How to Increase Your Impact and Income on Social Media by Repurposing Content So You Can Work Smarter, Not Harder

How the heck do you create so much content every week without working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  This is a question I get on the regular, and one of the main strategies I went over in my “3 Essential Strategies to Get More Free Leads and Clients” Masterclass last week.  Social media marketing can be a doozy, and we can feel like we’re constantly spinning our wheels trying to come up with good content for our audience to build trust and provide value.  And one of the biggest mistakes I see a lot of entrepreneurs make is feeling like they have to recreate the wheel with their content marketing strategy every single day. In this blog post I’ll share with you content ideas, blog ideas, and how to repurpose the crap out of your content so you can work smarter, NOT harder, while impacting more people which will in return increase your income. Lessss GO!



Content Marketing Strategy & Repurposing Content Ideas Tip #1: BRAIN DUMP and Refer Back to Market Research

Now that you know what your ideal client wants/needs/will spend $ on, you’ve made a free offer to start collecting email addresses…it’s time to NURTURE THE CRAP OUTTA THEM!   If you don’t know what I’m talking about above, make sure you read my last two blog posts where I dive deep into how to niche down, and decide on what topic you want to become an expert in to serve your audience.

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A big mistakes a lot of boss babes make (which I did for about a year #smacksface), is have a great free offer, get them on your list, and then….CRICKETS…sound familiar?  If you’re getting them on your list, then leaving them alone–you’re doing THEM and YOUR BIZ a disservice. IF you’re getting them on your list, then leaving them alone and ONLY emailing them when you’re selling something or promoting an offer…you’re being that word we all hate…#SALESY.

And I know you don’t wanna do any of those The first thing to do it look back at your market research (read this blog post if you need guidance on how to do this-aka find out what your ideal client needs and how they SAY what they need). Make a list of all the main struggles that your ideal client said they have and need help with.  Looking at that list, rank the topics in order from most listed to least listed so you can start making content based on what they need MOST first.   After you do this, the next step is to dive deeper into each specific struggle and topic, which we’ll go over in the next tip

Content Marketing Strategy & Repurposing Content Ideas Tip #2: Dive Deep into Each Specific Struggle & Topic


There are some topics that we can only talk about briefly, in maybe one or two social media posts, but USUALLY we can deep dive into most topics and create content around this one specific idea for weeks.  So now that you have a list of the struggles your ideal client has, and you’ve arranged it in order from most needed to least needed, take that first topic (the most needed) and brain dump every sub category you can think of in this topic that you can do a different social media or blog post on.   For example, with my intermittent fasting for women blog, if I wrote down the different eating schedules as a common question or struggle my ideal client said they had, the different sub categories I could dive into could be:

  • The Main Intermittent Fasting Eating Schedules (4 that I’d list here)
  • Intermittent Fasting Eating Schedule #1
  • Intermittent Fasting Eating Schedule #2
  • Intermittent Fasting Eating Schedule #3
  • Intermittent Fasting Eating Schedule #4
  • Which Intermittent Fasting Eating Schedule I recommend Picking and Why
  • The Pros and Cons to the Different Intermittent Fasting Eating Schedule

From this ONE little category of my niche (intermittent fasting for women) I’ve come up with 7 different topics that I could deep dive into.  That’s SEVEN WEEKS OF CONTENT from ONE BRAIN DUMP! #WINNERWINNERCHICKENDINNER   In the next tip I’ll show you how to take that one topic and create content for the entire week!

Content Marketing Strategy & Repurposing Content Ideas Tip #3: Repurpose Your Content from one blog post for the entire week

Now that you have a bunch of blog ideas from tip #2 (make sure you’re doing this WITH me as you go through it so you can really implement right away!) it’s time to plan out your blogging and social media strategy for the week so you can simply take this and duplicate it every week with your different topics. In a nutshell here is how I repurpose and recommend you do as well:

  • Write a deep dive blog post on the specific subcategory you’re going into from your brain dump in #2.  So for example, if I want to start out with the intermittent fasting for women eating schedules, I would go with the first content idea I listed: The Main Intermittent Fasting Eating Schedules.  I’d research keywords using Google Keyword Planner, aminstitute, as well as YouTube, Google, and Pinterest, to make sure that people are finding my content (that’s a whole other blog post!).
  • Then I would email my list about my blog, giving them a little description about the blog, and linking the blog post and pinterest image. If you want to see how I do this every week, you can opt into my email list hereby getting my 5 Things You MUST Do Before Creating a Passive Income Product.
  • Then I would make 5 different Pinterest images driving traffic to that blog post.
  • Then I would set a time that week to make a live video on my Instagram and Facebook about this specific topic, basically re-iterating the main points of my blog and linking the blog post if they want to dive deep.
  • Then I would go through the blog post, and make social media posts and IG stories about the different sections of the blog
  • Next, I would sit down and film 2 minute IGTV videos from the different subcategories of this blog post (aiming for 5 to post for the week-which takes about 10-15 minutes to do all at once!)

A common misconception with content is that we have to create different content for all the different social media channels, and that’s just not true.  I’ve found honing in one ONE topic each week let’s me repurpose the hell out of it during the week, reaching different people in different ways. It saves you time, energy, and really brings more value to your audience, because you’re DEEP DIVING into that one topic so they can truly understand it and benefit from it more than if you were just skimming the surface on something different each day.  You’ll become known as the expert on this topic, and NEVER run out of ideas to share as long as you’re consistently doing market research.

Content Marketing Strategy & Repurposing Content Ideas Tip #4: My Repurposing in Action

NOTE: You do NOT have to do all of these steps, especially if you’re just starting out!! You can pick 2-3 max (even 1-2 to start) of these repurposing action items to do!  But the more of a system you get in place (meaning, have these repurposing actions in place every week and set times/days you’re doing each), the easier this will become, and you’ll start to feel like a content making MACHINE!


Live Video from this blog

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All in all, repurposing content can save you time and energy and help you provide so much more value to your audience without racking your brain about what to post.  Bookmark this blog post, go back and deep dive into it while implementing, and if you have ANY questions, feel free to hop into my free female entrepreneur community to ask or email me (


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Tell me about you! Do you struggle with coming up with new content ideas and blog ideas every week? Which of these tips will you implement?   Megan Yelaney | Life + Business Coach
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