How to Schedule Your Day as an Entrepreneur To Be More Productive

How many times have you looked at the clock at the end of the day, exhausted from working ALL day, but realizing you got very little done?  I cannot count how many times I felt like this when I was first building my business. I’d “work” 16 hour days sometimes, and barely feel like I got anything done that would REALLY move the needle in my business. It was SO frustrating, I felt burnt out, and I wasn’t making the impact or income gains I knew I should’ve been for working that many hours.  Then I realized…it’s not about the # of hours, it’s about what you DO during the time you have, and sometimes that means working less hours, but really FOCUSING on the right things during that time. In this blog post I’ll share with you my top tips on how to schedule your day as an entrepreneur, as well as share with you to do list tips, and a weekly work schedule template that you can start implementing TODAY!!



How to Schedule Your Day To Be More Productive Tip #1: Start with Your Non Negotiables


I could legit make this blog post the longest EVER with a bajillion tips, because having a schedule that you can realistically STICK TO as an entrepreneur to keep you on track is PRICELESS! But let’s start off with Tip #1…scheduling in your non-negotiables.


These include:

*Anything kid/family related such as doctor appointments, carpool, lessons, etc

*Work commitments (if you aren’t a full time entrepreneur yet)

*Pre determined meetings with friends/family/work associates (whether with your 9-5 job or your business)


Take out your good ol fashioned pen to paper calendar or use Google Cal (my preference) and schedule these in.


I prefer Google Cal because it syncs up with my phone and appointment scheduler, so if someone schedules an appointment with me, it’s immediately blocked off on my phone.  I use Acuity Scheduler. You can try it out here if you’re needing to schedule appointments with future clients!


Scheduling in your non-negotiables, things you’ve already committed to, and MUST do is key! Then we can move onto Tip #2 

How to Schedule Your Day To Be More Productive Tip #2: Schedule In Your Workouts + Meal Prep



This is a step A LOT of people skip.  We think…”oh I’ll just get that done some time in the day, around my work” and before you know it, “some time” ends up being no time. We have the best of intentions, but the fact of the matter is…if there’s something else that comes up and takes our attention away, we’re likely to let our workouts + meal prep go to the wayside…UNLESS it’s SCHEDULED!!

So right now, I want you to take out your calendar (pen and paper or google cal like we talked about) and set aside NON NEGOTIABLE times for your workouts.  If you’re doing a specific program that requires you to do the workouts on specific days, pick a time that you realistically can stick to that day. Block it off just like you would any other non-negotiable appointment from Tip #1.

If you’re bored of your routine, need to switch it up, or are just needing a workout in general, you can try out the at home workouts I do on a daily basis here.  Scroll down, click the 3 Month Membership option and you’ll actually get a 2 week free trial!


Meal Prep

The next step is to schedule your meal prep + grocery shopping!  My first tip is to write out all of the meals you want to have for the week.  You can get an in depth look at my average weekly meal prep from my latest meal prep blog here.

Once you figure out what  meals you want to eat, you can write down all the ingredients you’ll need in preparation for a grocery shopping trip!  SCHEDULE IN YOUR GROCERY SHOPPING NOW!! Put aside an hour where you realistically can go shopping over the weekend.

Then schedule in 2-3 hours to meal prep either on a Saturday or Sunday (or whenever works for you!).  Again, put this in your calendar NOW and make it non-negotiable! It’s all about blocking off these times, letting your friends/family know that you’re not available at that specific time, and STICKING TO IT!

Why am I stressing scheduling in your workouts and meal prep? Because you MUST take care of your physical health to have success as an entrepreneur. Plain and simple! I know very few entrepreneurs who neglect their health on a regular basis, and if they do…they eventually come around to realize they must prioritize it if they want to advance in their business.


I go into depth about how intermittent fasting and macro tracking (flexible dieting) changed my health which catapulted my business in 2016 (making me double my income and go into the 6 figure mark for the first time).  You can read that blog post here.

**I’m also hosting a LIVE How to Do Intermittent Fasting Workshop where I’ll go in depth about this topic, as well as provide you with a ton of mindset tools to take with you to start really implementing these healthy habits CONSISTENTLY!

Join the live workshop here.

How to Schedule Your Day To Be More Productive Tip #3: Schedule in Your Morning Routine

If you’ve followed me on Instagram at all, you know my morning routine is SACRED and I rarely EVER skip it.  This was another non-negotiable I started doing HARD CORE in 2016–the year my income doubled. The reason I’m listing this and the exercise + meal prep before scheduling in actual WORK, is because these are the steps that will make the difference.  These will make you more focused, more positive, and more clear headed during your work time–and just a happier and healthier human altogether DON’T SKIP EM!!

You can get my free morning routine PDF here where I share with you my personal morning routine.

I go into detail about the importance of a morning routine and why it’s essential for entrepreneurs to have long-term success in this blog post.

