How to Successfully Start an Online Business Without Feeling Salesy: My Top Tips To Get Started

“I don’t want to come across salesy.”  One of the biggest fears new online business owners have is coming across too salesly, like a car salesman you just can’t get away from.  I know this fear is what kept me from starting my own business for a LOONG time. In this blog post I’ll share my top tips on how to start an online business WITHOUT feeling salesy so you can not only create a successful brand online but also feel really freakin good about it and impact more people than you thought possible.




How to Start an Online Business Tip #1: Ask Your Audience What They Need Most

One of the biggest mistakes we make when putting out content or offers is that we ASSUME we know whiter clients need and want from us.  We think we remember where we were before we made a transformation and can just rely on this to help us connect with them.

But the real truth is…we won’t remember out past fully BECAUSE we’ve transformed.  It’s impossible for us to truly be back in that mindset, so just “remembering” won’t really help you connect fully to what your ideal client is experiencing now.

A simple fix to this problem is to simply ASK them by conducting market research, which is simply asking your audience what they need and want and paying special attention to HOW they say what they want (what words they actually use).  Then you should use THEIR WORDS in your copy and posts. Don’t recreate the wheel or try and make it sound “fancy.” They won’t connect with that. They’re going to connect with the words they’re saying and thinking.

If you start doing this alone, you WILL convert more and you’ll start getting messages from people saying “OMG, it’s like you were talking directly TO me in that post.” THAT’S when you know you’re on the right path.

You can read my entire how to do market research blog here which goes in depth, listing the different ways you can find out what your ideal client needs and wants.

How to Start an Online Business Tip #2: Deliver a TON Of FREE Content To Build Trust Without Expecting Anything in Return

Now that you know what your ideal client wants, you can start to plan out what your offer will be, whether it’s a 1:1 coaching program or a course or group coaching program.  Start with the end in mind…what do they need/want and what would you LOVE to teach them and feel knowledgeable in? Make sure these things overlap.

I go into depth on how to find your offer in this blog post.

Now that you know what offer you want to put out there, what FREE content and FREE Offers can you put out there (to build trust and your email list!).

Once you narrow this down, commit to at LEAST a month of constant free value that will help your client with this specific issue.  Become THE GO TO PERSON for this topic and don’t ask for anything in return (except an email address when building your email list).  Give to give, and when you think you should charge for something, it probably means you’re on the right path. Your free content (videos, posts, ebooks, etc), should be SOO good that it makes people go…SHIT.  If THIS is her free stuff, I cannot IMAGINE what her paid stuff is like!)

How to Start an Online Business Tip #3: Launch With a Free Challenge or Free Workshop

Now that you’ve been putting out free content for about a month and building your email list, and gaining massive trust in your industry from your ideal clients, it’s time to plan your launch strategy which will help you launch your program effectively.

The two ways I’ve been able to successful launch my 1;1 coaching and courses is through:

*Free 5 Day Challenges

*Free Live Workshops

Both strategies help you gain a lot of trust in a relatively short amount of time (especially the live workshop/webinar), and lead so naturally into your paid offer.

Free Challenge:

In the Free Challenge, I recommend only doing it for 5 days max. People lose their attention span quickly, and I’ve found 5 days to be the perfect amount of time to give  a ton of value and accountability, and help people really trust you. By the end of the 5 days they want to know how they can work with you further.

I have an entire 5 Day Free Challenge strategy that I’ll go into in a further blog post and future course.  In fact, I’m hosting a little raffle right now for anyone who fill out this survey and gives me their opinion on what kind of course they’d want most (a free 5 day challenge course being one of the options).  Anyone who fills out this form will get added into a raffle for a $50 amazon gift card. I’ll pick the winner in one week from the time this blog post was published!

Free Workshop:

Free Workshops can be INSANELY profitable and successful if you do them right!  But I personally recommend STARTING with a Free 5 Day Challenge before you do a live workshop.  Your workshop will be like a condensed version of your challenge, so it’s important to work out the kinks and see what your audience liked and didn’t like in the challenge before you launch your workshop.  If your workshop can really teach on the topic that you’re launching into with your program or course, and deep dive to where they again, gain SO much value but are ready for that next step, you will find that you convert so much more easily than just “launching out of nowhere.”  You’re teaching them something super specific that they ASKED you to teach them (which you found out about in your market research), giving them value and part of your program, and inviting them to learn the rest and truly up-level with your program/offer. If they truly are willing to make changes and want to make a transformation they’re way more likely to bite the bullet and invest after gaining a ton of value in an hour, jam packed webinar than if you just shared it purely on your social media.

You can see how I conduct my live workshops by signing up for my next how to do intermittent fasting for fat loss onehere.

How to Start an Online Business Tip #4: Share Transformation Stories That Speak To Their Pain Points and Internal Needs

I’m sure you’ve seen transformation posts all over Instagram.  They’re not new or novel, but they ARE super powerful, which is why they’re STILL all over Instagram.  When you can visually show a transformation, whether it’s you or a client, and explain where you were before, where you are now, and how you specifically got there, it gives hope to your ideal clients who are wanting that same type of transformation.

Biggest thing to focus on in transformation posts: explain the RESULTS you have now, both internally and externally.  So if your ideal client wants to lose weight, explain how you lost weight in the transformation. But don’t stop there.  “Losing weight” is an external need they have. But what’s an “internal need?” What’s important about losing weight? WHY do they want to lose weight? No one wants to lose weight just for the heck of it.

Maybe they feel like they can’t go out with friends anymore because they’re so self conscious in their clothes. Maybe they miss out on so many family outings with their kids because they don’t want to wear a bathing suit in public.  Maybe they’re not having sex with their husbands anymore and it’s jeopardizing their marriage, because they’re so insecure in their bodies.

THOSE are REAL pain points and internal needs.  Losing weight is just the surface reason. The things I listed above or the REAL, DEEP ROOTED benefits they’re going to gain from making this transformation, and THAT’S how you’re truly going to connect with them.  So be sure to include these stories (which will be really hard to do since you have to super vulnerable) in your posts.

Here’s an Instagram post I did awhile back when i was doing health and fitness coaching that resonated with so many of my followers and gained me many inquiries about my coaching and 2 clients right away.

There you have it! if you do these 4 steps, I promise you’ll launch your program or course with so much more grace and ease, and not only will it convert into more paying and happy customers, but it’ll just feel REALLY GOOD to be truly serving at that high of a level, because you took the time to do the hard (but rewarding) work!

Stay tuned…I’m launching a Free Challenge at the beginning of December before I announce my New Year group coaching program, but I need your help with creating it!  Do me a favor, and hop on over to this survey to let me know what you TRULY need in your business to flourish in 2019.  Like I mentioned above, anyone who participates will get entered into a raffle for a $50 amazon gift card (and the survey will take you literally 5 minutes to fill out).  Thank you in advance and can’t wait to see you in the challenge =)

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with feeling salesy online? Which of these tips will you implement? 

Megan Yelaney | Life + Business Coach

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