5 Essential Steps Every Coach Must Take To Get Clients Even if You’re Just Starting Out



o you struggle to get clients? My girlfriend…YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  I struggled so much when I first started my own business (outside of my network marketing company) to get new 1:1 clients.  I felt like a chicken with my head cut off trying to “do it all”, hearing a ton of different social media tips, but not really having a strategy or set system to put out content, and attract the kind of clients I LOVED working with.  In this blog post I’ll share a brief synopsis of my IN DEPTH free guide that you can get here, which gives you the 5 essential steps every coach MUST take to get clients (even if you’re just starting out), and my top lead generation tips. For the next 5 weeks I’ll put out blogs diving deeper into each tip, so by the end of the year, you can really have a strategy in place to hit the ground running and get ALL the amazing clients in 2019!

Lead Generation Marketing Tip #1: Determine WHO Should Be Your Ideal Client

A few questions to ask yourself right off the bat when thinking about your “ideal client.”

  • Who do you  LOVE working with even if you’ve never had clients before?
  • Who are the people in your life you just like to help?
  • What kind of qualities do they have?
  • What kind of values do they have?
  • What kinds of jobs do they have?
  • What kinds of relationships and friendships do they have?
  • What kind of people are they?

Along those same lines if you HAVE had clients (or currently have them)…

  • Who have you LOVED working with?
  • Who do you look forward to talking?
  • Who do you never dread conversations with, even when things get tough for them and you really have to DO THE WORK!

Questions to ask yourself…

  • What kind of person were you before you made a transformation?
  • Go back to that time in your life and write down all of the feelings you felt during that time in your life; all of the crappy emotional feelings that came up for you.

Did you feel hopeless?

Did you not feel confident?

Did you feel stressed?

Did you feel tired all the time?

Did you feel insecure?

Did you feel unworthy?


Those are the words that your ideal client is going to resonate with even if they have not gone through the same thing you’ve gone through.  They might not have had a crazy need for weight loss, but they still might resonate with the feeling of being insecure, and THAT’S what’s going to connect them to you; not necessarily that you lost a lot of weight.

It’s more of the FEELING that you felt before you transformed, and how you feel now that you’ve transformed that attracts people most to your story.

Lead Generation Marketing Tip #2: Narrow Down your Niche

As one of my mentors, Dallas Travers, says…

“specificity brings opportunity and by going narrow at first, you can more swiftly build your brand out in layers ultimately impacting more people.”

You gotta niche down, you gotta find a niche…

I am sure you are SO sick of hearing the word “niche” (and people saying they don’t know how to pronounce….#truth : I honestly don’t know either…LOL)

But the reason you hear about it so much is it is SO freaking important, so it warrants repeating here 😉

Before we dive into what a “niche” is, let’s define what a “target audience” is and the difference between target audience and niche.

Target Market or Target Audience:

A particular group of consumers at which a product or service is aimed.

Example: young, city-dwelling moms; freshman college girls; women going through menopause


Shopify.com says…

“A niche market is a subset of a larger market with its own particular needs or preferences, which may be different from the larger market. For example, within the market for women’s shoes are many different niches, or segments. Shoes for vegan women would be a niche market, as would shoes for plus-sized women, shoes for nurses, or even shoes for transvestites. These would all be niche markets within the larger women’s shoe market.”

Example here:

Target Audience: Women who need footwear; Niche: nurses who need footwear

You and I could have the same target audience (busy, female entrepreneurs), but have different niches, different ways we serve them (you might give them Instagram coaching, while I teach them how to build passive income products).


  1. Brain dump all the target audiences you think you could help now.
  2. Brain dump all of the different niches you think you could help them in.

Lead Generation Marketing Tip #3: Figure out Where Your Clients Hang Out

Now that you sort of know who your ideal client is (target audience and niche), you can start figuring out where they hang out.
Questions to ask…

  • What social media platforms do they use?
    Hint: it will probably be similar to the ones you used if your ideal client is you a few months or years ago. What social media platforms did you use before you made your transformation?
  • What hashtags did you search when you were going through the hard times and trying to find inspiration?
  • What Facebook groups did you join or would you have joined if you when you were going through the hard times?

If you didn’t use hashtags or join any FB groups at the time, consider…if you were going through what you went through then, now, what hashtags would you search and what Facebook groups would you join?

  • Most importantly what words would you type into Google if you were trying to accomplish the goals you’ve accomplished?