This is actually the first thing I go over with all of my clients, even health clients.  If you wake up and the first thing you do is check social media, your texts, the news, and email, you’re setting yourself up for negativity RIGHT AWAY.  But if you take time (even 5-10 minutes) to pump yourself up with positive vibes, a little silence and gratitude journaling, you can have an ENTIRELY different day.  Those 5-10 minutes might seem insignificant, but they’ve been THE game changer for my clients actually STICKING to their plan–whether health, life or business.

How to Schedule Your Day To Be More Productive Tip #4: Schedule in Work Blocks with Specific Tasks/Batch Work

I heard the term “batch work” years ago, and decided to ignore it…because “I got this, I’m fine working 12-14 hour days, jumping from task to task never REALLY feeling like I’m getting anything productive done.”


Once I realized how POWERFUL batch work could be, I was addicted.  In a nutshell, batch work simply means you have specific days/times that you do certain tasks altogether.

For example

On Mondays…

*I write most of my content for the week, which includes my weekly blog (like this one), and my social media posts for the week.

*I also do client check ins

On Tuesdays/Wed/Thursdays…

*I have my life coaching + business coaching client calls as well as any podcast/live video interviews with other people.

On Fridays…

*I film any videos that I need to for my courses, clients, social media, and take pictures for social media/my website/courses.


Obviously, every week will bring it’s challenges, and sometimes this schedule doesn’t pan out perfectly.  But I have to tell you, since implementing this (especially keeping my calls on specific days), I’ve had WAY more focus and have been SO much more productive.  I know that on Tuesday-Thursday my main focus is pouring into my clients, helping them strategize, and have mental breakthroughs with their life + business.


BTW–I am currently taking new life + business coaching clients for the month of August. 

*You can apply for life coaching here.

*You can apply for business coaching here.

I mainly work with entrepreneurs who already have a business with 1 on 1 clients, helping them create more passive income products so that when they have babies, they can relax a bit Like I said above, every week will come with it’s challenges, or LIFE happenings, and you might have to switch your normal batch work days up.  And that’s totally fine! Go with the flow, but even on those weeks, try and chunk specific type of work together so that you’re not jumping from task to task.  If you are using one specific part of your personality/brain for say, content…you’ll be way more focused and creative than if you switched from content to calls all day long, back and forth.

After you batch work, the next step is to again, get out that Google Cal or regular pen and paper calendar, and schedule in those blocks into your day, with SPECIFIC tasks.

Example of a Monday for me:

*8AM-10:00AM-Research + Write Blog

*10:30AM-12:00PM-Write Posts for Week


12:30PM-3:30PM-Client Check ins


Take note of when you’re most creative and inspired, and make sure you save work that NEEDS your creativity for that time.  Everyone is different, but a LOT of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with (including myself!) find the morning to be their most creative time of day.  I get the best work done immediately after my morning routine/workout (and even push my workout later in the afternoon some days so I can use this morning mojo!). I’m most creative and focused in the morning.  If I try and sit down anytime after 3-4 to write, I’m toast–and it’s going to take me A LOT longer to get our a quality post/content verses if I did it first thing in the morning!

So make sure you know when you’re most “on” and leave those times for doing your most creative work!

How to Schedule Your Day To Be More Productive Tip #5: Leave Time for BLANK SPACE!

Do you plan out every single second of your day, with NO white space in your calendar? YUP.   That used to be me! Not only did I burn out QUICKLY, but inevitably, tasks always took longer than I anticipated and bled into other tasks I had planned for the day.

It’s imperative to leave WHITE SPACE, aka times of the day where you’re not doing anything!  These times can be used to go for a walk, stretch your legs, take breaks, call a friend, watch TV, listen to a podcast, spend time with friends/family, anything!

You’ll also probably use some of this white space to finish a task that maybe is taking you longer than you anticipated.

Rule of thumb: take a quick break every 50 minutes or so, even if it’s 5 minutes of walking around.  Your brain NEEDS a break after 50 minutes, and if you try and “suck it up” and knuckle through–your work won’t be as high quality as it could’ve been if you just took a quick 5 minute break.

If you’re feeling less creative than normal, this applies even more! I find when I’m blocked, if I go for a walk, or run, or do a workout, my creative juices get flowing again and I have tons of ideas come to me!  Sometimes we need to UNPLUG to really get our creative brain moving again! This is why I’m a huge fan of completely unplugging one day a week–meaning ZERO work.

I hope these tips helped you!  Remember, if you plan out your schedule, you’re the one in charge of your day, and your day doesn’t all of a sudden rule you!  Implementing these tips will not only massively help your business grow, but make you a happier (and more sane!) human…and that’s always a good thing Tell me about you! Do you struggle with sticking to a weekly schedule and to do list? Which of these tips will you implement?   Megan Yelaney | Online Health + Lifestyle + Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney Email:

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