Hangs Out


Think of a few big accounts that you LOVE that have the type of clients you’d love to have.  What kinds of accounts are your ideal clients hanging out on? Start engaging on those influencers/coaches posts, adding true value in the comments section, and not just a “awesome!” or “beautiful!”. But adding actual valuable comments.  To take this a step further see who else is commenting, and if they seem like an ideal client, go engage on their posts by commenting and liking in a genuine way.


Key: YOU HAVE TO DO THIS DAILY! This shit takes TIME my friend, and doing this for one week, or two, or three, or even four, is not going to magically bring you all the ideal clients. You HAVE to give it time, and be consistent with it to see traction.


How to Grow Instagram Followers Tip #3: Use Niche HashTags


My girl Isabella Silverio ( @isabella.guava on IG, is an instagram expert and has a bomb ass Hashtag Matrix which will give you over 4500 niche hashtags. You can get it here and use code “AWKWARD” for a discount!


What’s a “niche hashtag”?

Basically they are researched hashtags that increase your likelihood of trending after just one post for YOUR specific industry.

Again, we will DEEP DIVE into all of these tips even more on Day 3 of the Get More Clients Free Challenge happening on 12/3! Be sure to register ASAP to get all the gold that’s going on in the group before the challenge even starts so you can start reaching your ideal client and gaining more targeted clients you love working with<3

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with finding out where your ideal client hangs out? Which of these tips will you implement?

Megan Yelaney | Life + Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney


PS. Be sure to join my Free Challenge: How to Get More Clients, starting on 12/3! Join here.

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