Action Step to Take
Do a google search and see what pops up first when you type in one of the words.

For example: How to lose weight

Why is this info important?

This info will tell you what people are ACTUALLY searching when they want to find out how to lose weight.  EVERYONE hangs out on google, so I feel every single business owner should do this (even if you’re only using Instagram right now for your biz!)


If you’re blogging or using Pinterest at all to drive traffic anywhere, you MUST know what your clients are searching, otherwise no one will actually find your awesome blog post pins!

Lead Generation Marketing Tip #4: Conduct Market Research

What IS market research?

I used to be terrified of this term, and it was because of definitions like this…“the action or activity of gathering information about consumers' needs and preferences.”

In my not-so-fancy words…it’s finding out what your ideal customer actually NEEDS and WANTS and what words they need to hear to actually BUY it.

We THINK we know what our ideal client wants, but do we REALLY? Until you do the research and find out 100% that not only do they WANT and NEED IT, but they’ll also PAY FOR IT, you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall (as my good friend and Instagram Expert, Isabella Silverio @isabella.guava says)

Tootin My Own Horn For a Sec…

I didn’t make $7K on my first launch of my Ditch the Diet Program because I just threw something out there and hoped it stuck.  I did a SHIT TON of market research and KNEW what my audience wanted and NEEDED most.

You can check that program/sales page/etc here.

ALL of it was done with extensive market research-and made putting the sales copy/emails together MUCH easier.

A few ways to conduct market research:

  • Poll your audience (on Instagram Stories/FB Community/FB Page/Email List)
  • Make a survey and email lit to your current email list/ask your ideal clients/social media audience to fill it out
  • Interview 10 of your ideal clients asking them what they need/want/struggle with/what's holding them back from (whatever your specific topic is)
  • Interview your current clients asking them the same questions as in the above tactic
  • Post in Facebook groups with the polls /surveys/ questions that your ideal client hangs out in (but be sure to ask the Admins if it's okay first! You want to respect their rules)
  • Check out your competitors! What're they putting out there? How're they saying things that are resonating with their audience?! Don't copy verbatim

Lead Generation Marketing Tip #5: Avoid These Top 3 Mistakes Online Coaches Make When Trying To Get Clients

1. NOT HAVING A STRATEGY/LAUNCH PLANI can list these 3 mistakes confidently, because I’ve made them all #guilty.  When I initially started trying to get clients, I just posted willy nilly expecting people to come FLOCKING TO ME, with no rhyme or reason, and no plan of action.  My content was haphazard, and wasn’t planned out specifically to reach my ideal client in a way that would build their trust up to want to sign on with me as their coach. When I finally learned how to strategically build out my content to “launch” my coaching (with a specific strategy and system that I now teach to my private clients), I had WAY more clients convert, and in a much more seamless and enjoyable way.


I’m going to repeat what I said above, because it’s SOO important! People do not usually care HOW you get them there, they just care about the DESTINATION!  We spend a lot of time describing WHAT they’ll get (a workout, meal plan, check ins, calls, etc) and not enough time describing the RESULT they’re going to experience (weight loss that sticks, confidence in their bodies, more sex with their husbands). The way you’ll gain more targeted clients is by focusing on the RESULT they want 90% of the time, and the HOW you’ll get them there 10% of the time.


I did this. #GUILTY. For the first part of 2017 I flitted around trying to figure out how to build my own biz outside of my NWM company all alone.  I had a bunch of tools from my NWM company, but I needed more specific strategy and most importantly…STRUCTURE & ACCOUNTABILITY. It wasn’t that I didn’t know WHAT to do, it was just that I couldn’t figure out the details on the HOW and most importantly, couldn’t STICK to it without someone to hold me to it.  Having someone to report to every week and most importantly INVESTING my hard earned money into a coach was the game changer. I wasn’t going to truly commit to it until I put some skin in the game. I started with a group coaching program in July of 2017 and then started with a private coach in January of 2018 and have been with one ever since (and prob ALWAYS will be with one!).

Join a group coaching program.  Get a coach. Have some skin in the game.  Otherwise your biz might always be “that dream you once had,” when you KNOW, deep down, it can be that REALITY, if you decide to take the steps to get there.

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with getting new clients? Which tips will you implement first? Let me know by DM'ing me on Instagram at @meganyelaney!

Megan Yelaney | Online Life + Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaneyEmail: fitactortravels@gmail.com

P.S. Be sure to join my free female entrepreneur community! Join here.

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