How to Pick Your Target Market & Niche to Get More Clients and Serve Them Uniquely & Powerfully

As one of my mentors, Dallas Travers, says…“specificity brings opportunity and by going narrow at first, you can more swiftly build your brand out in layers ultimately impacting more people.”  You gotta niche down, you gotta find a niche…I am sure you are SO sick of hearing the word “niche” (and people saying they don’t know how to pronounce….#truth : I honestly don’t know either…LOL)  But the reason you hear about it so much is it is SO freaking important, so it warrants repeating here 😉 In this blog post we dive into niche market definition and how to pick a target audience or target customer so you can learn how to get more clients who you love working with.



Lead Generation Online Marketing Tip #1: What is the Definition of Target Market/Target Customer/Target Audience:

A target market is “a particular group of consumers at which a product or service is aimed.”


Example: young, city-dwelling moms; freshman college girls; women going through menopause


A target customer is actually very similar to what a “niche” would be considered, or a subset of your larger target market.  We’ll discuss that in more depth in the next blog post, but I wanted to differentiate the two since I hear a lot of people use “target customer” and “target market” interchangeably.  


A target audience is a “particular group of people, identified as the intended recipient of an advertisement or message. Also called target population.”


Example here:

Target Audience: Women who need footwear;

Niche: nurses who need footwear


You and I could have the same target audience (busy, female entrepreneurs), but have different niches, different ways we serve them (you might give them Instagram coaching, while I teach them how to build passive income products).



I helped women who wanted to lose weight through intermittent fasting.


My target audience was women who wanted to lose weight. Now, I would usually tell


someone that is too broad. HOWEVER, because my niche, a.k.a. the way I served them , was so specific (and it was something that people actively searched for), it was OK and it made me be known as that go-to person.

Lead Generation Online Marketing Tip #2: Decide What Target Market’s You Can Serve

We want to help everyone!  It’s such a common struggle amongst entrepreneurs. We think we can be the answer to everyone’s problems if it involves our industry. But the truth of it is…


“If you try to be everything to everyone, you end up being nothing to no one.”


I’m not sure if that’s how that saying goes but you get what I mean.


I used to do this to a “T.”  Now, I still managed to build a pretty kick ass 6 fig network marketing business doing this for quite a while, but I KNOW I could’ve truly impacted even more people if I actually tried to impact less.


Sounds counterintuitive right?  But if you can get known as that “go-to” person in your industry for something specific, you’ll be golden. Once you get now known as that girl they can go to for intermittent fasting or plant-based eating or strength training workouts or binge eating help, whatever it may be…you’ll create such a trust with your audience that you will start to create a loyal tribe. Once you have a loyal tribe who loves you no matter what…you can start doing other things.


Lead Generation Tips: Big Mistake Entrepreneurs Make When Trying to Get Clients


But so many entrepreneurs make this same mistake that I did. They try to be everything right away instead of realizing that the only way they can do that long term is by serving a specific group of people FIRST.


Yes, it might take some time in the beginning.  In fact it could take a few years. But what is a few years in comparison to your entire entrepreneurial career and life? It’s a drop in the bucket. So while you may want to start jumping into serve every single person out there, you need to pick a target audience or target market to start with.


Picking a Target Market and Target Audience


Now, I want you to write out every single target audience you think you want to help. You might end up only picking one, which is great! Because that means that’s your target audience, and you don’t have to narrow it down. But, for now…write out all of the different target audiences you can think of that you actually can help.


For example if you’re trying to help people lose weight, some target audiences might be…


*Women who want to lose weight

*Women who want to gain muscle

*Men who want to lose weight

*Men who want to gain muscle


Now, choosing “women who want to lose weight” as your target audience is pretty dang broad…but, it’s way more specific than saying, “people who want to lose weight.”   So you’ve narrowed it down a little bit more.


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Lead Generation Online Marketing Tip #3: Narrow Down Your Target Market’s to ONE

Now that you have a list of possible target market or target audience’s you can serve, the key is to pick ONE to start with!  And in the next step we’re going to get even more narrowed down…#getreadyforthefun

Some questions to ask yourself…

*Which one pops out to you the most?

*Which one immediately makes you smile?
*Which one do you WANT to serve the most? (Yes, you wanna actually LIKE the target market audience you’re seving!)
*Which one do you truly think you have the most skills and knowledge to serve?
*Which one could you serve for a good amount of time?


I go over this in more detail in this blog post if you wanna check it out to dive even deeper.

Lead Generation Online Marketing Tip #4: Niche Market Definition, Niche Examples, & How to Pick a Niche Based on Your Target Market

Now it’s time to talk about finding your niche. I love talking about this, because this is where the magic happens!  But what is a niche??


Niche Market Definition…


“An area of the market specializing in one type of product or service.”


So it’s basically a subset or a smaller portion of your target audience.


Let’s dive into it!  You’ve picked your target audience. Let’s say you’re helping women who want to lose weight.


Maybe your niche will be new moms who want to lose weight. Or maybe your niche are busy corporate millennials who want to lose weight who have zero time to go to the gym.  OR maybe you want to help women lose weight with plant-based eating, or with intermittent fasting, or with the keto diet.


Now, technically, this might not be considered a niche for some other marketers, but I built an entire business (a six-figure business at that), using intermittent fasting for women who want to lose fat as my niche.


So besides having a specific subset of an audience as your niche, you could also pick your niche based on how you help people.


Some questions to consider…

*What’s your specialty?

*What are you good at?

*What do you love talking about and love teaching?

*What do you stand for?

*What do you stand against?


This is the kind of thing that can really make you stand out from your competition.


For example, maybe you’re a fitness coach who hates macro tracking. There are tons of coaches who give out macros as part of their program. But if you don’t do that, and you follow more of an intuitive eating approach, then that could be how you actually stand out from other health and fitness coaches. So therefore, “intuitive eating help/non-macro tracking” to help women lose weight, is your niche.


So now it’s time to write out your niche!  What are you going to specifically be helping your target audience with?


I’d love to hear your answers in my free female entrepreneur community you! You can join it here.  

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with narrowing down your target market audience and niche when trying to get clients? Which of these tips will you implement?

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