5 Day Free Challenge To Help You Gain More Targeted Ideal Clients: Lead Generation Marketing Strategies

It’s here! Registration for our Free Challenge: How to Get More Clients is officially open for registration.  We start on December 3rd, and you can sign up here.  In this blog post I’ll share exactly what we’re going to go over in the free challenge to gain you more targeted ideal clients that you love working with month after month.  These lead generation marketing strategies are ones I’ve been using for the last few months to go from making $5K/month with private clients to $15K/month–YES MY FRIEND-those numbers are no joke, and these small online marketing techniques are what helped me grow my online business.



Lead Generation Tips: How to Gain Ideal Clients Day 1

Day 1 is all about figuring out exactly WHO your ideal client should be and what their goals & struggles are so you can learn how to talk to them effectively.


If you didn’t get to read my latest blog post on how to find your target market audience and niche market, read it here before the challenge so you can have a head start!  


It’s SO important to really be super clear on who you actually want to work with before you start posting about your coaching services.  And this is a big mistake so many online coaches make. They ASSUME they know what their ideal client wants and exactly who they are, since 90% of the time their ideal client is them before they transformed. And while that is 100% true, it’s still so important to do the market research to truly find out WHAT your ideal client wants and most importantly, how they SAY what they want.


If you don’t do everything we’ll cover in day 1 FIRST, you can’t move onto the next day–which is how to effectively communicate to your ideal client on social media.  So be sure to show up fully on December 3rd, and you’ll get that much closer to defining who your ideal client is, and how you can learn to speak their language to ultimately make more money online and impact more lives!

Lead Generation Tips: How to Gain Ideal Clients Day 2

In day 2 you'll learn how to effectively communicate (on social media) what you learned in Day 1 so that your DM's get flooded with messages and inquiries about your coaching.  


My absolutely favorite messages to get on Instagram go as follows:

“OMG! I just stalked your page and posts and it is like you are speaking directly TO me.”  BOOM. Literally NOTHING makes me happier when it comes to online business. When I get those messages on the regular, I know I’m doing my job.


Because the truth of it is…you can have the prettiest Instagram feed, the best filters, a ton of followers and likes, but if you’re not truly connecting in a deeper way to your ideal clients through your captions and story, that fancy stuff WON’T CONVERT into paying clients.


Full Disclaimer: I don’t have the best engagement on Instagram.  When I first started out 6 years ago I was taught to use “bots” on Instagram and it KILLED my account.  But even with crappy engagement for how many followers I have, I have filled my private coaching practice month after month, because my captions and stories speak directly to my ideal clients pain point and struggles.  I spend time creating valuable content that will truly help female entrepreneurs build incredible businesses, and I take a lot of pride in that part of my business. I get DM’s daily asking about coaching. So while I love pretty feeds (and am currently working on that, lol), what CONVERTS people into paying clients is how you speak to them and how you relate to them, and Day 2 will be all about that.

Lead Generation Tips: How to Gain Ideal Clients Day 3

Where the heck do I FIND my ideal clients once I know who they are?! In Day 3 we'll dive into the different social media strategies you can use to find your ideal client now that you know how to speak their language.


We’ll go over:

Instagram Marketing Strategies

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Facebook Group Marketing Strategies


I’ll teach you a little secret tactic that has been working for me and my clients in each of these different online social media marketing platforms that’s not insanely widely known, and how you can start finding your ideal client, so they can see the awesome content you’re putting out (because you applied what you learned in Day 2!)

Lead Generation Tips: How to Gain Ideal Clients Day 4

The art of direct messaging-YES, it's an art 😉 And I'll teach you proven strategies to convert your DM's into paying clients who love you on Day 4!


NO ONE is above direct messaging. LITERALLY…NO ONE.


SO many coaches think it’s enough to simply post their coaching and have people flood into their DM’s or apply for their coaching right away.  And while that might happen at certain points in your biz, MOST people (again, there are those rare unicorns), need to get in their DM’s, and be a real social human.


It’s SOCIAL media marketing, emphasis on the SOCIAL 😉 So it’s super important to get to know your followers, especially those who are actively engaging on your posts and in your stories.  These people are taking time out of their day to care about you and what you’re putting out, so instead of just being so focused on gaining MORE followers, you need to spend time nurturing who you already have so you can gain even more trust and eventually convert them to paying clients who you love working with.

Lead Generation Tips: How to Gain Ideal Clients Day 5

Day 5 is quite possibly the most important day of the challenge because I’ll be going over the Top 3 CRUCIAL mistakes online coaches make when trying to get clients and how you can avoid them!


The 3 Main Mistakes I’ll Go Over in Depth:


  1. Not having a strategy or launch plan

  2. Not TRULY speaking to their clients pain points & just speaking to “what they’re getting” vs “their result”

  3. Trying to do it all alone


I’ll also be pre-launching my Group Coaching Program: How to Get Consistent Client Inquiries & Close More People on Sales Calls (working title, lol) which will start on January 7th.  This will be like taking this 5 day challenge to a whole new level…think 5 day challenge ON CRACK (in a good way ;)) and I can’t wait to share what’s in store for those of you who decide to invest in yourself and your business in 2019.  


Let’s just say…it’ll be YOUR YEAR for growing your business and private coaching practice with EASE (but still hard work!)

So there you have it! This 5 Day Challenge will be OFF THE CHAIN (yes…I went there)…#prettyawkward.  It’s time you stop stressing every month when another client contract ends and start having to turn clients away!.  If you’re willing to learn how to build an impactful & profitable private online coaching business-one that can generate 5 figures in revenue every single month, register for the challenge here. See ya on December 3rd <3

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with online marketing and lead generation to get new clients? Which of these tips will you implement?

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Email: fitactortravels@gmail.com

PS. Be sure to join my Free Get More Clients Challenge kicking off on 12/3! Join here.


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